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9 Features Prepare Every Seat…
Sectional, Sofa, Couch, Loveseat & Chair

Discover furniture that lives for the family through a smart set of features that stores your stuff, repels stains, recovers from tears and becomes the friendliest gathering place in the house. It’s even backed up with a warranty and you can try it risk-free. Stop worrying about stains and stressing over the perfect fabric. Now you can relax on furniture that stays new. Here are nine ways we’ve got you covered:


Built-in Storage
Hidden under every seat cushion

Video of storage demo.
See Storage Demo

Built-in Storage
Hidden under every seat cushion

Hidden storage compartments are located under each seat cushion. They have a wooden bottom so nothing sits on the floor. This means everything stays put even when you lift or move the furniture.

A great place to store books, blankets, and even spare fabric covers, this is one of our most talked-about features.

Storage Measurements:
21"W x 15”L x 6"D

Changeable Fabric Covers
We're not talking slipcovers

Video of fabric cover demo.
Go from dark to light...just like that

Changeable Fabric Covers
We're not talking slipcovers

Whether you are re-designing your space or simply want to refresh with the same fabric again, you can purchase brand new covers at a fraction of the cost.

Every new fabric set has the exact fit of your original selection. So, when you update a fabric it looks like a new couch... every time.


Changeable Styles
An easy update for a new look

Video of changeable styles demo.
From one style to another...just like that

Changeable Styles
An easy update for a new look

Not only can you change fabric covers, you can change arm and back styles, too. Simply swap out the arms and cushions to transform to another look.

No tools are needed to make this change thanks to a convenient connecting system. Within minutes, a simple update makes a big impact.


Changeable Layouts
As your needs and style grow

Video of changeable layouts demo.
Go from Sectional to Couch...just like that

Changeable Layouts
As your needs and style grow

We’ve made it so easy to rearrange units that you’ll never be locked into any particular layout again. You can go back and forth between layouts to make room for a tree at Christmas or to accommodate your family at a get-together. Won’t they be surprised!

Changeable Layouts Icon.

Pet-Care Fabric Options
Liquid Repellent & Stain Resistant

Video of liquids beading up on Home Reserve Furniture.
Watch Liquids Bead Up

Pet & Family Care
Fabric Options

We know enjoying your furniture is all about being able to relax with your family and pets...even as they lounge, eat, and spill things. Our Pet-care fabric options (alongside the changeable/renewable features detailed on this page), ensure that furniture serves the family members who always come first.

Shopping Tip:

When shopping for your fabric, sort by Pet-care to see dozens of beautiful options with the liquid-repellant, stain-fighting power demonstrated in this video.


Comfort Deck Seating
Patented Spring-less System

Image of Home Reserve comfort deck seating.
Watch Comfort Deck Demo

Comfort Deck Seating
Patented Spring-less System

This combination of foam and webbing will never rust or sag. It’s a springless innovation that rides on top of the storage compartment creating a supportive, comfortable seat.

8" Thick Seat Cushions

Comfort starts with our thick cushions for deep resiliency.

Flex Webbing

This webbing deck outlasts metal springs and is unaffected by liquids and mildew.

Storage Compartment

Under EVERY cushion is a compartment that gets heavy use for throw blankets, books, and anything else you’d like to hide away when the in-laws visit.


Warranted Durability
Built to last. We back that up

Video of 10 men standing on a sofa.

Warranted Durability
Built to last, and we back that up

Every frame that leaves our factory comes with a 10-year warranty. If anything breaks on our frames, we send out replacement parts. It’s that simple. You don’t send anything back to the factory, and there are no costs to you.

Tests Prove it:

Our frames pass tests developed for the US Government by Purdue University to qualify furniture used on military bases.


Easy UPS Delivery
Moveable Manageable Boxes

Video of Home Reserve sectional being assembled.

Easy UPS Delivery
Moveable Manageable Boxes

Our ready-to-assemble furniture is delivered by UPS in easy-to-lift boxes. We cut, sew, and package your order according to your selections, so it arrives about 15 business days after you place an order. No special delivery arrangements needed.

It Fits Anywhere

The loft, the basement, a 15th floor apartment, the yacht, an RV... you name it, and you’ll probably find it in the customer comments.

You can try it Risk-Free

See the information on our 30-Day-Risk-Free-Trial. We’ll send you one of the pieces of a sectional (the armless unit), and you can try it in your own home.

Family on a repaired, like new, Home Reserve Sectional

How it Lasts Forever

With Home Reserve you can replace any individual part at any time. When a new fabric, frame piece, or just a fresh cushion is required, we’re here. We provide a serviceable solution that covers everything...

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