Tux Sectional

In Bulldozer Federal

Tux Sectional

In Bulldozer Federal

Bulldozer Federal
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We were surprised, (in a good way), when the rep from one of our fabric suppliers showed us this pattern. We loved this rich looking faux brushed leather and the wonderful soft feel. When we discovered at what value they were willing to offer it to us, well, we were delighted to add such a selection. It does that cool thing you get with a real brushed hide, you can move the nap with your hand and enjoy the softness. Amazingly it is easily cleaned, machine washable even. It's 100% polyester and that means durable. Machine washable: cold/gentle cycle, spin dry, put the fabrics on while still damp.

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  • This is a straightforward, contemporary design, perfect for a Manhattan high-rise.
  • We were surprised, (in a good way), when the rep from one of our fabric suppliers showed us this pattern.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

October 3, 2019
-- Comment #2596

Often the customer service role is relegated to a damage mitigation department. In which its true purpose is to provide the minimum amount of service for its brand and image to avoid reputational losses. The service Steph provided was refreshing as rather than putting in the minimum effort, it is clear she took her time to understand my request and needs and then to process them into a set of sensible options while also providing me recommendations. This degree of thoughtfulness is not possible in a minimum service provider environment commonly found in customer service departments today. It is clear the goal was not to protect Home Reserve from me, but to maximize my happiness and satisfaction with Home Reserve. It shows just how deep the quality culture of Home Reserve runs. As Steph worked to assist me, and I saw how attentive, timely, and thoroughly she tended to my requests, I became more comfortable with expanding my purchase. I was reassured in more than doubling my purchase as if I'm this satisfied with the customer service I can be sure I'll be perpetually satisfied with the product. Thank you for providing both a five star service and a five star product.

October 3, 2019
-- Comment #2595

Just like somebody mentioned, the product itself was great. Assembly was easy, and everything was fine. We were set on getting a full sectional but ultimately decided against it with the key factor being the depth of the seat. We are short, and it still didn't feel deep enough. If they ever come out with something deeper, we would reconsider, but for now, we will be returning on the 30-day trial.

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