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September 24, 2018
Terri Mueller - Manitowoc, WI
-- Comment #2521

I have been looking at Home Reserve for a while now. Last weekend I was in Indiana and decided to drive an extra 2 hours so I could see the product up close and personal. I wanted to stretch out and lay on it. Put my feet up. Kick the tires so to speak. I was greeted by one of the founders sons. He showed my grandson and I around the factory. Helped me pick out fabric swatches. The factory is clean, well lit, and very efficient. I could not have been more impressed. I will definitely be ordering as soon as I can make up my mind. After seeing all the possible arm and back options I'm thinking differently. If your sitting on the fence, make a trip to Fort Wayne.

September 17, 2018
Victoria Bascom
-- Comment #2520

I needed a new sectional that fit into the size and shape of a room, and would also let my dogs sit safely while they watch out the front window. I read customer reviews before I purchased so I was preparing myself for the mess of the build. I found a layout that was exactly what I had in mind and took the most time deciding on fabric color. My 85 yr old mom helped sand some of the pieces, but this almost 60yr old woman put the entire sectional together herself. The instructions are very well written. My big time and effort saver for pulling fabric corners in place was to grip the edge of the corner seam with my vise grips and very easily pull the fabric over the edges. I do wish the backs were higher-the profile is a bit low as I can't rest my head back against the cushion unless I scoot down a bit, which is why I am so glad I got extra ottomans. My only complaint--and it has nothing to do with Home Reserve or their product--is that 7 boxes were left in front of my house when delivered. I knew the day they were coming but not a time. I received a call at work from someone telling me they see all these boxes sitting at my door and I had to leave work. So if anyone places an order make sure someone will be present the day of delivery.

Sectional pic
Sectional pic
September 17, 2018
Robert - Miami, FL
-- Comment #2519


We were looking for a 3-seats sofa to fit in a space left by other furniture, and most sofas I saw online and in the stores wouldn't fit in there. On top of that I wanted the material to be either leather, or faux leather, and we wanted it to be as light a color as possible. A lot of constraints :-P Well, I had been looking for months, but I got lucky when I came across Home Reserve. They had couches that met all my wishes. I liked their concept, and I loved the fact that their sofas have storage under the seats; perfect to keep stuff at hand.

I called Home Reserve., and talked to Sandy, who answered all I needed to know before ordering my Tux Couch in a faux leather Cantina Peanut color. The ordering process was straight forward, the boxes were easy to track after being shipped, and arrived on time. The size and weight of the boxes make them easy to handle.

The contents of the boxes are organized in a way that makes the assembly process simple. By just following the manual step by step, we got them put together in a couple of hours, resulting in a sturdy frame. After we finished, there was some wood particle residue on the floor, but I didn't have to sand any of the parts.

The faux leather used feels of great quality, and the zippers, the stitching, everything is strong, and very well manufactured. They fit the cushions like gloves. The seat cushions are thick, comfortable and firm. We love the way they feel. Overall, this couch is very comfortable, so we're happy with our new Tux Couch, and our experience with Home Reserve’s services is also positive.

September 17, 2018
Marilynn Farrington - Divide, CO
-- Comment #2518

We had been looking for a U shaped sectional for almost a year and could not find what we wanted. I found a couple with very limited colors and no flexibility in adding extra pieces or ottomans. When I first found Home Reserve, I was ecstatic to see how may fabric choices there were and the versatility of ordering the pieces I wanted. I selected several fabric swatches and had them shipped to my house. I loved being able to see the actual fabrics. After making my fabric choice I did the risk free trial. I knew as soon as I assembled the first piece that I was going to order the entire sectional layout that I wanted. I customized my layout and ordered. The furniture is high quality and very comfortable. I love the hidden storage in each piece, being able to easily replace damaged pieces or covers, and having the exact configuration and color that I wanted. My order arrived much sooner than I anticipated and was easy to assemble and move. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience. The picture does not do the sectional justice. My house is dark and it is hard to get a good picture.

September 13, 2018
Drew Miles - Concord, NC
-- Comment #2517

I bought a sectional with a ottoman about one month ago in August. I don’t write many reviews because I’ve never been impressed enough to feel that a review was earned. I have since decided that Home Reserve is review worthy.

I was intimidated by the seven boxes and quite discouraged by to amount of parts, however; once I looked at the directions, I felt a lot better. I began assembling everything at about 6:00P. After the first two sections were completed and started timing myself just out of curiosity. It took 20 minutes for me to assemble the third section. I was able to reduce that time to 12 minutes by the seventh and final section. It was actually quite easy, repetitive, and self explanatory once the first few sections were complete. It took a total of about four hours to complete the entire package, including coffee and smoke breaks. The couch is very comfortable and the material is nice and durable. The only complaint is that the size of the couch is not what I would have thought it would have been. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall and it doesn’t feel like a good lounge type of couch. Lucky, we also purchased a ottoman and when paired with the couch it is very easy to sink down into the comfort of this couch and relax.

After owning this couch for a month I kneeled onto the ottoman and the top board cracked into. I am 222 pounds so I wasn’t super disappointed. After thinking back I don’t think it would be fair to expect a ottoman to hold 222 pounds concentrated into a 4x4 inch area like a knee. We went for about one week with it just being broken because I have no patients dealing customer service. After being asked over and over by my wife, I finally decided I would send an email which said. “Hi, I bought a ottoman from you about a month ago. I kneeled down on it and the top board cracked in half. Is the covered by the warranty?” Then I went to bed thinking I would hear something back in a few days to a week. To my surprise, I woke up that morning and had received a response along with a shipping confirmation. Three days later UPS delivered it and it took me no more than 5 minutes to open the box and replace the board. I am more than pleased with Home Reserve. I wish every company worked with their customers as well as they do. Super impressed and happy.

September 13, 2018
Sue & Brian - MUNDELEIN, IL
-- Comment #2515

We were looking for furniture that would fit through a small doorway into the salon (living room) of our boat. The previous furniture (boat built in 1989) was overly worn and had to be dismantled, even sawed apart in places, to be removed. Since we were planning to live aboard for about a year, we needed comfortable furniture. I can't remember how I came upon your website, but the fact that we could get the packaged furniture pieces through the 30" by 50" opening piqued my interest. After reading all of the information and reviews, we decided to order fabric samples. We were pleased with the quality and ordered our furniture pieces. Together, we assembled all 4 pieces in about 4 hours. There were no missing pieces and everything lined up perfectly. The numbered pieces and instructions made it easy to do. We are really pleased with it and have had it on the boat since the beginning of the summer (May, 2018). Having the storage areas has been fantastic since living on a boat means limited space, although we did make simple liners for those areas to keep splinters off of stored items. It is now mid-Sept and we are very happy with its comfort and durability, and as you can see in the picture - so is our dog, Bosun. Thank you, Home Reserve!

20180616  homereserve
20180616  homereserve
September 6, 2018
marie giannino - Medford, MA
-- Comment #2514

I have had one of these lovesears for over 15 years. I have taken it apart and put it together in small spaces of hard to get to spaces 4 different times it has been in adult spaces and kid spaces. It is still sturdy and comfortable. Could use new covers but we are making due. Thank you for a great product.

September 4, 2018
Lov Bernard - Houston, Tx
-- Comment #2513

I recently purchased the Ray armless (30 day risk free trial). It was so super easy to assemble my 5-year-old nephew helped me put it together with minimal direction. He is totally in love with our Home Reserve. My only complaint is its height. I wish there were height adjusters available for purchase, as I have taller friends, and they look and feel uncomfortable sitting so far to the floor. It will break my heart to return it, if I'm unable to find a fix.

August 29, 2018
-- Comment #2512

I had an impossible space to creat seating for. I was able to build my own sectional. Perfect!
Totally happy with it 4 years later!

August 28, 2018
Molly - Tennessee (TN)
-- Comment #2511

I found HomeReserve while looking for a cheap way to get functional seating into my apartment. The fact that they give you a free test piece is incredible! And the extra storage has been a fantastic feature in my tiny living space. I now own 3 sectional pieces with 3 more that I want to purchase. I have had a few annoyances with the building process - pieces without holes drilled, splinters even with the gloves on and one fabric cover that didn't go on too easily.

The seats aren't as deep as I would like, but I will be attaching the modular ottomans to the front to make an extra deep sofa. What really has me coming back for more pieces is the outstanding customer service and warranty. I recently had a flood in my apartment and had to replace the bottom pieces of my furniture due to water damage and then had to replace the seat pieces because of mistakes that the workers made when cleaning my things (they threw them out). Everything was replaced at no cost and sent to me in the mail within 8 hours of me making the request. Definitely a great product!!

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