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Looking for a couch? Have you got a fabric in mind? If so, then we've got good news. You might be able to find what you are looking for here at Home Reserve. This is where you can choose from five models and over 100 fabrics. That means there are 500 chances to discover a couch that will work for you. Prices start at $329.

All of our couches have built-in storage space under the cushions and changeable fabrics for easy cleaning and seasonal cover changes. And the couches have been tested for durability. They will hold over 2000 pounds.

We've got all the latest fabrics, from bright red Microfibers to elegant chenilles so that all those dreams you have about how wonderful your room will look can come true.

See the furniture that is being featured on HGTV's Mission Organization show and showing up in magazines across the country. And best of all, read what other people have to say.

What's Next?

Check out the photo gallery or start picking your fabric at shop & buy. Get all the details at why buy. Read testimonials or listen to phone interviews. Read the story of how our Ready-to-Assemble sofa was invented "Sofa in a Box."

The Magic

We invented ready to assemble couches that package up so small and conveniently they can be shipped by UPS. We ship them right from our factory. You pay the same price as the furniture store. That's wholesale! Reward those internet shopping skills you've developed by cutting loveseat prices in half.

These couches have been tested. It was like having the biggest guy we could find jump up and down on the sofa for a half hour! Warranted for 10 years and holding up to 2000 pounds it's quite an accomplishment. We've got 4 patents hanging on the wall.