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  1. Home Reserve

    I was disappointed with the shipping time. When we first ordered our sectional pieces, the estimated time for delivery was "usually ships within 10 days". We had to wait about 14 business days before the packages were shipped. Of course the ship date is an estimate, so this was no fault of the business. I have noticed that a few days after my order was shipped, the estimated ship time was changed from 10 days to 15 days.

    When they arrived, the fabrics that matched with the specific pieces were in random boxes (the right arm fabric was in the corner box, etc). This was not a problem at all, because all necessary fabric was delivered, but just confusing at first.

    The couch looks great, and is VERY comfortable. However, the fabric on some of the bottom edges and corners does not securely fasted to hide the wood very well. There are two spaces on the sectional where you can see the wood (despite constant attempts to stretch the fabric over the wood).

    The couch was very easy to assemble, and looks great. My only problems were the longer than usual ship date, the fact that the wood shows on some edges where the fabric hangs down and doesnt securely fasten, and that it is a little low to the ground.

    Overall, I would recommend it--just expect to wait a while for it to arrive, and dont be shocked when the fabric pieces are mixed up!

    • Hi, The wood should not be showing. Please call customer service at 1-800-482-2712 x105 and we’ll fix this problem.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  2. Home Reserve

    I Love Love Love my new sofa!!!!
    When the boxes came I was so excited! when I opened them up I was a bit overwhelmed by all the pieces, but once I sat down and actually read the instructions it all made so much sense. I got to work, and put everything together in no time(about an hour and half). The only trouble I had was a few pieces were a little snug when putting them together and I had to use a hammer to tap them into place. (Note: if you do this only tap the flat part of the wood, never tap the ends because this will split the wood) My husband fell asleep on our new Fairview Buff suede Monroe Sofa right after I built it. Thank you so much. P.S. Thank you to all the honest people and their comments on their sofa's as well. Their stories played a big part in me picking this company amoung other things, i.e. Price, built in storage, easy to build, and fun design for our own style.

  3. Home Reserve

    My 3 1/2 year old and I just put our sofa together like a big puzzle. Went together perfectly...and what fun! I bought an Avenue sofa with kid glove merlot (dark purple)fabric. It is absolutely beautiful. And every piece was top quality. Thank you, Home Reserve.

  4. Home Reserve

    I have been lurking in this web site for a little over a year checking out the good and negative comments, (not that they are all that Negative), putting together different couches with different materials and checking out the company with the BBB and searching the web for anything negative on Home Reserve, (not to be overly cautious). I also checked furniture stores in my area and I couldn’t find a better deal anywhere.

    I finally order a Monroe sofa with the Altima Latte Pet Care fabric. It was delivered by UPS yesterday and I HAD to put it together then and there. It took me about 2 hours. And it looks great.
    Now if I could get someone to haul for my old stuff that easily…

    Thank you,

  5. Home Reserve

    We just moved down to Nashville, TN and decided that we would purchase new furniture for our home. At first I was skeptical about Home Reserve's furniture, until I was given the chance to sit in one of the chairs at the factory in Fort Wayne, IN. Let me first of all say, that the furniture is so much more comfortable than anyone would think. Plus it's extremely easy to assemble and looks great! The manuals were very easy to follow and they even took the time to throw in a pair of gloves to keep you from getting splinters. I love this furniture and would recommend it to anyone!

  6. Home Reserve

    I reviewed alot of customer comments prior to making a purchase at Home Reserve. I must say that I saw alot of great comments about Sandy at Customer Service. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sandy a few moments ago, and she is just as wonderful and helpful as everyone says she was!

    Finding this website was a blessing. It's my first apartment and my first time out on my own. I just couldn't settle for a tacky, used couch. I was going to head to Ikea on Friday to purchase a couch that I only half liked because it was less than 500.00 and came unassembled. My apartment doorway is a mere 31" so needless to say size was a huge factor. I found this site yesterday and immediately placed an order! I saved over 100.00 by puchasing the Classic Sofa instead of the one from Ikea!

    I'm confident that the couch will meet all my expectations eventhough I haven't official seen it yet.

    Thank you Home Reserve. Thank you Sandy :-)

  7. Home Reserve

    We ordered the Monroe sofa w/3 cushions & the two chairs in the Altima Hickory Pet Care, plus accent pillows in the cow print. We (and our son & dogs) couldn't be happier. It was easy for my husband to assemble (he was very impressed with the easy to follow instructions). We were very happy to be able to purchase a product with a great price, quality, and that is made in America. Just took this photo on March 14. The chairs are perfect for enjoying the beautiful mountain views at our new house & watching the snow fall... The sofa cover is a bit of a tight fit, so hopefully it won't shrink when washed. Very happy!

  8. Home Reserve

    Ingenious! The design and engineering is amazing, the fabric and style choices are tremendous, the website is informative and easy to navigate, and the customer service exceeds expectations!

    When we first began shopping at stores to replace our 20+ year old furniture, we were disappointed by oversized furniture, poor craftsmanship (ever seen seams opening?) or expensive custom-made items. HR saved us. We now have beautiful, comfortable, sturdy furniture that can go down our narrow u-turn stairway to the basement. In fact, we liked the furniture so much that we purchased more to furnish a second living area upstairs.

    What can we say about the customer service? Fantastic!! Even before we purchased our furniture, I spoke to Sandy about fabric swatches and furniture styles. When I asked how the Avenue arm looks on the Brooklyn back, she sent us a picture through email of this combination. How's that for personal service? When a furniture piece was damaged in transit and elite fabric missing, replacements were sent immediately. Sandy is terrific!

    Home Reserve has an excellent product at a fair price and the best customer service anywhere!

  9. Home Reserve

    The service and product were everything we expected and more. We were so lucky to find this website, but don't worry...we'll be sure to pass it on. We can't say enough about our couch, and friends say the same. Most wish they needed furniture just so that they could buy from you. Thanks again for everything. You'll be hearing from us again soon.

  10. Home Reserve

    This furniture is amazing, I mean it! First off, if you have a very tight doorway leading to a basement/family room, then this is the ONLY loveseat/sofa to get. Not only that, but the fabrics, arms, and back seat pillows are swappable in case of tears or accidents. How many other furniture pieces can you say that about? There is also a very innovative storage bin inside the loveseat/sofa itself, also a major plus.

    The fabrics are a major plus as I said that they are swappable and also are extremely comfortable. Putting the loveseat together was pretty easy and for once I didn't get upset putting something together. I highly recommend this company to anyone, but especially those who have a 27.5 doorway as I have. I am recommending this company to everyone I know. Thank you Homereserve.

  11. Home Reserve

    Right after my husband and I graduated college and got married, we bought a loveseat from home reserve. Although we were slightly skeptical about the quality of something bought online and assembled at home, we were greatly surprised. We 8-0 it!

    Now, two years later, we are getting ready to purchase a sectional and we went straight for home reserve. You can't beat the price or the variety of fabrics to choose from, plus we know it wears extremely well!

    Thanks home reserve for making decorating fun and easy! ;1

  12. Home Reserve

    My sofa came in ten days and was really easy to assemble. I love the Destiny Tan Corduroy fabric. It took two of us under three hours to totally complete it. I would recommend this sofa to everyone who need an inexpensive sofa. I chose Home reserve because of the price and the fact that you assemble it yourself. I have narrow hallways and a pre-assembled sofa would never fit. I love my new sofa :-)

  13. Home Reserve

    I just finnished the love seat, my wife put the covers on and we put it in the motorhome!!

    It fit, it works, and it is great!!!!

  14. Home Reserve

    I am so glad I found this site, I was looking for a sofa that can fit my tiny door to my room and I could not believe when I found this. I ordered a couch and I receive it as promised, directions to assembly were really easy to follow that my daughter 14 yrs old helped me to put together. I love my couch, fabric is very nice, and it's very comfortable. Thanks Home Reserve...:-D

  15. Home Reserve

    WOW - :-UI am so proud of myself for actually building this couch!!! Even though the instructions and packing made it such a breeze, you will feel accomplished and amazed by the result. The couch is comfy and looks as if you bought it.;1 I recommend this product and the quality is American made! Not to mention, they called to confirm it was an actual purchase to avoid credit card scams! Man, I sound like I should be a sales rep for this company.:-B;2 Go for it - you won't regret it!

  16. Home Reserve

    The Home Reserve Team is great!
    They really deserve an applause. ;1

    I ordered some Brooklyn back cushions to change the style of my Monroe sectional and ordered 8 (that's the size of my sectional minus the corner.) Since the corner back cushions for Brooklyn are still in design I decided to just order two more regular Brooklyn back cushions and tweak them a little until the corner cushions were available.

    When my box of two cushions came I was shocked to find three instead.:-0 I immediately contacted HR just in case it was part of someone else's order. I offered to pay for the extra piece, but they said I could keep it for free!

    Sandy said I could use the extra piece and get "creative with it."

    So I took a few measurements made a template, barbarically cut the piece with a kitchen knife (thank goodness that part doesn't show)and ta-dah! Who would have known that extra piece would make the perfect corner piece for my sectional!

    8-0 Thanks HR for such generosity. 8-0


  17. Home Reserve


    Our boxes came on Friday, and by Sunday afternoon I had everything put together. (1 couch, 1 love seat)
    I put them together by myself and it was really easy to follow the directions.

    We are enjoying our new kid glove navy blue couch and love seat.

    I will certainly pass on this website to friends and family.

    Thanks for the new furniture . . we are really happy with it!!!

  18. Home Reserve

    hi there.:-D

  19. Home Reserve

    I just found your site by googling cheap apartment furniture.
    I am so excited. I've ordered some swatches - no furniture yet. I don't know about other people but you are a dream to me. As a recent college grad, I'm in the "move five times a year" stage and I don't have friends with trucks.So while I've been shopping Craigslist for furniture I'll find great things but then I have to figure out a way for me, a 5' 5" girl to move a couch all
    by myself. Not gonna happen. Imagine my glee upon finding your site. UPS
    delivers it the first time and next time I move, I can break it down and fit it into my car!!! And, drumroll, it's about as affordable as what I can find on Craigslist - without the funny smells, hideous fabrics, and creepy sellers.So for all of those days when you were trying to design this and you were getting frustrated and wanted to quit, thanks for not. Thank you, thank you,thank you.
    Now you can start working on classy dining tables and desks. :)


  20. Home Reserve

    So, there are many reasons to love Home Reserve, but I'll tell you the number one is their customer service, namely, Sandie!! We had a small problem with one part of the couch (The storage lid was sliding out of place) and she immediately sent out part #23 for me. Then she saw my posting asking how people kept the velcro in place. She emailed me and said she was sending me new parts with a new velcro design. AMAZING! I have 4 kids, so our couch gets a ton of use. It's nice to know that it can get well used/loved and still be like new. So, for any of you wondering if you should get one of these couches.... the answer is YES! You'll be happy. I've never come across customer service like this. I feel like Sandie knows who I am personally.

  21. Home Reserve

    I've had my loveseat, in paparazzi multi, for over 18 months now. Neither dog nor cats have damaged it. The covers wash up wonderfully well. The cats haven't been able to put one snag in it. They try, but their claws just slide right down. I didn't want to spend a fortune on something they would shred in a couple of months and I wanted to give microfiber a try. So very pleased with the results. Now that my living room is almost done (had just moved into a house that needed a lot of work when I bought this couch), I've ordered a chair & 2 ottomans. Can't wait for them to arrive. Great job, Home Reserve!

  22. Home Reserve

    I let the boxes sit for several days and waited for the weekend, I was nervous about my ability to put a loveseat together on my own. IT WAS FUN! It took the full 2 hours because I get things backwards now and then, but everything was easily put together. I'm pleased that the numbers were cut into the pieces instead of being stenciled on.
    Love the pet care fabric and I'm very interested to see how it stands up to the cats. I've already discovered how easy cat hair is removed. I only wish the seat was a little deeper.
    At these prices I may be able to purchase summer fabric. Thanks so much.

  23. Home Reserve

    As the wife of a youth pastor, mother of three, and bargain shopper, I have dreamed of a new couch for a LONG time! I found you guys online and was very interested. My monroe sofa with spa minetta fabric came yesterday. A young man from our youth group and my three children helped to assemble it. I am fascinated with the engineering it took to come up with a design. It was so easy to assemble and the fabric looks beautiful. We find it to be extremely comfortable. Loved the gloves and sanding blocks,and the kids have been playing with the boxes for hours! Great product!

  24. Home Reserve

    We purchased because we have a narrow stairway leading to a large basement. We bought a sectional with 4 pieces and an ottoman. Took about 3 hours to assemble by myself. Only 1 piece didn't fit the first time and I easily sanded it down. Loved the inclusion of gloves and sanding blocks. Loved the fact that there was no styrofoam or anything that would create a lot of waste. Had my first spill of coffee the other day on the Liberty Olive and you can't even notice it. Future ideas...I wish there was a way to easily bolt in the ottoman...I'll probably buy some kind of vice grip to accomplish this. In summary, it's not the most comfortable sofa in the house, but it's at least as comfortable as some I've gotten in the past from I.K.E.A. We will likely be ordering 1 or 2 more pieces to extend the existing configuration.

  25. Home Reserve

    I put all the plastic pieces into the wood and then my husband put the couch together in one hour. The instructions were simple to read and it turned out to be all I thought it would be. I am so pleased. I am thinking of ordering some other pieces soon. It was amazing how all that fit into those two boxes. Those pillows plumped up and I screamed to my mother "You have to see this". This is really a good product. I am so glad to have found you HOME RESERVE 8-08-08-08-0. I don't think I will order couches from another place. The price was definitely right and to be able to choose from 93 fabrics is wonderful. I wish you made curtains. I may buy some of the material and try my hand at it. I will brag about your product.