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Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Pulse Cocoa
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Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture. The weight of the fabric suits our furniture particularly well. It just looks good. We always use one of these durable Pulse chenille fabrics on the furniture here in our factory showroom. Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 55% Olefin, 45% Polyester.

Layout 2
Layout 2 with Attached Modular Ottomans
Layout 3
Layout 3 with Cozy Ottoman
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Layout 4
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Layout 4 with Ottoman
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Layout 6
Layout 6b small
Layout 6 with Ottoman
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Layout 8
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Layout 8 with Ottoman
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Layout 10
Layout 10b small
Layout 10 with Ottoman
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Layout 12
Layout 12b small
Layout 12 with Ottoman
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Layout 14
Layout 14b small
Layout 14 with Ottoman
Layout 16b small
Layout 16 with Ottoman
Layout 16 small
Layout 16
Layout 18 small
Layout 18
Layout 18b small
Layout 18 with Ottoman
Layout 20 small
Layout 20
Layout 20b small
Layout 20 with Ottoman
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Layout 22
Layout 23 small
Layout 23
Layout 24 small
Layout 24
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Layout 25
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Layout 26
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Layout 27
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Layout 28
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Layout 29
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Layout 30
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Layout 31

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  • Ali has an impressive artistic form. You can use Ali as part of a bold decorating plan.
  • Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

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Customer Reviews

June 11, 2018
Diane - Redmond, WA
-- Comment #2494

My family room has been pretty trashy for a long time, and it was time to fix it up, but it needed to be very casual and kid-friendly and cat-friendly... I didn't want to have an expensive sofa I couldn't enjoy because I felt like I was constantly trying to protect it from stains and cat claws. The renewability & washability features of HR furniture sold me, along with the price and the storage space, and the longevity and rep of the company, and ... just the whole concept is very cool. I got a Ray in Maltese Charcoal with no arms and 2 ottomans. I've never even contacted the company except to place the order. Everything's been super easy and perfect.
I didn't think a sectional would ever fit in this small, inherently casual room and not look ridiculous, but this is a great size. Everyone likes the big corner ottoman. It works great since this part of the sofa extends almost all the way across the room, straight into a high traffic lane at the center of the house - having the ottoman there, instead of the back and arm of a sofa facing you as you walk through, makes it feel so nice and open, not blocked by furniture since you can sit on any side.
My kids (10 and 12) were able to help me put it together and it didn't take long. I had a little struggle with the upholstery - it helped to use a smooth spoon handle as a kind of shoehorn to get it over the corners - nothing too frustrating. I don't think I could have put it together without a powered screwdriver - it's a must, as others have said! There was one hole missing and I had to drill one, no big deal because it was perfectly clear exactly where the hole needed to be. I just eyeballed it.
The only thing I'm not thrilled by is, the Ray cushions tend to move easily due to not having arms - they'd fit much more snugly with sofa arms to hold them in place, and I'm sure they are designed with that in mind. I just want to mention that to anyone else considering getting an armless sofa. Also, the fabric seemed darker as a swatch, than it does on a whole sofa. It's not really what I'd call charcoal colored, more of a medium-dark gray.
I tested the Maltese swatches with the sharp point of fingernail scissors to see if I could rip the fibers the way cat's claws would. It held up, I couldn't make it fuzz. And even if the cats do make it fuzzy over the years, I can just replace the upholstery on that part ... That's so nice not to have to worry about the cost of having the entire thing reupholstered! What a great idea! I feel pretty smug and clever for having found this sofa, every time I look at it.

June 11, 2018
kathy logan - chaska, Minnesota
-- Comment #2493

@ 70, I am soon to retire and wanted a full sofa to relax and have room for quests. UPS delivered to my garage unil
i could bring it all in to my house. Needless to say I ended up brining it into the house myself, piece by piece. Even with my physical disabilities, I was able to bring each section into the house and assemble as directed. Much to my families surprise I assembled it all myself. Yes, it took more than a few hrs., but clear instructions made it very easy.
I planning ti get a few more pcs. Ottoman and pillows.

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