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15 At-Home Activities for Kids During a School Closure

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No school. A full day at home. What should you do? We get the dilemma. Helping families is at the core of Home Reserve’s mission. Your options for at-home activities is vast, so we took a look at 15 unique options for your family to try from home. Some are educational, some constructive, some active, and all of them fun. 

Feel free to bookmark this list for later or make adjustments of your own as you try different things along the way. Pinterest is a great place to check for more fresh ideas!

15 Creative At-Home Activities for Kids with No School

1. Decorate an e-learning space with your child. 

Perhaps this is an e-learning day or your child wants to see what it’d be like to homeschool for a day. Make ways to inspire him or her by hanging a cork board full of pictures, paintings, etc. on the wall. Let your student order some supplies specifically for that space. It can be inspiring to make a space your own.

2. Take a virtual tour.

Journey to a new destination without ever leaving your couch. Several museums offer virtual tours by following the links provided and experiencing each location from the convenience of home. For example, I’ve always wanted to visit the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and via Google Arts & Culture, I “walked” right down that famous spiral and saw the artwork on its walls.

3. Start a gratitude journal.

Pausing each day to share what you’re thankful for can plant a great seed of contentment in your children’s hearts. Grab a notebook and ask everyone what they’re grateful for that day. Record each entry, or let them do the writing if they’re old enough, then bring it out again the next day. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but over time, it will certainly accumulate into a beautiful pocket of positivity.

4. Play a puzzle game.

One of my 7-year-old’s favorite puzzle games at school is Shapes Up by Educational Insights. Each player rolls the die and chooses a geometric shape to place on his or her grid. Watch out! Players who roll the “hand” can steal shapes from each other’s grid. The first player to fill up his or her grid wins.

5. Hire them.

A great skill to begin teaching at home is how to properly handle money. It can be so fun to learn! This goes beyond simply giving them chores and extends into what types of products they could create a sell (e.g. bracelets, magnets, etc.) and what they should do with the money once they’ve earned it.

You can get started with these 7 conversation starters.

6. Teach your child a new outdoor skill.

Depending on the season, this could be a great time to pass down some knowledge on a subject that gets them outside. You could show them how to properly weed and mulch your landscaping. Plant a garden and let them help choose what to grow.

7. Mail delivery.

My kids love checking the mailbox. I’ve started taking things one step farther by teaching them about how to address an envelope, the purpose of a stamp, and when to put up the flag. It’s a fun process that teaches them a lifelong skill.

You could even help them write a letter or card to someone special and mail it!

8. Give them free art lessons.

One of our favorite resources is the Art for Kids Hub channel on YouTube. They have over 1,500 free lessons for students of all ages. I appreciate the emphasis they place on just trying our best and not being upset if our artwork looks different than theirs. That was a big message for both of my little budding artists to hear.

9. Swap the transportation.

If your child loves to ride her bicycle, surprise her one day with a skateboard or roller blades or a scooter. Let her struggle a bit as she learns this new skill. It’s a great way to get active and develop greater coordination. Carve out intentional outdoor time for walking, riding, or skating.

10. Exercise with Go Noodle.

This free Youtube channel provides children with fun videos centered around movement. Next time your children feel stir crazy, fire up Go Noodle and get ready to jump around.

11. Launch a reading scavenger hunt.

Jacqueline Leigh shared a creative way to enjoy reading more books with your children called the Reading Scavenger Hunt. Send your children to search for a book that fits a certain description or theme, then read it together. For example:

  • A book that rhymes

  • A book with talking animals

  • A book with a yellow cover

There are many possibilities. To see Jacqueline’s full list of ideas, click here.

12. Let the kids run the kitchen.

I believe one essential part of family life is that everyone helps with the work. But it doesn’t have to be dull. Let your child make lunch by choosing the menu and as much of the assembly as is safe. You may want to lay down a few ground rules (e.g. must choose one veggie, one protein, etc.), but giving kids some freedom and pride in their work can help them develop a great work ethic later in life.

13. Grab the crayons and markers.

Does your child like to color? Would you like access to over 1,000 FREE coloring pages? has a super fun assortment of designs with loads of detail on each picture. Talk about fun!

14. Try a new family game.

If your family enjoys classic games like Uno, Monopoly, and Clue, this is a great time to surprise them with something new. Not sure what to choose? Ask around to see what other families enjoy playing. I recently grabbed three new games for my family and had a blast trying them out!

15. Bake and share.

Many kids love baking, so why not make this an opportunity to share with someone else? When we first moved into our neighborhood, the young family two doors down came to say hello and handed over the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. It was such a kind gesture we’ll remember always.


Whatever you decide to do, there are lots of ways to make time at home more meaningful and fun. It’s never perfect, this parenting thing, but in my experience, making memories together is certainly a joy.

Looking for other ways to have fun together as a family? Check out these resources!


What are a few of your favorite at-home activities with your kids? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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