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Radio Ad For Furniture

Radio Ad For Furniture

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We've been running ads on radio for our furniture and want to make sure that when you search the term "radio ad for furniture", or "furniture radio ads", that you are able to find our site. You might also be trying the phrase "stylishly affordable". Depending on which region of the country you are from and where you hear our ads, you may be searching for "sofa ad on radio" or "radio sofa ads." It's a little hard to determine exactly which terms you'll be using since we also mention the sectionals in both our TV and radio advertising.

Let's just hope that your search brings up this web page and that you'll be able to click through to our Home Reserve web site and begin your shopping experience!

Our sofas do start at $299 and are available in more than 100 fabrics just like the radio ads for our furniture indicate. You'll also be hearing on those TV and radio ads that our sofas and sectionals have built-in storage space, changeable fabric covers and special washable fabrics for pet owners.

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That's all true as well, and we're excited for you to click through to our home page so that we can share more information with you about all these features than what we can pack into a 30 second radio or television ad.

Radio is a great medium in which to spread the word about our furniture, but we are worried that it may be difficult to remember the web site address. We thought about using some simple phrase like "sofas for $" in our advertising, but it didn't seem wise to water down the Home Reserve brand. So we're sticking with directing traffic to our main site in all our advertising.

Hopefully as the reach of our furniture radio ads and television ads increase, and people know the subject matter of the ads, they'll be waiting for the mention of the web site address and perhaps make a mental note to recall when they are next at their computers.

As we gain experience with advertising our sofas and sectionals in radio and TV ads, we'll build the message so that customers will have no trouble finding us. We certainly don't want them to have to enter long phrases like, "the $299 sofa I heard about on the radio", into their search boxes in order to try and find us.

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For now, we'll try and make sure that we turn up in all your relevant searches and that our on-screen ads are pointing you to the unique, new shopping experience for stylishly affordable furniture that you'll find at Home Reserve.