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Restorative Yoga for Your Living Room

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Many of us, especially now, feel the pressure to be everything, to do everything, to not let the ball drop. So we push, force, rush, and drive to get it all done. Then at the end of the day there is nothing left to give. 

If your life has shifted in the last few weeks. If it looks different and uncertain. You should know something: it’s okay to take it easy on yourself. To make time and space to restore. To say no to doing the dishes and dusting the house. It’s okay to turn on the T.V. for the kids while you eat a cookie in the sunshine you haven’t seen in a week. It’s okay to breathe. 

This collection of Restorative yoga poses are the perfect tool to give yourself permission to just REST. You can take 20min - 1 hour to do all or one of these 5 poses. The intention when doing these poses is to release everything. You shouldn’t feel stretched or uncomfortable. This practice is all about taking it easy. Soften all your muscles, close your eyes, maybe even fall asleep. It’s time to restore. 


Supported Child's Pose - 2-5 minutes. With your knees wide, lower your chest down onto a stack of pillows, or couch cushion (Home Reserve cushions happen to be the perfect size for this!). Be mindful that no big stretch is happening. You are looking for softness everywhere. Target area is low back & ankles.  


Supported Legs Up - 5-10 minutes. Bend your knees swinging your legs up onto a couch so that your calves rest. You can cover up with a blanket and put a pillow under your head. This gentle inversion helps lengthen and restore your low back.


Supported Fish Pose - 5- 10 minutes. Lower your back down onto a cushion that is rounded enough to allow your arms to fall open and your chest to be open. The cushion can start at your low back and should be long enough to keep your head supported. If you need additional support under your head, add a pillow. Let your legs be soft. Cover up with a blanket if you feel cold. Do anything you can do to be completely comfortable. This pose targets your chest and shoulders. 


Supported Twist (two sides) - 2-5 minutes per side. With the same cushion set up from Fish Pose, bring your right hip up to the cushion so your legs are stacked and as you lower your chest down onto the cushion your thigh and the cushion meet. Rest your cheek. This twist targets your outer hip and low back. Once you feel complete on one side, switch to the other.


Supported Final Resting Pose - 5-10 minutes. Lay on your back with your knees supported by a cushion. Cover with a blanket. Let your arms open beside you and rest on the floor. This pose is a gentle release of all tension. Soften all your muscles and joints. Soften your whole face. Close your eyes and restore.  

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