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Make Family-Fun A Priority Again. Get Started With These Simple Ideas!

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Schedules are jam-packed and larger quantities of time can be much harder to come by these days. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality time! Spending a ton of money or planning extravagant vacations isn’t necessary for creating lasting memories and stronger bonds with your kids. Start by scheduling out family fun nights at home. Be sure to mark time out on your calendar and try to stick to a regular weekly schedule. Being intentional is key! Here are 6 simple ideas to help you get the fun flowing in your home again. 


Indoor Camping

If you have a fireplace, light a fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows indoors. Set up a tent in the house, pile up sleeping bags and pillows, get out the flashlights, and tell stories or read books around the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace — no biggie! Make a cute little pretend fire out of construction paper and just cook the hotdogs and s’mores in the kitchen. You can even roast the marshmallows by holding them on sticks just a few inches over the stovetop burners until melty!   


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Set up obstacle courses around the house or a “superhero” training course. Teach your kids how to complete the course and participate with them! Here are some ideas you can modify for your kids ages and safety. 

  • Agility station: Tie a rope down low between two objects and make them army crawl or belly scoot under i

  • Pretend underwater training: have them sit on the floor and hold their breath for 10 seconds. Or race to blow up balloons in a set amount of time. 

  • Target practice: Set up bad guy action figures and use Nerf guns to defeat them

  • Stepping stone station: Tape pieces of construction paper to the floor and have them jump to each one to cross the room without “falling into the lava” 

  • Laser sensor station: Set up a web of strings through the hallway and have them go over and under from one end to the other without touching any of the strings

  • Punching bag training: Have an adult hold a pillow while the kids see how many punches they can get in 60 seconds while wearing boxing gloves, Hulk foam hands, or socks over their hands

  • High knees: Have them do high knee running in place, running stairs, or up and down a step stool for a set amount of time

  • Tunnel Station: Grab some old boxes or kitchen chairs and make them crawl through them to the next station. 


Dance Party 

Dress up in goofy clothes, turn on some music, set up some dance party lighting and get your groove on! If you’re really brave, choreograph a family dance routine. Maybe even video tape it! 


Hide and Seek with a Spin

Have a parent take their phone and hide somewhere around the house. When hidden, have them FaceTime call the other parent (and kids) and show little clues about where they’re hiding so the kids can track them down throughout the house or yard. 


Revive the Classics

Remember all those simple little games you played as a kid? Musical Chairs, Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato, Red Rover, Ring Around the Rosie, Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, etc. Start playing them with your kids after dinner! 

These little consistent moments of time that you pour into your kids will stick in their hearts and minds for years to come. Cheers to love and family! Share with us how you create fun in your home by commenting below. 


-- Audrea D.






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Phyllis |2/22/19

I am a grandmother and I love all these suggestions


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