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  1. Home Reserve

    i just love my sectional easy to put together looks great!

  2. Home Reserve

    A few notes for prospective buyers:
    - A power screwdriver/drill is necessary. Borrow one if you have to.
    - You will definitely need a hammer (or a strong foot) to get certain interlocking pieces to fit together, but be careful as to not break the wood pieces trying.
    - Use the sanders they give you to sand the corners of the wood and the rough areas - it helps with fabric, potential splinters, etc (do it outside or you\'ll be breathing in sawdust for the day)
    - You will need a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Assembly leaves a fair amount of wood pieces and sawdust everywhere.
    - Took me (by myself) about 6+ hours to put together 3 armless, 1 Laney Left, 1 Corner, and 1 Modular Ottoman with 2 Throw Pillows.
    - Mission Federal Grey Faux Leather is the best feeling material I\'ve ever felt and looked at - super soft, smooth, contemporary looking and perfectly displayed on the website.
    - Hondo Apple Fabric is equally terrific - comfortable, soft, great accent for pillows and is exactly as displayed on the site, as well.

    I have just purchased a studio condo with limited space and I knew what I had in mind when searching for a sectional - Right down to the colors and dimensions. I looked in stores and was underwhelmed by the styles/choices and overwhelmed by the prices/sizes. Everything was too big, bulky, or didn\'t feel like it belonged in my space, and the prices were way too high for my budget. I searched online endlessly until I found Home Reserve, and I couldn\'t have been happier. I watched all the videos, spent time sketching out the layout I wanted, priced it out, talked with all my friends and family about it. I was excited beyond words (but that didn\'t stop me from telling everyone I knew about the site even before I ordered and received the product).

    I finally ordered it after months of planning and waiting. It was shipped in a little more than 10 business days and I stayed home when it was scheduled to arrive. I carried my boxes up the stairs to my unit (better than carrying a put together couch up the stairs/landings) which had handles and were packaged extremely well.
    I immediately set to opening the boxes, sorting the materials, and letting the foam cushions expand. I was filled with joy to finally have a sectional in my space after months of not having one, but I had to build it first...

    I don\'t understand how you folks at Home Reserve came up with this design, but I noticed right away that it was well thought out and of great quality. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand (although the black and white blurry pictures could use an update). Gloves, extra screws, sandpaper, everything bagged up in separate bags with lists, made for the opening of every box relieving and rewarding. I will say this, though: there\'s a reason why already made furniture is more expensive - it was a lot of work to do it myself!
    That isn\'t to say it wasn\'t rewarding, because it was. After completing each piece of my sectional, I attached them together and rested in the seat with amazement at how perfect it felt and looked. It was exactly what I was dreaming about. Seriously. As cheesy as that sounds, this sectional fits exactly like I envisioned it would before I ever even came across Home Reserve. It feels exactly like I wanted it to feel. To add to all of this wonderful amazement I\'m feeling, everyone who comes into my studio says, \"Wow! You put this together?! This is unbelievable. Can I sit in it?\" To which I reply, \"Yes\" and \"Yes\" and then they say, \"Wow!\" again, at how comfortable it is...

    Thank you Home Reserve.

  3. Home Reserve

    After living with our imitation leather (aka plastic) sectional for about 14 years, it was time to get a new one. I received my meager annual bonus at the end of January and we were finally able to start looking. We spent a Friday night, several hours on Saturday and several more hours on Sunday driving from store to store looking over what they had to offer and seeing what we could afford. We have very particular taste and knew exactly what we wanted but weren\'t able to find our \'dream couch\' at any price and the ones we could afford weren\'t exactly what we wanted. We never found one that we were above 75% sure on. Since we couldn\'t find anything at the stores, I went to searching online at a number of various websites and had the exact same problem: we could not find a couch that was exactly what we wanted at any price. We started to get really frustrated and we were not happy with the thought that we were going to have to settle for a sectional we didn\'t really want and would probably have to pay more than we could really afford for it.

    THEN (trumpets sound), I stumbled on the Home Reserve website. It was like a dark cloud lifted off of our search. You mean we can design the exactly sectional we want AND choose the fabric AND it has built-in storage in each piece AND it\'s affordable? Of course, like many other buyers mentioned, it sounded too good to be true and we were skeptical whether it would look good, if it would be comfortable, if it would be durable, etc. I spent several hours browsing through the website looking at the videos, reading several hundred customer comments and trying to absorb as much of the info as I could. I felt like this could be the answer we were looking for and after going though the search that we had already gone through, we were willing to take a chance on Home Reserve.

    I found the website on a Monday and tried to order several fabric swatches but there was a problem with the website. I called the next day and spoke with Sandy who explained the problem and placed my order for the fabric swatches I wanted and promptly had them shipped to my house in 2 days free of change. Thanks Sandy! We picked the fabric we wanted, decided exactly what pieces we wanted and in what style and the next day (Friday 2/5/10) I called in and placed my order with Sandy who was extremely nice and helpful. We got a 7 piece Tux sectional wrapped in Mission Federal fabric as well as a standard ottoman and several decorative throw pillows. All in all, we ordered 8 individual pieces and 5 throw pillows; no small order! I knew with such a large order, it would probably take the full 10 business days to get my order filled and didn\'t expect my order to ship until Fri 2/19/10. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email on Wed 2/17/10 stating my order had shipped (2 days earlier than I expected) and was scheduled to arrive on Mon 2/22/10. I live in a condo complex and didn\'t want to have all of those boxes just sitting on my porch all day so I took the day off work so I could be there when the UPS truck showed up. Not to mention I was SO excited to get our new sectional partly because who doesn\'t love to get new stuff and partly because we had sold our old couch a week before for $50 on Craigslist to a college kid and we had been sitting in lawn chairs in our living room pending the arrival of our new sectional.

    The UPS truck arrived at my front door about 1:30PM and I rushed to meet him at the door. FINALLY! It was here! He said he had 8 large boxes for me and started bringing them in. He commented, \'I\'m not sure what\'s in these boxes but they sure packed them good.\' I told him he had just delivered my sectional and he was blown away. I told him all about the Home Reserve website and showed him the fabric samples I still had sitting around. He said he & his wife had been shopping around for a new couch and would definitely be checking out the website. As soon as the door shut, I opened up the first box and started building.

    As others have said, each piece was extremely easy to put together. The instructions could not be any clearer and all of the pieces fit together perfectly. I figured that with such a large order there would be at least one thing missing or messed up but nothing was. Every screw, every T-connector, every pillow, every piece of wood - it was all there and in 100% perfect condition. After I put together the first armless section, the instructions were so easy, I didn\'t even need them for the other 3 pieces; I just put them together from memory. Sometimes it was a bit of work to get the fabric on and straight in the right place but that just goes to show how exacting it fits. Once you do get it in the right place, it fits perfectly and looks great. Each section connected to each adjoining piece perfectly with the pre-drilled holes and supplied nuts & bolts. Once they are together, it makes for a nice, firm piece of furniture.

    I kept working piece after piece and before I knew it, it was 7:30 at night and my wife was home from work so I took about an hour break for dinner. I only had one piece left: the modular ottoman. That took me about 30-40 minutes to put together, get the fabric on & attach to the sectional and then all I had to do was insert the pillows in the covers I had ordered and I was done. We stood back and looked at it and…………..were amazed! It looks so wonderful! It is EXACTLY what we wanted. I know if we were lucky enough to actually find this couch in a showroom, it would easily be twice the price we paid even with the shipping costs. In all, it took me about 7 hours to put together 8 pieces and bolt them together.

    Are there any negatives? I really wish the ottomans and the front-bottom sections of each sectional section had some padding instead of being just fabric over hard wood. It\'s a stubbed toe just waiting to happen. The only other negative comment I have is that now I have TO much storage room! I\'m trying to figure out what I can store in all of those extra compartments.

    A few notes for prospective buyers:
    (a) A power screwdriver/drill DEFINITELY helps. If you don\'t have one, borrow one.
    (b) You will probably (almost definitely) need a hammer to get certain interlocking pieces to fit together.
    (c) You will need a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Assembly leaves a fair amount of wood pieces on the floor especially if you have to sand.
    (d) I would suggest sanding the corners of each wood piece that will come into contact with the fabric. It will make the fabric go on easier.
    (e) I would also suggest sanding the edges of the lid to each storage area to avoid any future splinters.
    (f) The cushions are pretty firm at first (as I had read) but I know they will soften over time and actually have already started to do so after only a week.

    My final thoughts: THANK YOU to Home Reserve for designing such easy-to-build furniture and selling it at a super-affordable price. I am telling everyone I know about Home Reserve and are recommending them highly. Had it not been for Home Reserve, we would most definitely have paid much more for a sectional and had to compromise on both the style and the quality of what we wanted. With Home Reserve, we got the best of all worlds! With the money we saved, I was able to buy a new carpet steam cleaner so I could clean our carpets before the new sectional arrived. My wife used to be embarrassed of our old couch and avoided inviting people over solely for that reason but now she can\'t wait to invite everyone she knows over just so she can show off our new sectional. We are both thoroughly enjoying our new furniture and are sure we will continue to do so in the years to come. In a few years when we move into a bigger house, we will certainly return to Home Reserve to order more furniture to help fill the space.

    Thanks again! ;1

  4. Home Reserve

    we got the brook sofa in quasar latte and i love it! the directions were well written and very easy to follow. it did take a little bit of time to assemble, but well worth it. now we know how easy it is to change out worn pieces/fabric. it is firm and offers good back support. a really awesome feat of engineering- i was amazed. ;1

  5. Home Reserve

    I love my new loveseat! It\'s comfy and looks like leather. It wasn\'t hard to put together. I didn\'t have a power screwdriver, so it took a bit longer and needed some muscle power, but not that much. The instructions were easy to understand. The only thing I had to do to make sure the back wood pieces fit together was to sand them first. I think it\'s worth it to upgrade the seat cushions to the better quality foam.

  6. Home Reserve

    I recently purchased a sofa and chair from this site. I was a little uneasy about the whole idea of having to put furniture together yourself. However, it was really easy to do and I was beyond impressed with the quality of it. My father builds furniture, so he was quite skeptical at first, but even he was very impressed and plans on buying furniture from this site now as well.

  7. Home Reserve

    I just bought a couch and loveseat from this website. The couch was a little hard to put together by myself with just a hand screwdriver but the loveseat was a cinch with a power screwdriver. It is all so comfortable. My kids have already fallen asleep on them countless times. So have I.

  8. Home Reserve

    Nearly 2 years ago, I bought an Avenue sofa- worked great, held up well.
    The only problem was that the fabric seemed to shrink which exposed the underlying wood a little, I have a one year old and I was afraid of splinters. Of course it shrunk because I put it in the dryer when I was supposed to air dry it
    I called Home Reserve a couple of days ago and they sent me brand new fabric which arrived today
    Excellent service, way above and beyond the call of duty

    PS the sofa is as comfortable today as it was 2 years ago

  9. Home Reserve

    Here I was, thinking I\'d already written!
    We bought a Laney couch an ottoman in Nutmeg for our new apartment, my first on the top floor of a three floor walk-up. In looking for a new couch, I found that delivery costs far outweighed any sale price in a store (and in some cases, was much more!).
    We excitedly put the ottoman and sofa together and had a very easy time with the frames in particular, which was the part we were worried would be hard to do. Getting the fabric on was another story. It was easy getting it on the cushions and pillows, but we struggled with the frame covers- they\'re very form-fitting, which looks great, but that took more work than the rest! :-0
    It looks great, feels very comfortable (I\'ve fallen asleep on it before), and I\'m very happy with it!

  10. Home Reserve

    I bought a loveseat, chair and ottoman in denim almost 8 years ago. The covers still look great and a few years in, when someone broke a leg, Home Reserve sent a replacement for free. What a great, affordable product and superb customer service!

  11. Home Reserve

    Wonderful product. I applaud the Home Reserve on the fit and finish of their products. My love seat was even shipped out early free of charge. Customer for life. Highly recommend Home Reserve to anyone needing new furniture, have no doubt, it is the real deal.

  12. Home Reserve

    I just got my laney loveseat. It\'s awesome. It took a friend and I 2 hours to put it together. The hondo fabric is sooo soft. I will definatly be coming back for a chair.

  13. Home Reserve

    I am the proud new owner of a very large Monroe Sectional... And have to say it\'s the best couch ever!!! The leather is soft, and it\'s sooo comfy. The storage space is great too! I could\'nt believe how easy it was to put together, I\'m very satisfied with my purchase. Not to mention I paid $1k for it, compared to the $5k other retailers wanted for the same size sectional!! Thanks Home Reserve! 8-0

  14. Home Reserve

    Greetings and Peace;

    Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your re-designed site and how happy I am that you're doing so well. I was concerned after buying your product a few years ago that, should your business fail to thrive, I'd be stuck with a sofa and love-seat combo that I could not change or update. It's a delight to discover that not only have you done well indeed, but that you have greatly expanded your fabric options as well. To tell you the truth, I hated the fabric options for the most part, but now you've added some really lovely colors and prints and, God willing, in a couple of years when we're ready to redesign the living area we'll have some fantastic options available to us via your expanded line. The storage has been a great blessing too by the way, and we've recommended your product to several people.

    Thank you for an excellent product and the kind of customer service that is still memorable - without that [the friendly and helpful customer service I mean], all of the product and price in the world would not make me a repeat customer or a promoter of your products.;1

    Thanks again and God bless,


  15. Home Reserve

    My couch arrived today. My husband and I put it together in 1.5 hours. It was very easy to put together and quite comfy. I would definitely recommend it. I plan to purchase two more chairs and an ottoman.

  16. Home Reserve

    I finally went ahead and bought a new sectional sofa after I watched our 1,000+ dollar sofa getting ruined by our little furry friends. Discovered the pet care it works great for the pets as well as when you have guests whom may be a little clumsy with the liquids. It makes clean up easier than I could have imagined wet or dry! Overall we loved the whole experience ordering was quicker than expected, shipping was super fast and well packaged. Instructions - clear. Screws and included gloves which made the process easier on the hands. Thanks homereserve we will be back again...and soon :)

  17. Home Reserve

    We discovered Home Reserve many years ago and have never been disappointed! Ever! We have sofa, loveseat, ottomans and at least two sets of covers for them. I have replaced foam and still furniture holds up to wear and tear of a busy family/theatre room. Sandy, as usual is always great! We love the customer service and it goes without saying the versatility and function of the furniture. You won\'t be disappointed so give Home Reserve a try!;1

  18. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy--we are thrilled with our sectional sofa! We added a sunroom to our house and space was limited.
    My sister found Home Reserve online for us and you were the answer to furnishing our sunroom. I\'m sure we\'ll be buying more furniture from Home Reserve. We really needed delivery within a certain period of time and you made it happen!! Putting it together was so easy. We couldn\'t be happier! Thank you for making this experience flawless.

  19. Home Reserve

    Hi Sandy, Thanks for all your help in selecting the right fabric for me. It turned out that I love it...The sectional came in on Monday like you said and boy! when I saw all those boxes coming through my door, I said to myself \"What the $@#& did I get myself into?\" It took my brother and me, 10.5 hours to put together but well worth it. What do I expect for 9 pieces? lol

    Anyway, I really truly love my new furniture and would definitely refer Home Reserve to others. In fact, I posted a picture of my sectional on Facebook and a lot of my friends and family complimented on it. It\'s beautiful, comfy and makes my place feel warm.

    Sandy, you really deserve a raise because I never spoke to anyone with so much patience. I know I drove you crazy with me changing my mind so often and at the end you made it happen...{{{HUGS}}}

    BTW, I tried uploading a picture on your site but I guess it was too large but trust me, it looks good..;-)

  20. Home Reserve

    I shop online all of the time and have never commented on my purchases but this time is an exception. I was so impressed with the entire experience that I felt I needed to share. My order of a 7 piece Monroe sectional and a chair and a half with full ottoman arrived yesterday and today - 10 boxes. I was sure with an order this big that there would be missing parts, but that just wasn\'t the case. Assembling the furniture was so easy and everything fit perfectly. I am so thrilled with the way my family room looks and how comfortable the furniture is. I would recommend Home Reserve without reservation. Now that I know the quality of the furniture, I have placed an order for an additional corner ottoman, designer blocks, and pillows to complete the room. Thank you Home Reserve. ;1

  21. Home Reserve

    We have had our Home Reserve sofa for about a year now. When our 21 year old son comes home from college, he sleeps on it rather than in his own bed, it is so comfortable now. It took a few weeks for the cushions to soften after we first got it. I took the covers off today and washed them for the first time. It was so easy, just put the covers back on damp and they look just like new. Of course, you need to be sure they are the washable ones. Thanks for a great product!

  22. Home Reserve

    So I finally ordered a Laney love seat from home reserve. I\'m very excited, and can\"t wait until it comes. All the rave reviews has inspired me! Thanks!:-)

  23. Home Reserve

    We bought our first Home Reserve sofa four years ago and we still have it! We moved two years ago, changed the sofa style and color and the sofa is STILL in great condition. Now, we are moving into a new home that we are building and we\'re looking to change the color again and add a loveseat for our family room. Home Reserve far outbeats any furniture store with price. We will forever be Home Reserve customers! :-D

  24. Home Reserve

    As advertised, your furniture was a piece of cake to assemble with the instructions provided. Your chair and a half looks great in my daughters disney room and the color matches the blue in it perfectly. I also purchased a love seat for our loft and it looks lovely as well. At the time of my order I requested it not be shipped until the 15th of Jan because I was overseas for another week. It arrived a couple of days after I landed back in Texas, and I really appreciate the assistance provided in making that happen. Telling all my friends about Home Reserve.

    Thank You

  25. Home Reserve

    Once again I am totally in awe of Home Reserve. I needed two replacement sections for my Monroe couch, due to it being assembled improperly...clearly this was our fault, and HR still sent us the pieces we needed FREE OF CHARGE! And THEY paid the shipping. This company is, bar none, the BEST company I have EVER dealt with! I wish every company were as wonderful as Home Reserve. Amazing service. Wonderful product. I\'ll keep coming back for all my furniture needs. Long live Home Reserve!;1