Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Pulse Cocoa
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Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture. The weight of the fabric suits our furniture particularly well. It just looks good. We always use one of these durable Pulse chenille fabrics on the furniture here in our factory showroom. Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 55% Olefin, 45% Polyester.

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  • Ali has an impressive artistic form. You can use Ali as part of a bold decorating plan.
  • Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

November 14, 2018
-- Comment #2534

I am glad I found your website five years ago - you have provided me with an attractive seating arrangement and I am happy to support Indiana industry. Your casual friendly yet respectful attitude makes calling you easy.
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

November 14, 2018
M. Dyer - Austin, TX
-- Comment #2533

I have three rambunctious little boys in my home, so durability is a must. We purchased a sofa and chair from Home Reserve after seeing the sofa at my aunt's house. Let me tell you, these boys have done everything a kid could do to destroy a sofa! They have been sick on it, spilled food, sat on chocolate until it melted into the couch, wiped greasy hands on the cushions, and jumped up and down on it until one of the sections broke (replaced free of charge within 2 days). The biggest one was the youngest boy took an ink pen to our lime green chair last fall and "colored" it all over! We didn't think the ink would come out, and were already thinking about what fabric to purchase to recover it. But after washing, the ink stains were gone like they never happened! I am a loyal customer for life.

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