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Yes, we accept them. No questions asked. Give us a call and we’ll help you pack it up.

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How to use Renewability

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How to use Renewability

We’ll help you identify the exact parts you need. They’ll be shipped to your door, so you’re back in shape in no time.

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How to use Changeable Features

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How to use Changeable Features

We can't wait to help you re-arrange a layout, update a style, or select a new fabric. Shop New Fabric Sets here. Call 1-800-482-2712 or email for tips.

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We have paper printouts which will show you the exact fit of our furniture in your room. You can also figure out how the furniture will fit by using the dimension information on our site, but the print-outs are fun to use and very visual.

The cost to cover shipping is $10 and the footprints are sent via express. Up to five of these paper footprints can be put in a package.

Call 800-482-2712, or email and we'll send the furniture footprints of the items you are considering.

Home Reserve loveseat and sofa "Footprint" templates laid on the floor.