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Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Pulse Cocoa
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Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture. The weight of the fabric suits our furniture particularly well. It just looks good. We always use one of these durable Pulse chenille fabrics on the furniture here in our factory showroom. Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 55% Olefin, 45% Polyester.

Layout 2
Layout 2 with Attached Modular Ottomans
Layout 3
Layout 3 with Cozy Ottoman
Layout 4 small
Layout 4
Layout 4b small
Layout 4 with Ottoman
Layout 6 small
Layout 6
Layout 6b small
Layout 6 with Ottoman
Layout 8 small
Layout 8
Layout 8b small
Layout 8 with Ottoman
Layout 10 small
Layout 10
Layout 10b small
Layout 10 with Ottoman
Layout 12 small
Layout 12
Layout 12b small
Layout 12 with Ottoman
Layout 14 small
Layout 14
Layout 14b small
Layout 14 with Ottoman
Layout 16b small
Layout 16 with Ottoman
Layout 16 small
Layout 16
Layout 18 small
Layout 18
Layout 18b small
Layout 18 with Ottoman
Layout 20 small
Layout 20
Layout 20b small
Layout 20 with Ottoman
Layout 22 small
Layout 22
Layout 23 small
Layout 23
Layout 24 small
Layout 24
Layout 25 small
Layout 25
Layout 26 small
Layout 26
Layout 27 small
Layout 27
Layout 28 small
Layout 28
Layout 29 small
Layout 29
Layout 30
Layout 30
Layout 31 small
Layout 31

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Your Selections in Pulse Cocoa

Good choices!

  • Ali has an impressive artistic form. You can use Ali as part of a bold decorating plan.
  • Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

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Customer Reviews

March 19, 2018
Katie - Woodstock, GA
-- Comment #2463

Where to begin? I guess at the beginning! - I was skeptical about ordering - Create your own furniture? For what price? It ships to your doorstep? 10 year warranty? Made in the USA?! Too good to be true! After speaking to a representative through email - I thought wow, these people are so caring and kind! I thought I’d take the plunge anyway! Greatest jump of my life! My husband and I bought a couch and an ottoman - took about 45 minutes to an hour to make (Very Simple directions- and all the pieces had engraved numbers in the wood - what genius thought of that?! ) When we sat down - it felt better than our old couch that we gladly threw in the dumpster since we found a new brand we love! My 3 year old thinks the same thing - She’s never slept in her bed for a full nights rest - For the last 3 nights she’s been sleeping on the sofa from 8-10! Glad to have my bed back and a great new couch!!! Definitely recommend ....and it’s toddler approved!

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March 14, 2018
Jody Schultz - Louisville, KY
-- Comment #2462

I had been looking at these sectionals for years because I have such an oddly shaped living room. Finally bit the bullet and designed my own layout, ordered the pieces, and received them in about ten days. I have put assembly required furniture together for years and this is by far the easiest to do, from the directions to the supplied parts-everything went together like a dream. Everyone is so impressed that I was able to put the four pieces together, by myself, in less than four hours. The sectional looks impressive and is the most comfortable piece of furniture I own. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy good quality furniture that you can design yourself.

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