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5 Tips for Choosing a Color When You're Stuck

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When I moved into my new apartment one of the first things I needed was a sectional. I have quite the collection of decor and art from travels and time living in Haiti and I had been gifted or thrifted the rest; tables, dressers, chairs, etc. So the sectional was the first, and only, piece of furniture I was actually making a decorative decision about. 

As I sifted through Home Reserve's fabric swatches I was drawn to the colors but felt very nervous that they would ultimately make my space feel busy. I also didn’t want to worry about the sectional clashing with my beloved rugs and vintage chairs. So, I took to finding inspiration from others on how to decorate eclectically without creating a mess. Here is what I found that helped me make my decision:

(source one, source two)

I picked Archetype Quartz. It’s a light grey with some variations. I excitedly put together my first big piece of furniture, hung my art, placed my rugs, and stood back to take it all in.

Here’s what I can say about it. It fell flat. Something just felt off. I consulted a few friends and they agreed, it just didn’t hit the mark for my living room. I thought maybe some throw pillows would help tie the color into the sectional and it did but it still felt incomplete. 

You know what is great, Home Reserve has changeable covers. As soon as I could, I decided to just go for a color. I brought the colorful swatches I loved into my room, looked at them with my art and rugs, and went with Retriever Hemlock, a cool deep green. 

To my surprise, it changed everything. The room just clicked. It felt like me and it didn’t feel busy at all. Turns out picking a sectional color really does impact the whole room. 


5 tips for choosing a color when you're stuck:

  1. Check out the color of your favorite clothes. You read that right, if you wear it often and feel good in it, chances are you will love it in your space. Grab your 5 favorite pieces and lay them in the room to get an idea of how they could work.

  2. Lay your fabric on everything. Look at it with your rugs, pillows, art, pets, collections, anything you plan to keep in that room, and see if it brings them to life. This is highly important. The goal is to make your space feel alive.

  3. Pattern/texture on a small swatch will always feel different on a larger scale. This goes for larger patterns and bold fabrics especially. The pattern will be grander as the amount of fabric grows. If you love patterns and bold fabrics but are nervous to use them, try them on a smaller scale, like a throw pillow, ottoman, or accent chair.  

  4. Consider how you want the space to feel. Neutral and clean. Light and airy. Playful and sophisticated. Dark and moody. Each feeling would use a different fabric. For example, if you wanted a dark and moody space, you would not want to choose a lightweight and bright fabric like Home Reserve's Retriever Bisque. You would stick to something with a bit more grit, like Home Reserve's darker Archetype fabrics or the warm and cozy Maltese fabrics

  5. Don’t be afraid to be brave, especially with Home Reserve, you can always change your layout, design, or color!

I am so curious, which setup do you like? Archetype Quartz or Retriever Hemlock?



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