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  1. Home Reserve

    I got a couch and loveseat in the Altima Latte Pet Care fabric. Well, my friend\'s two year old decided to draw a picture with an ink pen on my new couch! The ink came out immediately with a little laundry detergent. Good fabric choice!

  2. Home Reserve

    My husband, two babies and I ordered and received six individual sofa seats about one month ago. All are put together. We ordered four sides to seal off each set. We are THRILLED with the quality of Home Reserve! We are so surprised at how comfortable the cushions are, and we are happy to have washable covers that we can change in the future if we choose. Each seat took us on average 20 minutes to put together. Nothing fit down our tiny 27\" wide stairwell down into our family room, which is how we found Home Reserve in the first place. Now we can bolt/unbolt the seats and move them up or down the stairwell easily if needed. Excellent quality and we are so happy with our purchase! Thank you!

  3. Home Reserve

    I love my sofa that I ordered from Home Reserve. My roommates and I find it a great place to study or nap! I can\'t wait to buy another addition for my living room!

  4. Home Reserve

    My son put this couch together in a couple hours. I am so happy, this couch exceeds my expectations. The foam cushions provide the exact support that our family needs. Kudos to Home Reserve. Thanks for such a great product.

  5. Home Reserve


    Its the Chicago Acorn fabric on the Brooklyn Sofa - its on the LEFT in the photo.

    I just got my new Brooklyn Sofa yesterday and im enjoying my work. ;2

    My boyfriend and I have recently moved into our first apartment, and for the past few months, we have been using 3 mismatched loveseats, because we couldn't afford a sofa.

    I had stumbled on HomeReserve a few months ago by searching online for cheap sofas. I really liked what I saw, ordered some samples, but I wanted to keep my options open. I tried looking at large discount stores such as Big Lots; they have things in the similar price range, but when it came down to it, HomeReserve was the right choice.

    Being that we have a 2nd floor apartment, 2 doors to get through, and a steep narrow flight of stairs..even the thought of carrying an actual full sized sofa was a nightmare.

    My boyfriend was able to bring both boxes up the stairs himself, and once inside, they werent too heavy, and I could maneuver them and begin the assembly!

    Assembly was a cinch..everything fits nice and snuggly, so I was confident I was getting a safe and secure, quality piece of furniture. The fabric was also rather easy to put on. We chose the Chicago Acorn...and although it is one of the least expensive fabrics, it does not by any means look cheap or feel cheap!

    We LOVE our new sofa! This is the first time my boyfriend and I can now sit together on the same piece of furniture 8-0. Thanks Home Reserve!!!

  6. Home Reserve

    I am hooked! I spent months looking for a couch and ottoman and finally decided to order from home reserve. When I received the boxes I was sure skeptic that this was going to be real furniture. I was surprised as to how easy and how sturdy the couch was to put together. When I finished I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised at how great it looked. I noticed that there was a cut in one of the slip covers when I called customer service they where happy to send me a new one, and they did not even grill me as to why. When the slipcover arrived some one had taken it off my porch and I was heart broken. Home Reserve sent me another one to my work address, no problem. I have now purchased a chair and ottoman. I love your furniture and tell everyone about it! Thank you so much for making my experience with you a positive one

  7. Home Reserve

    Cat hair just wipes off of our sofa! It\'s a miracle. Anyone with pets knows how difficult it is when hair gets stuck inside of the fabric!

    This couch was so simple to put together, and arrived in easy to lift boxes. I can\'t wait to buy matching chairs!

  8. Home Reserve

    everything homereserve promises it delivers believe their videos. had no problems assembling furniture. quality of fabric exceeded my expectatins.everything you need to have quality furniture and very reasonable cost is available from the helpful folks at home reserve. i would not hesitate to purchase from home reserve again. well done.

  9. Home Reserve

    Our dog Pigglet had a blatter control issue today all over our new chair after which she puked up her dinner (she is a little old). YUK! Thank goodness for the Altima fabric. Everything just washed right off!! We also bought the brooklyn style chair because she lays on the back rest of all sofas/chairs and squishes them flat. Well HA, no more!! Finally a dog proof sofa!! Thank you Home Reserve!!!:-)

  10. Home Reserve

    ordered chair & couch very easy instructions.

  11. Home Reserve

    Im from Ft Wayne Indiana and i ordered just a few weeks ago and i so LOVE my new fabulous love seat. Im getting ready to order a sofa and two chairs i love it so much!

  12. Home Reserve

    I ordered a chair from you guys a year and a half ago and it\'s wonderful! I\'m finally getting around to painting the place after buying it two years ago and while I love the Burgundy microfiber, it\'s not going to work in the new color scheme, so here I am ordering swatches.

    What a great way to buy furniture! I\'m going for a \'pet friendly\' fabric in blue this time and when hubby gets his flat screen I think I see a new loveseat in my future.

    If you have any doubts about this furniture, forget them. This stuff is GREAT! ;1

  13. Home Reserve

    Thanks Home Reserve!

    I just put together the loveseat we ordered. It took about two hours. (It would have taken less time had my power screw driver been working throughout.) The directions were precise and easy to follow. The piece is beautiful.
    We are very happy.
    Great product...Great price!;1

  14. Home Reserve

    Thanks Home Reserve! I received my chair and within one hour had it put together and sitting on it. It was so easy my 8 year old son, 8 year old nephew, and 11 year old niece helped me put it together. They had fun and said it was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. We love the chair. I will be ordering more pieces. Thanks again!;2

  15. Home Reserve

    I just want to say this is a great product. The ease of assembly was great. Who ever thought of this is a genius. The fabric is great and the furniture is so comfortable.

  16. Home Reserve

    I sent an e-mail praising your products to your company but wanted to sign the guestbook. We have been customers since 2000. We bought a love-seat and ottoman and they have been though a lot. We have kids, grandkids,and cats. We bought a new cover for them this spring but the foam is like new! We now have a sofa and it is so comfy. I love the storage. My daughter bought a love-seat because of how wonderful they are. Two happy families.

    :-) :-):-)

  17. Home Reserve

    We just put our new loveseat and chair together. 2hr/45min.
    We love it. Everything fit together great, looks good, and feels comfortable.Packaged well and clear directions, make it fun and relatively easy to do. We highly recommend this furniture, and are anticipating an ottoman in the future.
    Very fun!!

  18. Home Reserve

    I am pretty happy with this product. Although, two of the pieces in the loveseat did not fit together and werent able to be corrected with the sandpaper provided. The cushions needed breaking in but after a few weeks they became a lot more comfortable. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. It only took me an hour and fifteen minutes to put the couch together, and the fabric fits the couches very well.

  19. Home Reserve

    I love your web site and appreciate all the comments from your customers. We are in the process of selecting a sectional from you. Thank you.

  20. Home Reserve

    Thank you for the beautiful loveseat. My wife and I love it and it compliments our room perfectly. Whom would believe you could actually order an attractive, reasonably priced loveseat through the internet. Thank you Home Reserve

    Donna & Doug

  21. Home Reserve

    Thank you for everything.After our house burned we moved into our new place without anything. We were on a very tight budget and found your website. The furniture has held up to my 4 teenage boys,their friends a dog and a cat. The covers are just starting to show wear and tear and I will need to buy new covers, after 3 years!! Thanks again:-)

  22. Home Reserve

    I have a chocolate micro-fiber/micro-suede couch (not from home reserve) and bought an ottoman in mission chocolate faux leather material from home reserve for it. I bought the fabric swatches to compare fabrics first and it seems like the fabric swatch I received was a tad lighter than the actual ottoman I ordered though they are the same fabric (maybe because it is a swatch from an older batch?). So, the ottoman is slightly darker than aniticipated but still looks nice and goes pretty well with my couch. Definately still recommend getting fabric swatches because they give you an idea of what the fabric is like. The ottoman feels very durable and is quality. It has quite a bit of space inside the storage compartment, I use it to put blankets inside for when we want to use sitting on the couch. The cushion is a little firm but still comfortable. The ottoman is a perfect size, quite large, and basically as tall as the seats of my couch. Putting the ottoman together took me about 45 to 50 minutes. The frame took about 20 or 25 minutes but putting the fabic on the cushion and frame were really difficult because it is a very snug fit. The directions are easy to follow and easier than putting together those ready to assemble bookcases or computer desks in a box. When I got to the last couple of screws, my hand started to ache, so I recommend using a powered screw-driver if you are putting together something larger than an ottoman. Overall it is a very nice ottoman and and very nice fabric, which I recommend the mission chocolate faux leather if anyone wants a chocolate microfiber material. I would definatley buy from again. High quality and customization for a great price! :-D

  23. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for the wonderful merchandise
    and even better customer service. I had the privilege of speaking with
    a gentlemen yesterday afternoon, unfortunately I cannot recall his name,who guided me through the return process for some pillows and also
    enabled me to have another sectional piece delivered as quickly as next
    week. Should he have not offered this option, likely I would have
    chosen an alternative piece of furniture. I certainly plan to recommendyour service to friends and continue as a customer. Thank you and allthe best.

    Wiley Jay Becker

  24. Home Reserve

    Got my ottoman today. It only took about 20 minutes to put together, but I am pretty awesome so it may take you longer. I want to get 3 more but my fiance doesn\'t want \"someone to be able to walk from wall to wall on furniture\" in our apartment. Maybe I can give them to her as a birthday present... Anyway I really like your site and furniture.