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8 Things to Declutter From Your Sofa

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There is no doubt you've thought about or participated in some decluttering in 2020. The closets, garage, basement, kitchen? Here we are, in the New Year, a time to declutter, start fresh, and renew your inspiration. In honor of that, we've put together a list of things you can declutter (that you might have forgotten about) right from the cozy comfort of your sofa. So grab a blanket, some hot chocolate, and let's get started. 

8 Things To Declutter From Your Sofa

1. Accounts you follow on Instagram. Every day we are asked by our jobs, TVs, phones, computers, and the people in our lives, to absorb more information than is humanly possible. By pairing down accounts you follow on social media to the business and people you truly want to invest in, you make some space for other things that matter a little more. If you follow 500 people, see if you can cut it down to 200. If you follow thousands, each time you start scrolling, ask yourself if you really want to be invested in the images you are looking at and start cutting back from there. 

2. The files on your desktop. Can you get your desktop down to 5 files instead of 35? A clean desktop is just as beneficial as a clean DESK top. Everything in its place and all the scrap paper in the wastebasket. Try it out! 

3. Your Pinterest boards. What inspires us can change over the years. I bet if you flip back to the beginning of your "living room" board you will see images that no longer inspire you. Take some time to remove the images that don't spark excitement so that each time you flip through your boards you get the spark of inspiration you are looking for. 

4. The pictures on your phone. If you are anything like me, you have 6 photos of your kid (or pet) doing something so cute you can't resist. Or maybe it's a few photos of the same delicious plate of food? Surely there are more pictures in there than what you really need to remember those moments. So next time you are watching a show or have a spare 10 minutes, open your photos and toss those no longer needed snaps. 

5. Your phone's contacts. I was flipping through the contacts in my phone the other day and realized there are at least 20 contacts I don't even know anymore! Probably people from my college group assignment or old job. There were also duplicate contacts from people who's numbers have changed over the years. Time to delete!  

6. Your text messages. If your friend group chat has been going on for over a year, chances are it's taking up some memory on your phone. Especially if you are sending videos and pictures back and forth. Save what's needed and toss the rest or get brave and just toss it all. You probably don't need those images of your friend's new outfit anyway. 

7. Your phone's apps. Next time you go to update the apps on your phone, take a peek and notice if you are even using all of them. It seems silly but it feels good to get rid of stuff you never use! 

8. The promotional emails you are subscribed to. Remember that one time you subscribed to a website's emails because you wanted the answers to a quiz you took? Or that time you ordered your uncle a present from his favorite store? You probably still get those promotional emails. If the emails aren't coming from companies you are invested in, considered hitting unsubscribe. The best part of this one is you will no longer be tempted by the 10% off at a box store you don't even shop at. 

Let 2021 be about investing in something great, the people you love, the companies you love, and the activities you love. Clear out what is no longer that and enjoy space for what matters most. 


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