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A Family Friendly Sectional - Customer Review

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EEEEEKKKKK! Our new couch has been here for about a month now, it arrived just in time for new baby Walker's arrival. Literally, 4 days prior and Jay put it together just days before I went into labor. Months before my due date, I started thinking that I wanted to spruce up our living room space since it was essentially not usable with an extremely hairy suede couch (horrible fabric for dog owners), broken yellow chairs that fell backward when you sat on them, and a mishmash of decor that I just didn’t love. I wanted a space that was inviting and cozy since right when you walk in our front door that’s what you see, but also our main living area is wide open and I dreamt of a space that would provide us with comfort and ultimately a place to gather.

What I wanted:

When researching couches, must-haves for me were pet and kid-friendly, washable couch covers, and stain-resistant. We’re in the thick of parenthood with four small children, lots of little messy hands, and have two very large dogs that shed, so a couch that could uphold all of that was non-negotiable. That’s when I stumbled across Home Reserve and immediately fell in love. I’m serious, this couch has been a dream and I am so in love with the style, design, and color that we chose. Let me tell you why I love it so much…

About Home Reserve:

  • Kid and Pet Friendly: With small children and dogs, things just don’t stay nice, at least not in our home, but with Home Reserve, they’ve made it really easy to keep things looking good with their changeable and renewable features. Watch this video to see how spills repel off the fabric!

  • Renewable parts: How does it last forever?? You can literally replace any individual part at any time. If a frame piece, cushion or fabric cover gets ruined, you can replace just that piece!! Isn’t that awesome?!

  • Stain Resistant fabric: When shopping for the fabric type you like, sort by machine washable and stain-resistant fabrics to list all of the fabrics that are made with i-clean technology. These are high-performance fabrics that are engineered for comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance making it easy to keep your furniture looking and feeling nice for years to come.

  • Washable covers: If you’ve been following along for some time now, you know how important it is for me to have items in my home that are machine washable. AKA our crib mattress cover, our rugs, and now even our COUCH! This is a huge game-changer with kids and messes all the time, I can easily take the fabric cover off and throw it in the wash to keep it clean!

  • Changeable fabric covers: This is one of my favorite features of the couch, is that you can purchase brand new fabric covers in whatever color or style you want for a fraction of the price. So, whether you are redesigning your space or want to replace your current covers with the same fabric, you can do so by ordering new covers. This is not something you can do with just any other couch and it makes me very excited to know that I can have this couch literally forever, yet still be able to change it up if I want to! We went with an archetype style fabric and it’s been really great with the dogs. We try to keep them off the couch, but if they do end up getting on it, the hair is easy to wipe away and doesn’t cling to it.

  • Customizable layouts for any space: What’s super nice about a modular couch is that you can transform the look and layout of your couch at any time. Rearranging to fit a Christmas tree, or want to make your couch bigger or smaller, add arms or switch cushions, the options are endless and most importantly timeless.

  • Built-in storage: This is another super nice feature, the added storage. I can store games, toys, or extra pillows and blankets inside the couch and access it just by lifting up the cushion.

  • Made in America: Being made in America is another great feature as the company knows where everything comes from, understands how its made, and oversees the entire supply chain.

With all of the great features, I listed above, it’s no wonder this couch was a great option for our family. I know that we will have this for many years, even forever, as we can change the layout or fabric design to fit and meet our needs as our style changes and adapts or when life just gets messy. I love that you can buy new covers for a fraction of the price, a feature not many couches offer, and that you can add or subtract any of the pieces to fit your space or season. Putting it together was time-consuming as it does come flat in boxes, but well worth the time in my opinion.

Our exact couch: Fabric “Archetype Hemp”

  • Jovie Armless x4

  • Jovie end panel

  • Corner ottoman x2

  • Lounger Jovie corner

Partnering with Home Reserve has been nothing short of amazing. We love our couch, the warmth and comfort it brings to our home, how beautiful and timeless it looks in our living room space, and most of all that it brings us all together. Whether I’m cooking in the kitchen while the boys watch cartoons, we’re having a movie night as a family, or just enjoying the company of friends or family, we are always on our new couch and I couldn’t be happier.

I would highly recommend Home Reserve to anyone looking to purchase a new couch, whether you have kids and pets or not, this couch is for you. There are endless options, styles, designs, and fabric colors to choose from. Let me know if you have any other questions or check out their site for more information HERE!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Mari


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