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9 Free Apps for Selling Used Household Goods

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Back in the day, we decluttered our house with a garage sale, right? Sometimes we’d post items in the local paper or join a consignment sale. Those options are still available, but with the birth of the Internet came new ideas like Craigslist and eBay. Today, thanks to smartphones, apps are now the most versatile and diverse vehicles for selling used household goods.

In this article, you’ll see an overview of nine free apps that can put cash in your pocket and help you empty your house of unwanted excess. Win-win, right?

Make Money Selling Used Goods with These 9 Free Apps

If you’re looking to make a little return for your clutter-sorting efforts, let’s get you the most bang for your buck. The first few apps allow you to sell a myriad of general items like jewelry, collectibles, or vehicles. Then, I’ve included a few apps for selling one specific category like books or clothing.

Let’s get started with apps that enable you to sell almost anything:

Apps for Selling General Secondhand Merchandise

1. CPlus

Craigslist is still a widely used platform for private commerce; however, you won’t find a “Craigslist app” in your app store. That’s why a third party came out with CPlus. This free app gives you a mobile-friendly method of searching multiple cities for garage sales, customizing your profile, and posting your own sellable items.

2. LetGo

LetGo is another efficient way to connect with local buyers in order to sell your secondhand items. Furniture, clothing, and even collectibles are great examples of how current LetGo users are earning cash as you read this.

3. OfferUp

With over two million downloads at the time of this article’s publication, OfferUp is definitely a frontrunner for selling used household items. Connecting with others in your area is simple, posting items is straightforward, and being able to chat directly with customers makes the whole operation a well-oiled cash-generating machine for you.

4. Mercari

For a secure and hassle-free method of finding local buyers for new or pre-owned items, you might like Mercari. This free app can be used to list things like clothing, children’s items, jewelry, or electronics.

Want to see some items that have just sold in the last 10 minutes? Scroll through this list to learn more.

5. Facebook (Marketplace)

If you’re one of the one billion people who use Facebook, then you’ve already got a gateway into a great resource called Facebook Marketplace. Thousands gather daily to list their items to buy, sell, or trade. By using the Facebook app, you can jump right in to list items and easily communicate with potential buyers.

6. 5miles

Love the bidding atmosphere of eBay? 5miles is a free app that allows you to find items sold locally and bid for a competitive price. From used cars to workout equipment, 5miles has a lot to offer.

7. Cash4Books

Let’s dive into a few apps for selling specific items.

Obviously this app is as self-explanatory as it gets. If you’ve decluttered your way through your used books, this is a great opportunity to find buyers and earn back some cash. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a free quote.

  • Ship for free.

  • Get paid.

8. ThredUp

ThredUp is in search of high-quality secondhand clothing. This app is the virtual thrift shop thousands frequent each week. How do you make money? Start by ordering a Clean Out Bag and fill it with your like-new clothes to earn cash.

Are you curious to find out what you could earn? Try their Payout Estimator here.

9. Poshmark

Got some gently used, brand name clothing you think could fetch a price? One quick method is with the Poshmark app. Here’s how it works:

  • Sort through your closet

  • List those items for sale.

  • Ship items with a prepaid label.

  • Get paid upon delivery.

You can also join their community of “Seller Stylists” who not only sell clothing, but who also put together outfit ensembles specifically for their shoppers.

Note: Poshmark does receive a commission of $2.95 for any sale $15 or under. If you earn above $15, they take 20% and you keep 80%.

Important Safety Note

Now that you’ve gotten an overview of some free apps for selling used household goods for cash, let’s go over one important reminder about safety.

Meeting a stranger in a parking lot or your residence always comes with a risk. If you’re selling something locally and want a safe location to conduct business, look for a “SafeTrade Station.” Many police departments make their stations available as a location where you can meet your buyer without fear. It’s a great way to ensure all parties’ safety and to “keep honest people honest,” as my dad would say.


Want to see if a police station in your area is listed as a SafeTrade Station? Follow this link to see a complete list.

Do you have an app for selling used household goods that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

--Laura Harris





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