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Assembling Your Home Reserve Furniture - 3 Proven Tips and Tricks

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Have you considered ordering furniture online, but you’re leery about the unknowns? It’s hard to plunk down a chunk of money on a product you’ve never seen. Therefore, we’re going to help you understand as much about assembling your Home Reserve furniture as possible before you even click “Shop.”

The best way I found to answer any questions or concerns is to listen to the concerns others voiced in the past. For example, in this honest review of her first Home Reserve sectional, Melanie, who blogs at Two Boys, One Girl, and a Crazy Mom, walked readers through every step of the assembly process. She spent time answering questions from readers like:

  • I’m not sure I can build it myself.

  • How do I know it’ll last?

  • Does it take a long time to assemble?

These are valid concerns I experienced as well before ordering my Home Reserve furniture. The company stands by its mission to offer quality and affordable furniture that will grow with your family. That’s why I took some time to ask the people behind the logo how new customers can have the best assembly experience possible.

Let’s take a look at my findings.

3 Tips for Efficiently Assembling Your Home Reserve Furniture

After discussing this scenario with Home Reserve’s Creative Director, Brandon Deel, here are the three tips you can apply to your assembly process.

1.) Make it a family event.

“Most customers say that assembly is actually fun,”  says Deel. Take a look at how well the Williams’ kids put together some new Home Reserve furniture for their family RV.



As their family loaded it into the RV and swapped out the old look for new, it gave the space a whole new feel.


2.) Keep your instruction manual close. Seriously, it’s really handy.

One of the unique things about Home Reserve is its affordability. To save you hundreds on installation fees, each piece was designed to be set up as effortlessly as possible by you, the customer.

That means Home Reserve’s instruction manual had to be a stitch above the rest.

And it is.

As my husband and I put together our sectional, the clear labels, photos, and steps in the manual kept us on track throughout the entire process. (I can just imagine how it could have gone without that!)

You can download a manual here.

3.) Check the website

Home Reserve never wants you to feel overwhelmed at any step of the way. That’s why you can head to their website to find support in the following ways:

  • Videos with step-by-step instructions for installing fabric, making smooth edges, etc. Browse Home Reserve’s tip section here.

  • A support page where you can reach out to Home Reserve’s customer support team via email or phone.

  • A compilation of real feedback and insights from hundreds of other Home Reserve customers.

Your Turn: What hangups do you have about assembling your Home Reserve furniture? Now is your chance to ask. We want to answer every question in the comments below!

-- Laura Harris


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