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Fall Decor for Next to Nothing

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As Summer days get shorter and cooler days sneak in the mad rush for pumpkin-themed-everything tugs at our wallets. The change in the seasons somehow convinces us we need a change in our homes. While change is natural and even exciting, often the seasonal change means buying new throw blankets or pillows, swapping out Summer candles for Fall ones, finding the perfect “stuff” to make our homes feel cozy.  


In the interest of integrating into this new season with a little more ease, we have put together a list of Fall decorations and activities you can find for next to nothing with the added bonus of a treasure hunt here or there. Grab your kids or a friend and forage away. 

  1. Wax dipped leaves - once the leaves change color, head out on a walk and fill a basket with different beautiful leaves. Bonus points if you find 5 different kinds! In a double-boiler melt a bit of paraffin wax (source). Holding the stem of the leaf, dip the front and the back of each leaf. Hang or place on wax paper to dry. Use them on a table, string them up on the mantle or use washi tape to create a mural on your wall!

  2. Clear our the things that remind you of summer - The act of pulling out your scarves, warm blankets, and cute fall boots will definitely get you in the mood for the new season!

  3. Cut grasses or corn stalks - another nature walk for this one. Head into the woods and look for some beautiful drying grasses and flowers. Arrange them in a big vase on your table or tucked in a corner of your living room. If you live near a cornfield ask the farmer if you could take some cornstalks off their hands. They make great outdoor decorations. 

  4. Dry your hydrangeas, lavender, and mint leaves - anything to bring a little outdoors, inside. Pop your hydrangeas in a vase for your laundry room, it deserves some love too. Keep your lavender and mint for a winter bath or stick them in a little cloth bag and place in your dresser drawer. 

  5. Gather acorns and walnuts - they look so darn cute in a little bowl on your coffee table.

  6. Make a simmer pot with scraps - orange peels, a cinnamon stick, some apple cores, anything that smells delicious! Place it all in a pot on your stove on low heat and simmer while you clean up your house. 

  7. Have a bonfire - don't forget the s'mores! 

  8. Light any old candle - especially in the morning and night when it's still dark.

  9. Clear out the clutter - nothing better than starting a new season with a clean closet. If you want to skip the house clutter, try deleting old emails, texts, and pictures off of your phone. 

  10. Open the windows - get some fresh air, if it happens to be a little warm and sunny!

  11. Bring in the firewood - if you have a fireplace, bring in some firewood so you are ready for your first fire!

These simple actions help to integrate into a new season without the added stress of buying stuff you won’t want in a year.  Most of the "decorations" can be easily tossed in the compost or trash. The feeling of the season really comes from you, so grab your rain boots and basket, have fun!  

Do you have any favorite foraging you like to do? How do you integrate into the season? Comment below! 



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