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5 Ways a Home Reserve Ottoman Is Every Family’s Best Friend

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I’m a mom of two young children. The living room is the epicenter of our life, whether it’s pillow forts, book club, or “laundry-folding + Parks & Rec reruns” day. That’s why I want to introduce you to one of my buds who’s stuck with me through all of it: The Home Reserve ottoman.

We met years ago at my brother’s house. I saw my toddler munching on some grapes from a little bowl that sat atop a square ottoman. It was just the right height and stable enough for my toddler’s impromptu drum solos. Then, I saw my youngest grasping at the side of a second Home Reserve ottoman, doing his best to live out his only mission at the time: Standing up.

At that moment, my sister-in-law handed me a mug of tea, removed the lid from one of her ottomans and offered me a fleece blanket. I burrowed into my seat, sniffed my tea, and watched my children play peekaboo with their cousins.

That’s when I knew the ottoman and I would be buds for life.

Since acquiring three of my own in various sizes and fabrics, I can say with certainty that my admiration was not misplaced. Let me give you some practical examples.

5 Ways the Home Reserve Ottoman Is Your New Best Friend

1. It holds stuff!

My sister-in-law used her ottoman for blankets, but I’ve also discovered it’s great for DVDs, board games, video game consoles, magazines, or toys. Oh, the toys.

The Modular Ottoman is nearly three feet long and makes a great storage bin. Not only can you put a lid on it and kick up your feet at night *sigh*, but the kids will have a designated dropbox when it’s time to clean up each night.

2. It’s extremely versatile.

We have wood laminate floors, so we can easily rearrange our ottomans (and they don’t scratch). We scootch them around to quickly become:

  • End tables

  • Foot rests

  • A coffee table

  • A mud bench for company

  • An impromptu youth bed - This can be done by locking the ottoman onto your Home Reserve sofa, sectional, or chair. The tools you used to lock your sofa or sectional together during assembly can be used to connect your ottoman. Make a small slit in the fabric to ensure you can access the connection point.

3. Straightforward assembly.

You don’t need any additional tools besides a screwdriver to assemble a Home Reserve ottoman. Everything else is included with clear instructions. Assembling the fabric for the first time was tricky for me, but as long as you follow the directions, your hands will get the hang of things.

Stop by Home Reserve’s video gallery for handy tips on assembling fabric.

4. It’s with you for life.

Naturally, my kids come with their share of mess. The other day, I discovered my 2-year-old son figure skating his pudgy fingers in a maroon goo all over my new floor and up the side of my couch. Within a few seconds the undeniable scent of nail polish flooded my senses.

The cool thing about Home Reserve is their renewable guarantee. If my daughter decides to recreate the Mona Lisa on our ottoman with a Sharpie, I can swap out the old fabric for new.

Here it is in Home Reserve’s own words:

“Many of our fabrics are machine washable or liquid/stain and odor repellant. But if something becomes stained or even torn, you can change just the damaged piece.”

5. It’s so stinkin’ kid-friendly.

Besides the perk of watching my kids fly around the house and crash into soft ottomans instead of a wooden, 12-stitches-in-the-forehead-waiting-to-happen coffee table, here are some other awesome uses for your kid-friendly ottomans:

  • Toddler Nests - Just remove the lid, add blankets, and drop in a pillow. Great for movie nights.

  • Little Barrel Racing - Does your little one have an inexplicable amount of energy tonight? Position the ottomans a few feet apart and tell her to run figure eights around them like a barrel racer. Or create a game of leap frog or obstacle course. Sleep tight, kiddo.

  • Tunnel Town - My son loves trains. By throwing a blanket over the sectional and ottomans, and creating a small space for crawling, my son is able to set up a make-believe station and drive Thomas and his friends through the tunnels, over and over.

In Closing

We’ve covered a lot of methods in which I employ my buddies, the ottomans. Now it’s your turn. What questions do you have? Are you interested in checking out the sizes, fabric styles or just want to see some layout ideas? Home Reserve can help. You can head over to or call 800-482-2712.

Do you have young kids? What are some ways you create some fun and safe play for them in the living room? Let us know in the comments below!

--Laura Harris


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Carol Pyle |5/05/20

Well, here I go! Planning on ordering my sectional pieces today. Retired 75 year old teacher, caregiver for three precious disabled family members, and my very sweet brother (terminally ill with cancer). I found Home Reserve while attempting to keep motivated during these trying times. Grungy old couch is going to the dump...and Home Reserve has inspired me and made my heart smile. Just like the "Little Engine that Could", I am determined that "I CAN" put my new sectional together. I have my little sander for rough wood edges (BTW the video of the young couple gave me total confidence!) - drill, little tool box and I'm good to go. Only bummer is that the Home Reserve factory is closed right now. I can't wait to begin this adventure! Prayer that my darling brother can stick around to guide me. I'm smiling right now in anticipation of seeing our new sectional. Will keep posted on this super trip...


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