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DIY Home Hacks - Room By Room

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Ever walk into a room and feel the urge to jazz it up a little? Often things like clutter or the lack of time or a tight budget get in the way of giving a space its full potential. That’s why we’ve assembled some DIY home hacks you can try in whichever room you choose. A little change here and there could give it that freshened up look you desire.

Let’s take a look at the six most commonly used rooms in a house and discover a few hacks you may not have known were things you could do yourself.

How to Spruce Up Your Home with These Small DIY Home Hacks - Room by Room


In the mood to re-organize your pantry and cupboards? Among this list of 31 organizing and cleaning tips from LifeHack is installing a simple tension rod under your sink to hang up cleaning products. If you need more pantry space, consider building a roll-out pantry that tucks itself neatly in that little space between your refrigerator and wall.

If you’re a bit vertically challenged like me and have to dig through your spices one by one in the cabinet to find what you need, try this really cute DIY hack for storing spices on the side of your refrigerator. All you need are repurposed baby food jars, strong magnets, Mod Podge, and paper or cardstock.

I love the idea of how accessible this makes them during a meal prep.

Want to spruce up the look and feel of your kitchen? Get creative with these 32 creative DIY decor ideas.


One storage rule of thumb I learned growing up was, “When in doubt, always go up.” Utilizing the height of a room will grant you more floor space, but let’s take that idea one step further.

Among these 51 tips for organizing your garage, like building corner shelves for smaller items like spray paint and paper towels, Family Handyman highlights a great way to consolidate floor space while making your boxes totally accessible with these “easy-to-build storage towers.”

Need an organized space for your extension cords? One Good Thing shares this genius DIY hack involving a simple wall hook and a bungee cord.


The last thing you probably want at the end of the day is to head for bed, only to be greeted by clutter. One quick way to empty some floor space from this list of 51 bedroom storage hacks by Make Space is to install a laundry hamper that hangs on the back of your door. Or how about storing your extra bed sheets and pillow cases under the bed?

Want to mix some fresh creativity into your bedroom decor? This pulled pillow tutorial from Sew Home Grown only takes a bit of stitching to create a chic, new look for your bed set.

To keep the brainstorm session going, check out this list of 100 bedroom DIY decor ideas from DIY Joy.


Better Homes and Gardens has 13 terrific hacks for maximizing your bathroom space - from DIY shelves to magnets to a paper towel holder that stores your bracelets. I’m eager to try a few of them, myself.

Not enough cute storage shelf ideas? HGTV shows several styles of DIY cubbies, caddies, and even a sink skirt among these 25 clever bathroom storage ideas.


Ready to vamp up your living room without breaking your budget? Try debuting a new look by marbling your lampshades via this tutorial. Or create a no-sew floor cloth with a great pattern like this one from Vintage Revivals.

Your primary goal may be to simply optimize the flow of your living space. Good Housekeeping put together these 50 tips to make your square footage work best for you.


Offices come in all shapes and sizes, and they serve all kinds of purposes. Still, these 10 hacks from HGTV can be a great starting point to get just about any office re-organized.

These 38 tips are a great combination of decor and organization ideas for your office. For example, this burlap pencil holder looks adorable and so easy to make.

It’s likely this list left out some of the living spaces in your home, but hopefully it pointed you in the right direction to give that fresh look to one of your rooms at a low cost. Where will you start first? We’d love to hear about your DIY project in the comments below!

--Laura Harris


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