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5 Ways to Integrate into a Routine

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Many people across the globe and in our neighborhoods are starting new routines this season. Whether it’s because of a new school or work protocol, shifting roles, travel plans changing, or activities canceling, it seems everyone is integrating into something new. 

One of my favorite parts of a new routine is the moment when something goes from feeling confusing and clouded to clear and easeful. Whether you are a person who likes to follow a plan or one who prefers to go with the flow, there are tools that make the practice of integrating into something new, a little less messy. A structured routine can bring ease, which is something both children and adults need to thrive. 

Here are 5 Ways to Integrate into a New Routine:

  1. Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day. This allows your body to give you adequate energy for all that you are up to.

  2. Create a chore chart. Even if you don't have kids having a clear picture of one or two things you can do each day will help you feel accomplished and keep your home in order. A clutter-free space is a clutter-free mind! Tip: Use apps like CANVA to create your chart, make it cute so you will want to use it!

  3. Share the load - Just like adults, children love the feeling of being independent. If you have kiddos, consider letting them pick something they can be responsible for in their routines. A chore, a playdate, or a new project. Excitement about the structure will only help it cement. 

  4. Schedule something you are excited about - if you are an introvert, schedule alone time, if you are an extrovert, schedule a coffee date. Schedules aren’t just for accomplishing things that HAVE to get done. They are there to help accomplish the “have to’s” and “wants to’s.”

  5. Take it easy - you don’t have to be a pro at your new routine in the first week. If things fall through the cracks give yourself some grace. If it keeps happening over and over, consider what you can let go of to create more ease.   

Whatever it is, let your new routine be light and fun. See what you can create for yourself and your family by uniting to make each day something great. 


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