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How to Use Different Fabrics and Furniture Pieces in One Room

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One way to add interest to a room is to mix the furniture pieces and colors. It is the idea that not everything has to match as long as it "goes" together. Let's take a look at how Mariah Shealy did just that in her sunroom renovation. 

Mariah chose a Laney Loveseat, Couch, and two Chair & Halfs to fill her sunroom. She could have easily just put all of these pieces in one fabric for a uniform look. Instead, she decided to have the chairs in Maltese Silver Grey and the Loveseat and Couch in Cantina Peanut. The mix of the soft fabric of Maltese Silver Grey and the sleek fabric of Cantina Peanut gives a great play with texture. She created a balance between warm and cool using a "brown" and "grey" fabric. 

Here you can see she decided to relate these different colored pieces by using matching throw pillows on their opposing fabric. So the Cantina Peanut pieces have Maltese Silver Grey throw pillows and Chair & Halfs have Cantina Peanut throw pillows. This is a simple way to connect the two pieces so they aren't randomly mismatched. Instead, it looks intentionally mix-matched. 

The trick to creating interest in a room like this is to make sure even if pieces look different, there is one connecting thread that ties it all together. Mariah brought in the perfect pink rug that has both light grey and warm light brown colors that tie the mix-matched fabrics together in a neat little bow. 

Read more about how Mariah's sunroom renovation came together over on her blog.


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