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Changing the Face of Modern Living

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Home Reserve is the proud home of "Renewable Furniture". But what does that mean, exactly? We’re going to take a look in today’s article and unpack why Home Reserve’s renewable furniture can help you protect the environment, save money, and love your living space for years to come.

Changing the Face of Modern Living

In a recent interview, I asked Home Reserve’s founder and president, Blaine Wieland, about his story behind one of their furniture’s most defining features: Renewability. If you aren’t aware, Home Reserve intentionally offers quality furniture at a competitive price with replaceable parts for damaged cushions, fabric, and framework at no cost to you.

Each design is interchangeable with a variety of looks, thus giving this furniture a long and healthy life in your living room rather than racking up your expense account or piling up in a landfill. But how did this idea even come about?

“My wife and I went looking for a sofa at a retail store,” says Wieland when asked in an email interview to describe what inspired the first renewable sofas in the US, “and I was getting confused by the pricing and complexity of ordering a specific fabric. Everything just seemed so expensive and such a huge commitment. And this confusion was coming from someone who had been in commercial furniture manufacturing for generations!”

Wieland explained how his idea to solve this problem first took form in the mid 90s when the internet was just getting started.

“We'd been making lobby furniture for hospitals and colleges and I thought, ‘Wouldn't it be cool if we could combine all the features of this product we'd been making - changeable covers, replaceable parts, modularity - but do it at low prices and cut out the middlemen (retailers) and use the internet to sell and ship directly to the customers?"

The idea was a homerun and Home Reserve launched its first line of renewable furniture in 2002. Getting it off the ground wasn’t just a walk in the park, though.

“We went through a LOT of learning in those early days because we were one of the very first furniture commerce websites,” says Wieland.

Despite the bumps along the way, today, thousands of customers enjoy Home Reserve’s affordable and stylish furniture in their homes. I’m certainly one of them (in fact, I’m typing this from the flat armrest of my Ray sectional - perfect for a laptop and a cup of tea.)

What are some key components of Home Reserve’s renewable furniture?

  • Renewable Fabric and Cushions - Do you have a pet that came toe to toe with your sofa cushion? If the sofa lost that battle, either from stains or chew marks, Home Reserve will swap out the damaged piece for free.
  • Renewable Frame - Turns out having kids can potentially shorten the lifespan of your furniture. Who knew? Well, once we realized the wear and tear on our Home Reserve sofa had damaged the frame beneath two cushions, we sought help. Translation: I sat down one day and sunk to the floor. Instead of being forced to chuck out our most popular piece of furniture, we let Home Reserve know of the problem and received replacement parts for every broken piece. That sofa took on a whole new look. It sat up straighter that day.

Why are these features at the heart of Home Reserve? Wieland explains it best:

“Our intention has always been to bring a freedom to the process of setting up a home; to decrease the cost and to increase the joy of living with family and pets. The furniture can be easily maintained, any damage can be repaired, and the entire unit can be reconfigured as life changes.”

Want to learn more about Home Reserve’s renewable furniture? Head over to their “Renewability” page or check out what existing customers are saying.

Have you ever found it difficult or expensive to shop for furniture? We’d love to hear your honest thoughts in our discussion session below!

-- Laura Harris


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