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Make it Like New Again

When a new fabric, frame piece, or just a fresh cushion is required, we’re here. Every part is renewable.


Renew Fabric

Renewable Fabric Pieces.

Renew Fabric

Many of our fabrics are machine washable or liquid/Stain and odor repellant. But if something becomes stained or even torn, you can change just the damaged piece.

Additional features like “Changeable Fabrics” and “Pet-Safe Fabric Options” work together with Renewability to keep your fabric fresh...for the long run.

Changeable Fabrics Pet-Care Fabrics

Renew Foam & Cushions

Renewable Fabric Pieces.

Renew Foam & Cushions

Dog owners know some accidents go deeper than fabric level, but you can replace any individual foam or cushion and recover quickly. So, relax and invite your pet up on the furniture again.

Image diagram of renewable cushion.

Renew Frame Pieces

Renewable Frame.

Even the frame is renewable. And your frame protection goes beyond renewability, because it’s also under a 10-year warranty. So, If any piece becomes damaged, we’ll replace it cost-free. No matter the reason.

Image diagram of Home Reserve made in the USA.

See The Warranty
(Ships with every frame that leaves our factory.)

Family on a repaired, like new, Home Reserve Sectional

It's Always Serviceable

We make every product, design, and innovation with a commitment to renewable furniture. This means each individual part can be shipped to your door when you need it. Because of our renewable designs, you’ll always be able to access and update any component, no matter how deep the damage may go.

Image diagram of Home Reserve UPS shipping boxes.

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How Customers are using Changeable Features & Renewability

Find these reviews and more on our customer comments page

Image diagram of Home Reserve UPS shipping boxes.
Pet Owners

"My dog chewed a pillow, got a replacement, perfect match. Plus I think it’s a little more comfortable after being used…"

Image diagram of Home Reserve UPS shipping boxes.
Parents & Grandparents

"It is really nice to be able to have two couches for the price of a [fabric set] ...It is really stain resistant... I like the idea of having alternate fabrics to change room styles at a low cost…"

Image diagram of Home Reserve UPS shipping boxes.
Cat Lovers

"We have grown to a family of eight cats and the [pet-care] fabric has served us very well. I have laundered it twice and it still looks great. I love that I can pull the back cushions off, fluff them up, and put them back. An easy rotation…"

Image diagram of Home Reserve UPS shipping boxes.

"If we had any other type of couch, I probably would have lost my mind, but our Home Reserve couch made it much more bearable…"

10 Year Warranty