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Playroom Makeover Reveal

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"Thank you to Home Reserve for providing the sectional and Well Woven for providing the rug for this playroom makeover reveal.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that I love!"

This playroom makeover reveal has been a long time coming!  We started this little project about a month ago and I am so happy it is finally done!

Being that Dominic is almost 1 year old (see his 11 month update HERE), I wanted to give him a space that was very kid friendly!  The living room (HERE) is great but the toys started to take over so I wanted a room to store all the toys as well.


This was our Sun Room and we loved it, but it was not very kid friendly.  I wanted to create an open play space for Dominic and his growing toy collection.

We sold the old furniture in here except for the coffee table which we moved outside on the porch.  Read my tips on how to reuse furniture and decor you already have HERE.

We wanted a sectional in the playroom so that we could sit and relax as a family.  We also wanted something that was not too large so that we would have extra floor space to play.  We decided on no coffee table to accomplish this.

We went with the Home Reserve Laney Sectional in Retriever Barley. We loved this option because the fabric is machine washable and stain resistant which is a huge win having a little one plus a dog!

Home Reserve is amazing because they have tons of different layout options so that they can fit in any space.  It comes delivered to your door in boxes and you build the furniture! 

As far as building the furniture, it was super easy!  After we got the first piece done, we kind of got into a groove and quickly built the rest of the pieces.  All you need is a drill!  It was a fun night project for John Paul and I after Dominic went to bed.  We did 1-2 pieces a night and it was done in no time!

Another great feature that we loved is there is storage in each piece of the sectional!  It's perfect because now we can store extra books, toys, or blankets without needing extra storage bins.

The best part is that it is comfy!  Dominic loves walking around the sectional holding on.  I can imagine our family lounging around on the sectional and cozying up for lots of movie nights!

We have beautiful hard wood floors in the Sun Room, but they aren't very forgiving for little ones. So we went with the Millie Ivory Traditional Medallion Rug from Well Woven in a 7x10. It is so luxuriously soft!

I love that it looks vintage even though it is brand new!  The color is perfect for the room and ties in the blacks from the built in shelves and the creams from the sectional and walls.  It is great for kids as I know it will easily hide the crumbs that I am sure will accumulate before I can get to vacuuming.  

I think it is the perfect anchor to the room and brings everything together.  It's a cozy surface for Dominic to explore on!

For the built ins, I would eventually love to paint them, but John Paul has other thoughts on that, HA!  I restyled them all using blacks and creams/whites. 

I used all white frames so that I could lighten up the shelves from the dark brown wood.  I chose 10 of my favorite photos of Dominic from when he was born until now (that was SO hard to choose, by the way!).  I spray painted all the frames, if they weren't white and I love how they just pop against the wood tone.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you probably saw that I kept asking your opinions for playroom storage units. I decided to wait until after Dominic's birthday party to get anything because I figured we would be adding a lot more toys to our playroom.

For now, I have a basket full of his toys and a basket full of books. He is so content with this and loves dumping the baskets and picking which toy to play with. We have his larger toys (treehouse and walker) pushed to the side so that they are easy for him to grab and play with when he wants.

I have shown this beautiful hanging canvas as a little sneak peek on instagram, but this is from a local shop, Molly and Kate. I love it and I can see us practicing our letters and numbers with it when Dominic is older! I thought it was perfect for a playroom.

We moved the teepee from his nursery to the playroom to add another a fun spot for him to hang and play.  He has been crawling around in it and exploring it all!

That about wraps up the playroom makeover reveal!  I love it so much and we literally hang out in here all day long.  Even Freddy can't resist the playroom!

I am so glad Dominic has a space to hang and explore.  It's a kid friendly space that is also parent approved!



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