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Laney Sectional

In Oscar Navy

Laney Sectional

In Oscar Navy

Oscar Navy
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This durable 100% polyester fabric is smooth to the touch and textured to the eye. It’s offered in a variety of modern tones that instantly bring a room up-to-date. On top of that, it’s machine washable! Everyone will love Oscar Navy for its bold indigo tone, and an approachable denim-like texture. Machine washable: cold/gentle cycle, spin dry, put the fabrics on while still damp.

Layout 2
Layout 2 with Attached Modular Ottomans
Layout 3
Layout 3 with Cozy Ottoman
Layout 4 small
Layout 4
Layout 4b small
Layout 4 with Ottoman
Layout 6 small
Layout 6
Layout 6b small
Layout 6 with Ottoman
Layout 8 small
Layout 8
Layout 8b small
Layout 8 with Ottoman
Layout 10 small
Layout 10
Layout 10b small
Layout 10 with Ottoman
Layout 12 small
Layout 12
Layout 12b small
Layout 12 with Ottoman
Layout 14 small
Layout 14
Layout 14b small
Layout 14 with Ottoman
Layout 16b small
Layout 16 with Ottoman
Layout 16 small
Layout 16
Layout 18 small
Layout 18
Layout 18b small
Layout 18 with Ottoman
Layout 20 small
Layout 20
Layout 20b small
Layout 20 with Ottoman
Layout 22 small
Layout 22
Layout 23 small
Layout 23
Layout 24 small
Layout 24
Layout 25 small
Layout 25
Layout 26 small
Layout 26
Layout 27 small
Layout 27
Layout 28 small
Layout 28
Layout 29 small
Layout 29
Layout 30
Layout 30
Layout 31 small
Layout 31

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  • Laney has a simple elegance and is a classic design that will always be up-to-date. Use this style in any setting and you express good taste.
  • This durable 100% polyester fabric is smooth to the touch and textured to the eye.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

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Customer Reviews

April 20, 2018
Lauren Bergeron - New Mexico
-- Comment #2473

We are very happy with our custom sectional!!! We ordered the ray style in matador leather, it was very simple to put together. Comfort is key and so is durability —it is top notch : ) thanks home reserve!!!!

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6c288fb9 fa7d 48a2 b920 dc6859f23d37
April 20, 2018
Mike & Cheri Miotke - Wisconsin
-- Comment #2474

Wow! We just purchased a couch and a chair. I was not looking forward to putting them together. Over the years I had struggled with assembly of inexpensive closet storage for my classroom. Misaligned screw holes, missing parts, etc. What a difference this furniture was! Every screw hole matched up perfectly, all the parts were included, and the instructions were crystal clear. I consider myself somewhat handy at building things, but even someone who considers themself s complete klutz would be able to put this furniture together. I actually enjoyed the the construction and did not swear one time. If you do not own a power drill, go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest 12volt (or more) drill and Phillips screwdriver bit. You will probably have a sore hand of you use a hand screwdriver. The seat cushions are very firm and I hope they "soften" up a bit over time. Our pieces look as good as the pictures on the website. Again, I am mainly addressing the issue of construction, which was very easy. Our two pieces came in three boxes that my wife and I were able to carry and I am 70 years old. Thank you Home Reserve for making my fears groundless. Mike

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