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Sofas for $299

Sofas for $299

Sofas for $299 is a compelling headline. Is it possible that inexpensive sofas can provide a realistic alternative to the higher priced options? There are concerns that we have as customers about the quality of a $299 Sofa.

We certainly would not want some cheap imported product that was not durable and would represent a waste of money. And we would have our doubts about the fabric and whether the pattern would hold up under household use.

The first thing to consider when investigating sofas from Home Reserve is to realize that they are a furniture factory. When they market a sofa for $299, that is in essence the wholesale price. Furniture stores mark up their products by a factor of 50-100%, so a $299 Sofa at Retail would be $475 to $600. Comparative sofas to the Home Reserve product would be in that category.

So it is not that one is buying cheaply, but rather that one is buying smart. Home Reserve, through their ready to assemble sofa shipping method has been able to drive down the cost of delivery as well. They ship by UPS. This adds convenience to the purchase process and enables the company to market via the internet.

Their sofas for $299, unlike other stores promotional sofa sets, are available in a wide range of fabrics. More than 100 different patterns are available, ranging from elegant chenille's and microfibers, to bold geometrics and prints.

No review of Home Reserve would be complete without mentioning that all the sofas, sectionals and other furniture items contain hidden built-in storage spaces. Judging from customer responses, this is one of their favorite features in these inexpensive sofas.

So whether you are looking for Sofas at $299 for the den or the living room, these sofas are a viable option. The seat cushions are 8" thick and many of the fabrics are washable. Ordering is online and that makes it fast and easy to purchase your furniture and provide a warm and comfortable place for family and friends to gather.

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