Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Ali Sectional

In Pulse Cocoa

Pulse Cocoa
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Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture. The weight of the fabric suits our furniture particularly well. It just looks good. We always use one of these durable Pulse chenille fabrics on the furniture here in our factory showroom. Clean with soap and water. Not machine washable. 55% Olefin, 45% Polyester.

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Good choices!

  • Ali has an impressive artistic form. You can use Ali as part of a bold decorating plan.
  • Pulse has a bright, rich color tone and an inviting, buttery-soft texture.
  • This sectional is insured with renewable parts and designed to adapt through changeable features.
  • Arriving at your door soon in moveable, manageable boxes.

Customer Reviews

January 21, 2019
-- Comment #2548

I had a bedroom I wanted to turn into a den, but the doorway was too narrow to get a couch in, so I found Home Reserve online and decided to give them a try. The couch was easy to put together and is a good quality. One box came with 2 wrong parts and those parts were sent to us in a few days. I am very happy with this company

January 21, 2019
Adrienne - Lincoln, Nebraska
-- Comment #2549

We have an odd sized living room and were really having difficulty finding something to fit at the big box stores. I found Home Reserve after surfing the web for hours and immediatly fell in love with the design and flexability of the pieces and ability to convert our layout if needed. Customer service helped us order the PERFECT set for our space. We had tried the trial chair and it was so comfy. I'll have to admit I was more than nervous to order a sofa I'd only seen on a computer screen and drempt in my head. But not only was it easy and satisfying to assemble (would recommend a drill and rubber mallet for quicker assembly), it's STURDY and COMFORTABLE. The pet fabric is truly as promised. I've wiped dried blood, food, dirt, and sharpie off with water and a rag- I couldn't believe it. I also was able to get wax off the trial chair easily. Besides being gorgeous, we love how functional the built in storage is. I thought I'd miss my old recliners but the ottomans solve that problem and provide the option of an extra sleeping area if needed. Thank you you to everyone who made our living room dreams come true.

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