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Creative and Functional Home Reserve Sectional Configurations

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What if you owned a piece of furniture that adapted to every stage of your life? I wish my vacuum cleaner did that. My husband and I spent a tiny investment in our first vacuum cleaner for our small apartment. Now, we live in a two-story house and our seven-year-old vacuum won’t let us forget it.

Furniture can be much less temperamental than a vacuum cleaner. Your furniture can start with you in a small place like a loft or apartment. It can then expand as your living space and family grows. The magic behind this is simply Home Reserve’s guarantee that you’ll always have the furniture best suited for your needs.

I’m talking, specifically, about sectionals. They take on so many wonderful shapes and forms, leaving the creativity and control entirely in your hands.

What do I mean, exactly? Brandon Deel, Home Reserve’s Creative Director, summarized it best when he told me:

“The benefits all come down to one thing and that's a customizable option for any small, big, unique, awkward, or ‘hard to get into’ type of space.”

This video is a great walkthrough of Deel’s idea. The entire line of furniture is designed to grow with your family - from chair to sofa to sectional.


Now, let’s look at some different ways you can configure your sectional.

Here are several layouts for your sectional. Home Reserve wants to make this as fun of a process as possible. You can create your own, of course. The limit really is the stratosphere.

Style: Laney - Fabric: Pulse Shiraz - Layout: Left, Armless, Armless, Corner, Lounger

Style: Laney - Fabric: Kayla Ecru - Layout: Corner Ottoman, Armless, Corner, Armless, Corner Ottoman

Style: Tux - Fabric: Oscar Sterling - Layout: Custom size (You would need to call in order) Corner Ottoman, Corner Ottoman, Chair and Half, Corner, Chair and Half x2, Right Arm

Style: Tux - Fabric: Burris Kiln - Layout: Armless x2, Corner Ottoman, Modular Ottoman x4

Style: Tux - Fabric: Oscar Sterling - Layout: (On left) Modular Ottoman x2, (On right) Modular Ottoman, Armless, Corner, Armless, Armless, Corner Ottoman

Diagrams provide the basic idea. Now let’s see these transformations in action.

How to Take Your Next Step Configuring Your Sectional

If you’re wondering how to order one of the configurations above or how to put together your own customized layout, your next step is to visit the Sectionals page on

I’ve gone through the process of ordering a sectional, choosing the fabric, layout, etc., and checking out, and I can say it was very user-friendly. Home Reserve’s mission is to get quality, furniture through your door at an affordable price, so each piece ships ready to assemble.

My husband and I worked together and had an assembled sectional in a matter of hours.

Ready to choose your next configuration? Head over to the sectional gallery now.

Which one of Home Reserve’s sectional configurations would you try? Let us know in the comments below!


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Do all of the ottomans attach to sectional pieces? Or do they just sit alongside it?


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