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May 21, 2018
Lacey - South Carolina
-- Comment #2487

We wanted to purchase one of these couches for several years now, but couldn't bring ourselves to make the jump ($1500 is a lot for our family). We finally made the decision to go for it in February and received our sectional in the beginning of March. We live in South Carolina where our 4 homeschool kids and black lab spend hours outside everyday in the Carolina clay and traipse it into the house. The Pet Care fabric on our sofa is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I can't tell you how how much of a relief it is to wet a washcloth and wipe the clay off without any problem. Red Clay People! That stuff doesn't come out of A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. This is literally the best purchase we have ever made.!!!!!!!

May 14, 2018
Jodi beaudoin - Bennington, VT
-- Comment #2486

We have an open floor plan living room to kitchen, and have always had a reclining love seat and couch. The furniture was just too bulky for the space and the living room seemed to spill into the kitchen. Many sectionals were so long they were going to do the same thing. I looked and looked for the right product and am so happy we decided on Home Reserve! Because we could choose our layout exactly the way we wanted it it fits perfectly into the space. We will probably order another piece down the road, but it’s exactly what we wanted. AND we wanted it for a specific event and Home Reserve bumped our order up when it looked like it might not get here in time! That response was totally unexpected and totally awesome. It took us about 3 hours to assemble a 7 piece sectional. Every piece fit perfect, every fabric cover fit perfectly too, and my husband was super impressed that every bag said how many pieces of hardware you needed and had 1 extra piece. The directions were simple and we had no issues at all. Thank you for a great product!

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May 10, 2018
Paula Quinn - Columbus, Ohii
-- Comment #2485

We have a family room conversion in the basement we finally dehoarded, donated, pitched and cleaned. Hub painted and rehabbed the laundry room too. We ordered a corner sectional in a bisque color and today we just finished stuffing, pulling, drilling, velcro-ing and positioning the pieces!
What made us choose Home Reserve?
Storage under each piece (for quilts!)
And the colors!!
Have I said washable!!?!?
It feels like suede and looks gorgeous!
My husband kept raving about the directions! The gloves! The sanding sponges! The numbered pieces!
He did say that future assemblers should be encouraged to buy/ borrow a sander and electric drill just to make it twice as easy.
That’s our story and to say we’re thrilled is a mighty understatement!

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Ee74f688 d5ce 43dc 89c5 5d1e6f760f2b
May 8, 2018
Cori Riddle - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
-- Comment #2484

I moved into an apartment with a narrow stairway and landing. They stopped making the cover of my Ikea sofa, and since I didn't like it anyway, there was no love lost when I decided I wanted something different. To make a long story short, I found Home Reserve after two other sofa purchases in one year. My nephew, who is a PHd in Mechanical Engineering came to help me move the old couch. He wanted to put one of the new pieces together to see how it worked. He loved it so much that he put the rest together for me. I had already assembled the first two. We are both completely astounded by the genius who came up with the design. These pieces assemble brilliantly. There were no missing pieces and everything lined up perfectly. The couch is so comfortable! The bottom cushion is ridiculously thick and yummy to sit on. The back cushions are devine. I will have this sofa forever! The only downside are the slivers, but they include gloves in every box, so problem solved! Awards should be given to this company!

May 4, 2018
Julie A Criswell - Sacramento, CA
-- Comment #2483

We had to retire our Not-So-Special Black Pleather Sofa recently. Bad Kitty took great pleasure in shredding the pleather. So the search began. It's a shame to have sophisticated taste and no budget to match. Thankfully, we found Home Reserve online. Our house is the size of a tool shed, but we like a good sized sectional. We were able to build exactly what best fit our space, and select the fabric we wanted. I love that the cushions and covers can be easily replaced. I know I don't have the only Bad Kitty. We picked a Laney sectional in Oscar Sterling. Ordered on 4/11/18 and it arrived today- 5/3/18. Great packaging and directions .Assembly took 2 hours 35 minutes- not bad for old people. Love the look. It's nice and firm. Fabric is top notch. Storage under every section..ahhhhh! Nirvana! We found ordering online simple, and there was good email communication. All for a very modest price.

Img 20180503 214306
Img 20180503 214306
May 3, 2018
Tina - Cisco, Texas
-- Comment #2482

I was skeptical, but now I'm a fan. I have 4 children with spouses and 10 grandchildren and it seems that most of them are drawn to the smallest room (11X12) in the house. Gaming, movies and sleeping on the couch, that's the room, so I needed a sectional to seat as many as possible. It pains me to think about how long I looked at sectionals, but I couldn't find anything that would comfortably utilize that small space. Then I found Home Reserve. So I could lay out a sectional any way I wanted? Sounded great, but I had my doubts. Support lots of weight? Durable? I had to put it together? But I decided that if it was everything they said it would be, it would be the solution I was looking for. I ordered one piece at a time, to be sure it was going to work the way I wanted it to. The first one or two took a little time to put together, but the more pieces that came in the easier it became. Look how many people can sit in this room now and it is very comfortable and it quite nice to sleep on, too. With the company I often have, storing pillows and blankets is always a chore so the storage each piece provides is a bonus.
I must say that out of the 12 pieces I ordered, which came to 12 seat cushions, 14 back cushions, two arm cushions and 2 ottoman cushions, there was one back cushion that arrived poorly cut, misshapen and not sized correctly. I thought uh-oh, here's the ultimate test of who I am dealing with. I tried to call, but it was a Saturday so as I expected no one answered, but I left a message. Then I decided to leave an email. I had a response within an hour with care and concern and the order was placed then to go out Monday, with a rush so I wouldn't have to wait the usual 2 weeks. On Monday, I was called from the voice message I had left. Where there are humans there are mistakes, so the test is in making it right. So no worries, order without fear, these people are on the job and their customer service is A+. I ordered the Brooks design with Pulse Gray and I'm so happy with it that I'm choosing a different style and color for another room! Thanks Home Reserve!

Img 1555
Img 1555
May 2, 2018
Sandi - Michigan
-- Comment #2481

I received my sectional on Monday, completed the assembly Tuesday morning. It's a Laney in Maltese Copper. Assembling the sectional was not difficult, except for the fabric. Strong hands a help! I love the color! It's exactly the shade of orange I was looking for, and the texture reminds me of an expensive wool blend. But it's washable! Dogs. Kids. Eating while watching a movie...washable will be good!
The sectional is exactly the right proportions to give my tiny home a feeling of openness. And the storage is a bonus. Living in 683 sq ft home means always looking for creative ways to hide things away. Already using the modular ottoman to store my chair cushions for my patio cafe set, and the space under the arm piece is hiding my wireless speaker unit for the surround sound.
My only surprise was that the modular ottoman does not attach to sectional. So, I will be ordering three side panel covers to give me more creative seating for entertaining. I will be able to move the ottoman around, and separate an armless unit to be a stand alone chair. What a great product, and I am so happy with my purchase!

Img 20180502 074820
Img 20180502 074820
May 1, 2018
Kristine - Florida
-- Comment #2480

When we bought our home a few years ago, we moved from a house with large open rooms to a house with many smaller awkwardly shaped rooms. Most of my large furniture managed to squeeze in someplace, but the living room remained a challenge to furnish. It is a L shaped room with the front door in the widest part of the room. There is no entryway, you just sort of fall into the room, there are also four other doorways and a closet in the room. I didn’t want the sofa in front of a doorway, so that only left a long narrow space to place the sofa. All of the sofas that I was seeing in stores were much too deep and overstuffed for such a narrow spot. I somehow happened upon this company while surfing the internet, but was skeptical about buying a sofa without seeing it in person or actually sitting on it. Also, there were very few customer photos of the style I was interested in. After a few months of still not finding something to fit my space, I decided to take the risk and order it. The process was fairly easy; I taped newspaper to my floor to help me visualize the sofa in the room. It shipped quickly and arrived in many boxes (having lived most of my life in cities, I think this is a brilliant idea). Assembly was simple enough- watching the videos helped. The only part that was a pain was getting the covers on, kind of like putting on tight stockings :-). The sofa is very comfortable. It’s not so low that it’s hard for someone elderly to get up from. I really like the color and style, but my favorite part is the STORAGE!! Each of the seats open up and have a lot of space to stash stuff. I get many compliments on this sofa and have happily told everyone where to get one of their own. It was a recommendation to a friend the other day that inspired me to finally leave a review. I really love my sofa and was pleased with my experience with this company. I do think it would be better if this company featured customer photos more prominently. I think it’s helpful see the furniture in different spaces. It gives a better idea of scale. Also I think it would be a good idea to be able to post more than one photo, so that you’re able to see the furniture from different angles. My sofa is the style Ray in the color Eggplant.

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91ab7d84 b59c 4640 8482 298203088078
April 23, 2018
Bonnie Hodges Overman - Concord, North Carolina
-- Comment #2479

I bought my sofa and love seat about 7 years ago...It was past time to change the fabric..And past time to brighten up the room's the new fabric...I wanted to do a before and after but I could only post one picture so I will tell you the old fabric was liberty canyon and the room had heavy drapes...The new fabric along with new blinds and rug is a remarkable change..I love this company..MADE IN AMERICA!

Img 3464
Img 3464
April 23, 2018
Rachel Narang - HENRICO, VA
-- Comment #2478

I was skeptical are first. A friend told me about the Home Reserve and she ordered when they first started. The things that helped me decide was storage and being able to clean/replace the fabric. I have a 3 year old and 3 cats. I finally ordered a trial chair in Brook style with Oscar Sterling fabric. I loved the fabric and I liked the chair, but it is much smaller than I'm used to. I wasn't sure it would work for us. I tried it for 3 weeks and decided I'd keep it. I ordered Ali arms while we decide on other units. Arms make a huge difference. I love the Ali arms with the Brook. The arms give the chair balance. The only things I dislike so far are that the seat cushion has flattened significantly considering I've only had it since March 2018 and I wish the seat/storage cover had a fabric cover on it. The wood pulls on the fabric when removing the seat cushion. The good thing is that the cushion is replaceable. I'm not stick with it. And I could probably make a cover for the storage lid. The part that aren't cushioned don't bother me too much because they don't hurt when I hit my foot on them. I could cushion them some myself if needed. I do prefer the solid parts and they've been great at accomadating that. The best part of Home Reserve is customer service and that's the biggest reason I'll buy more from them. Steph answers my questions at all different times of night and weekends. Sandy is great also and very prompt about calling back.

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