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Our Favorite Layouts Designed By Our Customers

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Does the idea of ordering furniture online make you nervous? It’s understandable. You want to touch that fabric, sit on those cushions, and see your options in REAL SPACES, and hear from REAL PEOPLE who’ve gone through the process and live with their pieces every day.

We’ve got you covered! Here are five of our favorite designs that our partners and customers have selected for their actual spaces, and what they have to say about their furniture.

(Click this link to read what I love about the Home Reserve furniture I’ve proudly used in my home for years.)

Let’s take a look at this photo gallery with descriptions of each of these popular looks.

Our Favorite Custom Layouts from Real Customers

1. Sofa Sectional Layout

Style: Tux Sectional - Fabric: Archetype Quartz - Layout: Left side sofa and armless unit with corner unit and modular ottoman

Karin has kids and fur babies, and style for days! She shared on Instagram how well her Tux sectional tied in with the beautiful decor and wood floor in her living room, and it looks like that corner spot is the most popular seat in the family! 

2. Sectional and Chair Combination

Style: Laney Sectional - Fabric: Maltese Silver Grey - Layout: #12 with Ottoman 

Style: Laney Chair - Fabric: Retriever Bisque - Layout: with Standard Ottoman

Adrianne posted these stunning images on Instagram when she pulled her whole living space together so neatly with this sectional-and-chair combo. Look at how much comfortable seating and under-seat storage there is for her growing family of 5!

3. Couch and Loveseat Sectional

Style: Tux Sectional - Fabric: Retriever Atlantic - Layout: #6 with Standard Ottoman

After assembling this Tux sectional, Bree shares on her Instagram about how her favorite aspects are the built-in storage compartments, the stain-resistant fabric (for her growing family), and the customizable layout. These pieces truly can grow with you.

6. The Loveseat in a Tiny Home

Style: Tux Loveseat Fabric: Cantina Peanut leather 

Would Home Reserve furniture work in a motorhome? You bet. Lauren, an on-the-road mom who documents her travels with the Instagram account, The Arrow Anglers, found the perfect use for this Home Reserve loveseat. The Cantina Peanut leather ties in beautifully with the rest of this lovely home on wheels without overtaking the space. 

5. The Double Couch Sectional

Style: Laney Sectional - Fabric: Retriever Bisque - Layout: #12 with Ottoman

Jessica shared her assembly process on Instagram. Needing a large sectional for your family usually means a transportation and maneuvering challenge, but Home Reserve furniture comes in pieces ready-to-assemble, and the boxes fit easily through doorways and down staircases. So go as big as you want!

Home Reserve’s customer comments page contains dozens more messages and images to help you understand what this furniture is all about from real customers. Our Instagram feed is filled with many more photos of our partners’ and customers’ homes and there is a steady flow of feedback there and on Facebook, so be sure to follow Home Reserve on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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