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How a Pop of Color or Texture Goes a Long Way

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When you walk into a room with a fresh, neutral look and then you see a glorious pop of color or texture, don’t your eyes just drink it in?  It could be throw pillows, artwork, furniture, or even an accent wall. We decided to dive into some examples of how Home Reserve customers spiced up their living spaces with color and texture, and how you could too.

Art students learn how a focal point helps to draw the eye and tell the story. Your home is the canvas where you get to tell the story of your family. A “signature look” unique to your tastes and interests, allows your family to feel right at home, comfortable, and themselves. It makes your living room an authentic space you all love to be together as a family and make memories.

Now let’s take a look at these homes and the great use of color and texture.

Pop of Color

Retriever Atlantic Tux Sectional

Bree and her family chose this gorgeous Retriever Atlantic fabric to make a bold statement with their sectional. Utilizing the natural light pouring in and the vibrant colors in the fabric and pillows, their color selection certainly makes the space come to life.

You can see more of Bree’s fun and bold use of her signature colors, blush and teal, in images of her home via her Instagram account, White Sparrow Farm.


Maltese Avocado Cozy Ottomans

You don’t have to make every piece of furniture pop with color to achieve your “next level” look. Cindy chose Maltese Avocado for her cozy ottomans as great accents to her Kayla Ecru Laney couch. This has created such an inviting play space with great storage options under every Home Reserve cushion.

To see more ideas from Cindy on how she decorates her lovely home, visit her on Instagram at The Twice Bought Cottage.

Pop of Texture

Switching to Leather

Chelsea and her family spiced up their living space with a change in texture when they swapped their grey couch covers for Matador Leather fabric. Creating a statement piece like this with a new texture gave the space a whole new feel, literally.

For more photos of their home, decor, and children’s playroom, visit Chelsea’s Instagram here.


Textured Pillows

You’ll notice Jessica chose a neutral color (Maltese Platinum) for her Home Reserve Tux sectional, but it’s her textured pillows that help to warm up the look so nicely. Her family’s living space has become an expressive array of lines, patterns, and textures, great for cuddling up to read a story with their little one any night.

To see more of her family-focused content and home designs, look up Jessica on Instagram here.

Assembling Your Next Look

Home Reserve’s primary aim is to bring families closer together through products, services & resources that make home-life easier. If there is anything we can do to help you infuse any of these color or texture techniques into your own home, reach out!

Looking for fun layout ideas? Check out these comfy and creative layouts designed by Home Reserve customers.

Do you prefer a pop of color or a pop of texture? Let us know in the comments below!



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