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  1. Home Reserve

    Our sofa arrived promptly 10 days after ordering during the holidays. We set it up in 2.25 hours! Just like a big jigsaw puzzle. My female Aussie was the first to sit and she loves it as much as we do! The fabric releases the dog hair and looks great with just a brushing! Thanks!;1

  2. Home Reserve

    I had to place an order for our Xmas couch no earlier than 12/15, because that was payday ... We figured the couch wouldn\'t make it by Christmas day, and that that was fine, but it did arrive the morning of Christmas Eve, in the two big boxes -- very prompt. Thank you! The couch went together like an enormous 3-d puzzle with a fair amount of the splinters you warned us about. But gloves were thoughtfully provided, the directions and labeling were perfectly clear, the pieces pegged and screwed together smoothly, and once I got the process going, I was amazed how sturdy the frame turned out to be. The couch is comfortable, sturdy, good-looking -- and pet proof. I love that I can hide the kid\'s college textbooks in the bottom. I love that I was able to closely approximate what I had in my head design-wise, and that if my kitties ever lose their awe, that I\'ll be able to replace any piece or portion that succumbs to feline abuse (somehow, it doesn\'t look like this will be a problem). Thank you so much for the amount of thought and problem-solving involved -- we are so pleased!

  3. Home Reserve

    I\'ve had my sofa nearly a year. It arrived quickly, and my 14-year-old son was able to put it together by himself in a few hours. I helped with putting the covers on the cushions, which as a little difficult, but not too bad. The fabric is beautiful. I have not yet washed it in the washer, but have cleaned a few spots off of it with a damp rag- very easy to do. It is extremely comfortable, and the cushions have not lost their shape at all. I got the firmer cushions for the back rather than the pillowy ones thinking they would hold up better, but I don\'t like the look as well, and when I order the next sofa (for another room), will probably get the other type. Also, the type I got hooks over the back of the sofa, and the sofa would get pushed against the wall, pushing the back cushions out of place. So I placed a long 4x4 piece of wood behind the sofa on the floor to prevent this. The storage compartments are not quite as big as I expected, but are nice and can hold 1-2 blankets each, depending on the size of the blankets. One problem with the storage compartments- the front panels don\'t go all the way down, leaving an opening so that smaller objects can fall out. I don\'t understand why they are made this way, since it could have easily been made so that the panel goes all the way down.
    This sofa is very sturdy, and has survived almost a year in a house full of teenagers and a toddler with no damage- very impressive in my book. This price can\'t be beat for the quality. Overall, I am very pleased and highly recommend this furniture.

  4. Home Reserve

    My couch was delivered the other day. I live on a 2nd flr walk up. The boxes are heavy, but not so heavy that I couldnt get them upstairs. I was so excited that even after a long days work (the day before christmas eve) I put my sofa together. I am a directions reject & it was still SUPER EASY to understand the instructions and assemble the couch. I love it! And will definately buy from Home Reserve and have already recomended the site to friends! Thanks for a great product and customer service Home Reserve!!!!

  5. Home Reserve

    Recieved our sectional yesterday and we are SO happy with it!;1
    The entire experience purchasing this couch has been wonderful, from great customer service to promt delivery! It is very comfortable, soft and looks very fancy! It's easy to put together and the directions are very easy to follow. Thanks for giving people with a tight entry way the opportunity to have a sectional! (Jordan's couldn't pull it off as we discovered after 4 months of trying).

  6. Home Reserve

    My husband and I will be purchasing a sectional sofa with modular ottoman in the very near future...perfect for our small apartment and the versatility is refreshing!
    We are thinking of buying either the Laney or Brook design, but I am having trouble making a decision.
    The Brook looks like it has more back support but I can\'t tell if it looks as comfy as the Laney. Any input?
    Also, do the Brook cushions just hook onto the back of the sofa? Is their shape difficult to deal with when changing/washing the fabric?
    My husband is 6.4\", so I want to make sure there will be enough comfy back/head support.
    In the meantime, we are really looking forward to finally ending our long search for the perfect sofa!

  7. Home Reserve

    We received our sectional yesterday (Tux style in Mission Black Faux Leather - Group 20 + ottoman) and put it together immediately! The whole process only took about six hours (including a wine & pizza break!) and the results are even more beautiful than we expected. Everything fits together so perfectly and the fabric is SO so soft. They weren't kidding in the description, the first thing everyone did was sit down and feel the fabric! It was really fun to put together and like I said, the end result is absolutely stunning, and at half the price you'd find in a department store. The DIY concept is brilliant! Oh, and thanks for the gloves! :-) You should send a few business cards in each box, too, everyone is asking where we got it!
    We're looking forward to placing our next order and finishing out the house! Thank you!

  8. Home Reserve

    We had requested them to expediate our shippment. To our suprise we recieved our sofa 7 days earlier then expected. Everything was above our expectations. The fabric, the design etc.. The furniture is very affordable and complete value for money.The best thing is we get to choose everything.;1

  9. Home Reserve

    We\'ve had our Monroe couch for about a month now, and I\'ve been very impressed, considering that it came in the mail in 2 boxes. The husband had a great time piecing the frame together (it looks kind of like one of those balsa wood models of dinosaurs you get as a kid), and I enjoyed watching the foam cushions expand when I opened the bags they were in.

    The couch has been very comfy, and no one would know that it was a semi-DIY kit unless we told them. And the faux-suede fabric is really nice. I\'ve already enjoyed a few naps on it, and we are both happy that we found an affordable, comfortable full-sized couch for our new home.

  10. Home Reserve

    Love my Home Reserve Furniture.

    We purchased a chair and a half, ottoman, couch and loveseat in the Hudson style with the Altima Pet Care Sand on the couch and loveseat and the Altima Pet Care Cobalt Blue on the chair and a half and ottoman.

    It was fun to put together and really quite simple. The instructions were well written and easy to follow.

    The furniture looks great! Friends can\'t believe I bought such light colored fabric with my four kids but so far (it\'s been over two weeks), no problems at all. I tell them all, I can wash it and I can replace it if necessary, can you do that with your furniture?

    The people at Home Reserve are top notch. They went above and beyond to help me with my order and the pick-up of my furniture (I live in Ohio so I saved the shipping!).

    I can\'t say enough good things about this company.

    Thank you Home Reserve.

  11. Home Reserve

    This company is fantastic! It was a fun project for my daughter and I to put the couch together.
    I have a bunch of teenagers that really abused the couch. Two parts were broken.Home Reserve sent out the parts right away. They were a delight to deal with!

  12. Home Reserve

    On December 4th I received the LaPaz Black Leather chair and must I say I love it. It was easy to put together, my Fiancé & I did it in less than one hour & thirty minutes. Im going to order another chair and couch today!!!!8-0;1

  13. Home Reserve

    The website is great, the idea of having ready-to-assemble furniture is marvelous, the prices are very reasonable. I have enjoyed looking through the website and have fallen in love with certain products. i just wanted to know where i can find the terms and conditions, other than that, Well done, your products are the best out there|;1
    Thank You.

  14. Home Reserve

    We received our couch 3 days ago. Assembly was much easier than we anticipated! This product exceeded my expectations. The fabric is the perfect color and the covers fit exactly. I expected some looseness to the fabric or wrinkling but there is none. This couch is sure to stand up to my boys and I love the idea of being able to get new coverings as my tastes change. Our sofa is the Laney in Cricket Nutmeg. It goes perfectly with my other furniture pieces in the brown spectrum. HomeReserve was an absolute must for our home. We moved in one year ago and found out our overstuffed furniture would not fit through any door to get it into the living room. For the last year we made do with an assortment of chairs. Home Reserve is an absolutely perfect solution for our family. I am once again sitting on the couch with my husband. Thank you! We expect to buy more in the future.

  15. Home Reserve

    I purchased my Home Reserve sofa in February of this year. After nearly one year of use, this piece has proven itself to be a sound investment. The storage compartments are wonderful, and since my apartment is too small to rearrange, I have also been able to make use of the floorspace BEHIND the compartments as well for hiding my treasures. All of this, and it\'s comfortable enough to fall asleep on - I give it five stars. Now I just need a matching ottoman ;-)

  16. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Ali sofa for my daughter. My husband, who is a meticulous cabinet-maker, assembled the sofa and was amazed at how perfectly everything went together. I helped with the upholstery, and the end product turned out to be wonderful! The color is perfect, and my daughter loves it. She was able to have a nice, new sofa at a price she could afford. Ordering, delivery, assembly, and the end product rate gold stars! Thank you for a fantastic USA product!!

  17. Home Reserve

    Over the weekend, I received and assembled one of your four-piece sectionals.
    I\'m an engineer. Over the last 35 years, I\'ve worked in various phases of manufacturing, design, health /safety / environmental, instrumentation and automation. The sheer thoughtfulness, elegance and simplicity of the engineering incorporated into your products left me impressed. The precision, quality, fit / finish and consistency of your manufactured parts left me dazzled. The logic, ease and end result of the assembly process left me with an attractive, high-quality product I could not otherwise have obtained without spending twice or three times the money.
    Yours are among the finest quality and highest value products - of ANY kind - I\'ve seen in the last 15-20 years. That Home Reserve is an American manufacturing company makes me proud of my country and its talented, hard-working people.
    I\'m overjoyed that such talent and industry has not yet been driven out of the country by government looters.

  18. Home Reserve

    We ordered our sectional + ottoman (8 pieces total) going on 2 years ago. So happy to say that we STILL love it! Every now and then, my husband or I will walk through our living room, where our sectional fits so perfectly, and make the comment, \"So glad we got this!!\"
    And I can\'t tell you how much we love the machine washable aspect of the upholstery... with 2 small kids, it\'s a parent\'s dream come true!

    We\'re shopping for furniture for our upstairs living room (aka our guest room) and if HR could somehow design a sleeper sofa/futon type thing, we\'d be repeat customers in a heartbeat!!


  19. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased the pet fabric covers for my sofa and loveseat. We foster cats. Accidents are commonplace around here. Amazing....that is all I can say. This fabric is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can\'t say enough about it.

  20. Home Reserve

    Hi, I was looking at your site and have only two questions: Is your left the same as my left hand or my right hand? also is there any way to get pegs for the bottom of the couches?

    I am redoing my den and wanted a sectional for it but the den has more length than width and I can\'t have the 7 seats of the sectional going the wrong way. I have a friend who ordered from you all and she doesn\'t remember which side is which since she has two arms on hers.

  21. Home Reserve

    Good news is that I did find enough time to assemble the couch this weekend. It seemed to go together and function as advertised. The foam is firm, just the way I like it!
    The storage concept, renew-ability, wash-ability and simple contemporary style is what drew me to Home Reserve. (I have a bulldog that slobbers all over everything.) I had just about given up on it after getting all of your fabric samples until I saw that you added the leather line. I don\'t like fuzzy fabrics (like microfiber), which all of your fabric samples felt like to me. Also, knowing my dog, I had serious questions regarding the fabric\'s durability. Although not a real leather enthusiast, this gave me an alternative that I like the look and feel of. So far I am satisfied.
    I'm getting ready to remodel the front three rooms in my house, which includes the living room that I bought these pieces for. That plan should allow me enough room for a second couch once completed. Assuming this couch and ottoman appear to be holding up well by the time I'm finished, I'll be placing more orders with you and recommending you to friends.

  22. Home Reserve

    I purchased the Laney armless sectional and absolutely love it!!! The Matador faux fabric is so soft and it really looks like distressed leather. I cannot believe how sturdy and comfortable it is!!!! The storage is great too! After looking around in furniture stores, this beats them all!

    Sandy is soooooo knowledgeable of the product and is wonderful!!!

  23. Home Reserve

    I have been obsessed with this website now for some time. Debating whether to take the leap or not!! I know that I will eventually. I do have one question, I\'m looking at the sectionals and wondering if the modular ottomans attatch to the armless units if using them for the chaise lounge effect? Can anyone help me out with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

  24. Home Reserve

    I ordered the Delmar Fig sofa and loveseat for my daughter with a very
    tight deadline. It took a few days for me to convince her this was a
    fabulous deal. Not only did the furniture arrive, it arrived with a
    day to spare! Assembly was a challenge, but I knew my daughter was up to the challenge. She is delighted with the quality, comfort, and
    appearance of the pieces. Home Reserve proved that Mother DID know