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What Is the Right Rug Size Anyway?!

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The size and placement of an area rug are the key to bringing your whole living room together. The thing is, there are many variables, rug size, couch size, room size, so it can seem overwhelming to figure out just what you need. 

The goal with an area rug is to tie your furniture and room together, defining your space. It can even make the room feel larger and more inviting. We’ve put together some key tips to consider while arranging your living room or purchasing a new rug.  

Consider This:

Complementary colors. If you are buying a new rug or couch, consider ones with colors that compliment each other. If your room is white with blue and brown accents, choose a rug with colors that blend and tie them together, like greys and similar browns and blues. This will make them feel like they belong with each other and keep one from sticking out like a sore thumb.

Anchor the rug. The legs of your furniture should anchor on your rug. This could be two legs or all four legs. By anchoring, you can avoid the “magic carpet” look and it allows the area rug to define your space. 

Center your coffee table. Place your rug down and a coffee table or ottoman in the center. Then gather your furniture around the coffee table at a comfortable distance. This will create a cohesive space that feels inviting and functional.  

For more tips on sizing check out this graphic.

Get a printable version here.

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