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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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July 12, 2018
-- Comment #2500

Well, I will just say again how much I appreciate the customer service. I had an experience at Ikea where they sold me something flat-out wrong--the box said one color, the object was another--but they insisted I had to drive back to the store, which is not close, if I wanted a refund or exchange. I kept thinking, Really Ikea? Aren't you a giant multinational, but you can't make this easy for me? LOL. Contrast this to how easy you made it for me on my issue, which was much grayer. I wish more companies understood the value of goodwill. Sigh. UPS has come, so I guess we're all done now. Again, thank you.

July 12, 2018
Georgia - Florida
-- Comment #2499

I ordered the Laney couch in Oscar Sterling for our Florida living room. It arrived in only 15 days and was very easy to assemble. The color was perfect and just what we needed. I would suggested ordering samples of the fabric you might like because computer screens don't always show the true colors. Quality was more than we expected too. Customer service is outstanding! I definitely recommend Home Reserve !

July 12, 2018
-- Comment #2498

Thanks for your suggestion

Updated before and after
Updated before and after
July 12, 2018
Erica G Concors - New York, NY
-- Comment #2497

We found Home Reserve online while shopping for a sectional and were so excited about customizing our sofa. We just moved into New York City where space is very limited and we wanted something that would fit 6 people. We also have 2 cats and wanted to make sure we had something durable for them. We ordered our sectional (Griffin, Retriever Antler) two weeks ago and were so pleased that our order shipped early! When our sectional arrived, it actually was delivered from 2 separate trucks but still in the same day, so we had time to assemble some first and then take a break in between. It took us about 3 hours total and we were blown away by the simplicity of the instructions. Watching it come together as we went was such a satisfying feeling!

We ordered the pet care fabric for our pets and of course, tried pouring liquid on it immediately. To our surprise, it actually did bead up and come right off as seen in the videos, but we can't speak to anything besides water. Not only is the pet fabric super convenient, but it is the softest material ever, and the antler color is beautiful (a little lighter than advertised)!!

Just based on the experience so far, we are so pleased with our Home Reserve couch. We never thought we could get a sectional in our living room, but you guys made it possible! The one thing to note for tall people is that the seats are not deep, which is what makes it possible to get the sectional in small spaces. However, we solved this by simply ordering a modular ottoman that can be moved around and used as either a chaise lounge or end piece. Our one roommate is 6'3" and is very happy with the ottoman for his feet! Thank you so much Home Reserve for an amazing product and we cannot wait to use our sofa!!

Img 1051
Img 1051
July 12, 2018
Bob Carter - Nokomis, Florida
-- Comment #2496

We were incredibly happy with our sectional sofa , and Home Reserve’s incredible customer service.
The sectional came right on time, was very easy to assemble, and the fabric has been impressive... easy to clean up spills and high quality, durable fabric.
It was wonderful to be able to call and talk to a human ! We had all of our questions answered by a helpful, friendly person. So impressed that all the products are made to order right here in America !
We are getting ready to order more furniture and highly recommend this cmpany!

July 12, 2018
Brittany - Poughkeepsie, NY
-- Comment #2495

I have been eyeing home reserve for a few years but have put off making the commitment to my own furniture because of my semi-transient lifestyle. I have now been one year in my city so i took the leap and ordered a sectional (5 pieces in Oscar Sterling). Part of the appeal of this furniture is how easily the sectional can be taken apart to move!

It took about 3 hours for me and my two best friends to put the whole thing together and we had SO much fun doing it! There was one piece that was missing a pre-drilled hole on the corner piece of the sectional. But we improvised and carried on without an issue.

I absolutely love this couch. Its unbelievably comfortable. And i'm grateful for the bonding experience with my friends. The one who brought the power tools actually stayed the night on the couch and said it was a dream to sleep on. :) Thank you so much!!!! Will be ordering a chair for my office soon!

July 12, 2018
Diane - Redmond, WA
-- Comment #2494

My family room has been pretty trashy for a long time, and it was time to fix it up, but it needed to be very casual and kid-friendly and cat-friendly... I didn't want to have an expensive sofa I couldn't enjoy because I felt like I was constantly trying to protect it from stains and cat claws. The renewability & washability features of HR furniture sold me, along with the price and the storage space, and the longevity and rep of the company, and ... just the whole concept is very cool. I got a Ray in Maltese Charcoal with no arms and 2 ottomans. I've never even contacted the company except to place the order. Everything's been super easy and perfect.
I didn't think a sectional would ever fit in this small, inherently casual room and not look ridiculous, but this is a great size. Everyone likes the big corner ottoman. It works great since this part of the sofa extends almost all the way across the room, straight into a high traffic lane at the center of the house - having the ottoman there, instead of the back and arm of a sofa facing you as you walk through, makes it feel so nice and open, not blocked by furniture since you can sit on any side.
My kids (10 and 12) were able to help me put it together and it didn't take long. I had a little struggle with the upholstery - it helped to use a smooth spoon handle as a kind of shoehorn to get it over the corners - nothing too frustrating. I don't think I could have put it together without a powered screwdriver - it's a must, as others have said! There was one hole missing and I had to drill one, no big deal because it was perfectly clear exactly where the hole needed to be. I just eyeballed it.
The only thing I'm not thrilled by is, the Ray cushions tend to move easily due to not having arms - they'd fit much more snugly with sofa arms to hold them in place, and I'm sure they are designed with that in mind. I just want to mention that to anyone else considering getting an armless sofa. Also, the fabric seemed darker as a swatch, than it does on a whole sofa. It's not really what I'd call charcoal colored, more of a medium-dark gray.
I tested the Maltese swatches with the sharp point of fingernail scissors to see if I could rip the fibers the way cat's claws would. It held up, I couldn't make it fuzz. And even if the cats do make it fuzzy over the years, I can just replace the upholstery on that part ... That's so nice not to have to worry about the cost of having the entire thing reupholstered! What a great idea! I feel pretty smug and clever for having found this sofa, every time I look at it.

June 11, 2018
kathy logan - chaska, Minnesota
-- Comment #2493

@ 70, I am soon to retire and wanted a full sofa to relax and have room for quests. UPS delivered to my garage unil
i could bring it all in to my house. Needless to say I ended up brining it into the house myself, piece by piece. Even with my physical disabilities, I was able to bring each section into the house and assemble as directed. Much to my families surprise I assembled it all myself. Yes, it took more than a few hrs., but clear instructions made it very easy.
I planning ti get a few more pcs. Ottoman and pillows.

June 11, 2018
Cindy Patterson - Westminster, CO
-- Comment #2492

I so loved this: the concept, the ease of putting it together, the pet friendly fabric is perfect. I so wish that this would work for me. I have long legs. I was worried it would be too low to the ground, but it really wasn't. The problem was that it was too short in the seat. When a seat hits only half way on the legs, it isn't very comfortable for a stretch of time. I am very sad this didn't work out for me, but would still recommend it. My short friend said it was perfect for her. Hoping they make something for taller people and I would definitely love to have this modular ensemble. There is so much to like!

June 7, 2018
Louise - Chicago, Illinois
-- Comment #2491

Once again Home Reserve exceeded my expectations! Thank you, Sandy for the great support and service. I have included a pic of my two-tone Laney sectional with lounger. I replaced only the covers of my cushions and ottomans for this new look. Love it!

20180606 103045 pano
20180606 103045 pano
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