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Sofas Direct

Sofas Direct

The internet is a great way for those of us who makes products to communicate directly with the consumer. We eliminate all the middle layers of distribution, and sell direct. This created tremendous value for the customer, especially as it relates to buying furniture online, because they are in essence able to buy at the wholesale level. Buying sofas direct from the factory will reduce the retail price by as much as 50%.

Home Reserve has been able to build on the opportunity that the internet provides in buying sofas direct, by also engineering a flat-package shipping method. The delivery process can now be the same for our ready-to-assemble sofas, as for a book order from Amazon! The parcel package carriers, like UPS, can make the delivery without special arrangements or without the complication of "white glove" delivery treatment. Ready to assemble flat-pack shipping on a sofa, eliminates over 60% of the standard shipping charges.

Additional inducements to buying sofas direct online, are the added features of built-in storage space on every sofa, sectional sofa, couch and loveseat. This has proven to be one of our most popular features. Those things, combined with a fabric offering of well over one hundred fabric patterns, provides the internet browser with individualized choice, without the cost and time normally associated with the customization of sofas and furniture.

We invite you to look through our entire line of sofas that you can buy direct, and get the whole story on all our beautiful, modern styles.