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HOME TOUR: Playroom Before And After

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I’m so excited to share with you another room reveal in our home! I’m always a sucker for a good before & after transformation. And this room was a fun, whimsical space we created for the kid’s playroom. This is a bedroom we have upstairs that I intentionally declared a playroom. It’s further away from the kid’s jack-and-jill bedrooms. Yep, I’m certain the kid’s nightly parties would chill out if they all had 3 separate rooms but I LOVE having a space for them to hang out together and bring their friends. It’s filled with toys, books, and a cozy couch to lounge away their days. I still have a few things here and there I’d like to complete in this room after the holidays but for now, we love it!



We had the ceiling and walls painted except for the main wall since we were going to wallpaper it anyways. I figured I’d save a few bucks in paint and labor since this wall would need to be skimmed and the texture completely removed. I found our painter as a recommendation on a FB post. He was fast, affordable, and did a decent job. I hired him to see how well he’d do because he had just given me a quote to paint the exterior of our home that we did HERE IN THIS POST. The paint job was good for a small room but I had my doubts for him rocking it on the outside of our home. I ended up hiring another team for the exterior and I’m super happy with both jobs! I painted this room using the same white that is throughout the rest of our home.

Voila! I love how all the colors came together so perfectly! I still have some spots I’d like to finish and spaces I’d like to fill & complete. A larger rug + rearranging the play kitchen space. I’ll put more thought into it after the holidays.


I saw THIS floral wallpaper released from Anewall and instantly fell in love. No question about it, I knew it was meant for the playroom. The large floral bouquet was bright, whimsical, and fun! It comes in a variety of paper options and I decided to go with the traditional paper in a matte finish. A beautiful handpainted bloom design with pinks, white, yellow, blue and golden flowers. This mural is gorgeous and I’m so pleased with how it came together!

TOYS (chaos-free)

My biggest tip for keeping a playroom free of total chaos is to not have all the toys accessible. It’s just too much for kids to handle. They would pull everything out and end up not creatively playing. The best decision we made was in our last home, when I bagged up all the toys into tubs. Each day I would pull out a large tub that had a bunch of activities, puzzles, and toys. My kids play differently when there’s not an endless supply of chaos surrounding them. Besides the bookshelf holding books + a few bins of toys, I keep everything organized in the playroom closet.

There is  a closet inside the room that has all the play costumes hung up on hangers. The bigger toys are in the toy chest. All of the puzzles and boards are stacked up on shelves, and there are 3 large containers with 9 tubs filled with the baby toys, animals, dress-up stuff, etc. Putting all the toys and stuff out of sight and into the closet has been a game changer for the playroom. The kids are less likely to jump from toy to toy, and the room has become wayyyy less messy. I put the white rectangular bookshelf on the TV wall. We organized all the books to line up across the 4 top shelves. Avery is juuuuust now coming out of the silly phase of throwing books off the shelves (hallelujah).  I found 4 large and sturdy bins to fill up the 4 bottom shelf spaces. We’ve had this set-up for almost a year now and it’s held up great! The tubs have stayed in excellent condition because they easily slide out from the bottom shelves.


I have to brag on this sectional. It is SO COMFORTABLE! The cushions and back rest are simply the best. Home Reserve is a unique seating brand because I could design each part of the sectional to perfectly fit the room. I custom built the couch online. I didn’t realize there was a couch where I could choose each seat’s dimension, style, and color. It was awesome!

I picked the the color from swatches of fabric to be a style that would outlast the kids rough play. The cloth fabric can easily be removed from every section and washed! Yep, it’s washable! I saw this fabric was perfect for pet lovers and since I ALWAYS go for pet-friendly fabrics and furniture (no, I don’t have pets. haha. #4kids) I knew this was the most durable and long-lasting fabric for a playroom. Stain and odor protection is built into the fibers so accidents wipe off easily and liquids just puddle up on the surface. Incredible! Everyone who sits on it is surprised with how comfortable it is!

To fit my space, I chose the Laney style in Retriever Bisque. I went with the “Layout 2” w/ attached modular ottomans + also adding 2 armless chairs to lengthen the sectional. Sectional Summary: 4 Armless Chairs, 1 Corner, 2 Modular ottomans. ALSO, if we later decide to put this sectional in a different part of our home, I can order new pieces to make the sectional fit the new space perfectly. It basically fits anywhere and lasts forever. It really is the perfect transitional furniture seating.


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