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  1. Home Reserve

    I just recieved my loveseat and Sofa ans I put them both together in under 3 hrs and I have to say my husband who told me I was on my own when he saw I had ordered "assembly required" is going to be amazed and I am sure pleased. So thank you for being all you said you would be;1

  2. Home Reserve

    Dear Home Reserve,
    I Love my new furniture!
    I am so impressed with your company. Although my box 2 instructions were missing, I quickly found them on your website and was able to print them out, easy as pie!
    All of the instructions were very clear and easy to understand, with great illustrations( unlike most other ready to assemble companies). I was able to put both the love seat and couch together in about 3 hrs all by myself, I really appreciated that aspect as my husband is currently serving overseas. I chose the Altima Pet Care fabric in Merlot and it is just beautiful. These sofas look very expensive in my living room and no one couls possibly guess how economical they really are! They are very comfortable, although a little stiff for now. I think the only downside I 've discovered is that the seats are are not very deep, I will definately need to purchase an ottoman in order to be really comfy. I'm hoping that once the back cushions loose some of their fluff there will be more room on the seat.?
    All in all I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and would reccomend them to anyone!

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Andrea,
      So glad you’re pleased with your purchase. You can pull out the seat cushion a couple inches to help with the seat depth. If you look at the last page of the instructions it illustrates how to do that. Hope that helps.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  3. Home Reserve

    I just put together my coffee table. It is so awesome! It is sturdy enough that I think we can use it as a bench in a seating pinch.

    This is such an upgrade from the MDF veneer-coated pieces of trash that I bought from a certain Scandanavian home furnishings mega-chain. Cheaper, too!

    I've already converted my neighbor!

  4. Home Reserve

    I already commented after buying a chair and ottoman last year. But I wanted to tell y'all that the holidays were great at our house -- there was a *parade* of people wanting to try out the chair, and we have converts!

    And, we just rearranged our master bedroom and needed a chair there, and it wasn't even up for discussion... well, other than what color & style of HR chair/ottoman we wanted!

    Thanks, HR for excellent customer service and a great product! ;1

  5. Home Reserve

    We bought the sofa sectional in pet care Chicago black fabric. It was a lot of fun for my husband and I to put together. I was very pleased with how quickly we received the shipment and with the quality of the product. We will definitely recommend this to our friends.:-D

  6. Home Reserve

    I LOVE our new sofa! We have multiple pets and I am totally amazed at this micro fiber pet proof material! Highly recommend this to any pet owners (or folks with small kids for that matter!). Just removed the covering and washed it for the first time - what a snap! Pure genius!! The only thing I would like to see is a sofa available with higher backs and arms. My husband also adds that he would like to see a little extra length. They are too comfortable not to nap on occasionally! I would be first in line to purchase another sofa that had these features! I hope the brilliant folks at Home Reserve will consider this idea (and if they do, contact me immediately!). 8-08-0

  7. Home Reserve

    I should have written sooner. I bought sectional for my 77yr old dad who lives 1500 miles away. It was delievered 2 days before Thanksgiving, when I always visit. Well, we had the best time putting all together. He was amazed at precision of the put-together. I have this wonderful memory forever. He's moving soon and we'll have no problems getting it to the new place.

  8. Home Reserve

    First off - congratulations on creating such a magnificent piece of engineering! I'm an engineer myself and I understand the efforts it takes to make something like a couch that is complicated, bulky and expensive into something that a regular customer can assemble without any skills! You guys are awesome ;1

    I bought the Avenue couch with Liberty Indigo fabric. From opening the boxes to putting the last pillow on the assembled couch - it took me (1 single person) exactly 2:00 hours. Assembly instructions were simple. Frame pieces were accurately cut, it almost felt like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Only drawback is the plywood smell that lingers after assembly - but a little bit of air-freshener fixes that.

    My neighbor saw the new couch. I recommended HomeReserve heavily. When he heard the price he bought one as well!! Now he is awaiting his shipping. The best part is, I don't have to worry about his couch looking exactly like mine, because you have so many choices of fabric and different choices of couch design.

    Talk about "Biggest Bang for your Buck" ... I think HomeReserve is as big a bang as you can get in comfortable afforbable furniture. Good Job guys!

  9. Home Reserve

    I got my brand new Avenue Couch with kid navy faux suede fabric yesterday. I bought from Home reserve because I could not get the color I wanted for my couch in any of the big brand name stores.

    My couch came yesterday. It took a while to assemble it though, nearly 3 hours for 2 people. But it looks great, exactly like the pictures. It seems nice and sturdy and is remarkably comfortable. The back cushions are the perfect height. My husband who has back problems loved it too.

    Will write back in a month or so for further updates

  10. Home Reserve

    I could not have selected a better gift for a 14 year old girl's bedroom. The Love Seat assembly went smooth, the parts were cut precisely and fit tight together, the directions were clear and easy to read, the fabric was great quailty. I give your furniture product FIVE STARS *****. Thanks to your designers/craftsman you have made my grand daughter very happy!

  11. Home Reserve

    My furniture arrived and I was very impressed!!! It was so easy to put together (I HATE PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER). The only thing is that the loveseat was missing one of those T connectors. We put it together anyways and will be able to add the connector and screw.

    I will be sure to tell others how impressed I am with the furniture. I know my sister is going to place an order!!!

    from Pittsburgh PA

  12. Home Reserve

    I'm not one to do reviews much either. But this couch is super nice at any price let alone $300.

    Not sure why, but it took my a little longer to put it together. But being space limited I unpacked as I needed the pieces. The most difficult was making sure I had the right fabrick piece for the proper assembly step.

    I got lucky on the color even without getting samples 1st as it was perfect. This is in a smallish dedicated home theater. The previous couch/sofa was purchased at AFW (only used for three weeks), it is inferior in every way to the Home Reserve couch. No way the AFW cruddy sofa was staying in my ultra comfy theater I envisioned. :)

  13. Home Reserve

    I absolutely never write reviews about items I've purchased, but had to make an exception with Home Reserve!! We needed a small loveseat for a very narrow room that would match our existing couch. Came across this website and there was the perfect size and so many fabric choices!!! Sandy in customer service is wonderful(she deserves a raise by the way). She walked me through the ordering process and also made sure our loveseat was rushed to get here in time for the holidays! Even my skeptic of a husband was happy with our purchase. So comfortable, and the storage is such a plus!! Couldn't be happier. Thanks, Sandy and Home Design.;1

  14. Home Reserve

    This is ME smiling:-!

    I just spoke to Sandy Wood in the Customer Service dept. What a jewel she is and perfectly fulfills her roll. We had an issue with our 10 month old HR sofa and after discussing with Sandy, all is resolved.

    She was personable, efficient and completely familiar with all product lines. Her solution was MORE than fair. What a breath of fresh air to deal with a company who actually lives up to their mission statement! WOW!

    Thank you Home Reserve & Sandy from a now, customer for life :-!

  15. Home Reserve

    We bought a sofa and a loveseat from you back in 2005. We love that we can wash the fabric. Many times our 3 year old has colored on it and we just stick it in the wash to get it out! I love the products and don't understand why more decorating shows use it when they need furniture! I love them! Plus the storage! Awesome! Plus I have always gotten excellent customer service everytime I needed to call. This is a company that loves their customers and stand behind their products! You can't get much more from a company! Thank you home reserve!!;1

  16. Home Reserve

    We bought a Monroe Couch in the kidglove brown material from you almost 3 years ago and it is still holding up great!! The other week our 2 year old daughter got sick on it, we just took off the fabric, washed it, and put it back on the cushion, good as new! The couch is still very comfortable after our family of 5 is on it daily! thank you! We have been bragging to family and friends about your website/store and encouraged them to check out your products. When we need replacements or added furniture we will continue to order from you!;1

  17. Home Reserve

    Our sofa was delivered last evening, but I didn't get home from work until 7:30 pm, and my wife and I were too tired to tackle the job of putting the sofa together. HOWEVER, we were up at 4:00 am, and were sitting on our new sofa at 6:00am. It is beautiful, and we had fun putting the piece together.
    There is one slight problem. There is a fabric flaw in one of the arm covers. It is not a cut, but a flaw where the fabric threads are coming apart. The size of the flaw is between one and two inches. It is actually out of view when the back cushion is in place.
    We are very, very satisfied with the sofa. We've considered ordering one for more than two years!. What suggestion would you have about the fabric flaw?
    Thank you for making such a nice sofa, and for making it so easy for two old people to assemble! Thank you, too, for addressing the fabric flaw.
    Merry Christmas,
    Larry and Kathy

    • Hi Larry and Cathy,
      Call Customer service at 1-800-482-2712, and we’ll get a replacement sent to you for that flawed fabric piece. Thats what Home Reserve’s “Renewability” is all about.

      Posted on April 9th, 2013 by Home Reserve.
  18. Home Reserve

    So I got home last night after I enjoyed an hour to myself getting my nails done. Very relaxing. Then I came home and there on my 3 week old couch was lipstick. A nice big ol' stripe. (Also some on the brand new carpet too) So after I SCREAMED at my husband, we investigated to find out that it wasn't my 4 year old daughter but my 2 year old son who did it. A friend said to try Goo Gone. And it was a miracle! I love the ALTIMA THYME PET CARE FABRIC! It's awesome! There is absolutely no evidence of it being on the couch what-so-ever.

    Now the only thing that I am mad at is that he used my Mary Kay lipstick! :-/


  19. Home Reserve

    We recieved our sectional last week and couldn't be more pleased!! We had an impossible layout to fit a sectional into, and your website was the perfect solution. The quality is so much better than I had hoped for, and my husband and two girls put the entire sectional together in under two hours. I am so pleased, we will order from you again!!

  20. Home Reserve

    We purchased a Monroe sofa over six months ago. It arrived promptly and on the day we expected. As you might imagine, the boxes are rather heavy, just something to note.

    We opened up the two boxes and found all of the pieces we needed. Putting the sofa together was a thrill! But then, I like putting things together. It took me less than 2 hours to completely assemble the entire sofa. I HIGHLY recommend that a power screwdriver be used during the assembly.

    It is very comfortable and the material is great. The sofa isn't quite as deep as we would like, however, this is fixed by pulling the cushions out a few inches.

    Overall we are thoroughly impressed with this sofa.

  21. Home Reserve

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a brilliant alternative to furnishing my home! I ended up taking the leap and purchasing some Monroe sectional pieces after having to send furniture back to the warehouse because it wouldn't fit down my basement staircase.
    What a sense of accomplishment when I finished putting together our "dummy-proof" 4-piece sectional!!!
    And after realizing how we could use a slightly bigger sectional, I'm ordering two more armless pieces! Now that's what I call CUSTOM!
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Home Reserve

    I couldn't be happier with the Monroe sofa I just finished putting together. By myself, it only took me an hour and a half -- the directions were that good.

    The Metallica fabric looks great, and I can't wait to have people in to see the new living room! :-D

  23. Home Reserve

    Not only is your furniture the most comfortable I have ever had but it is SOOOOOOOOO affordable! I purchased a Monroe sofa several months ago, it took 2 hour to put together and I have been loving it ever since. I have told everyone I know, some were very skeptical, but after having a seat on my new couch, they are sold! I cannot wait to buy more!

  24. Home Reserve

    I got my sofa and the third time I sat on it, the back cracked. Customer service called me immediately and is sending a new piece. I just hope it doesn't happen again!

    Also--one thing no one mentions about the fabric: static! I'm going out and buying static guard asap. I shock myself everytime I slid across the couch!

  25. Home Reserve

    I am completely amazed. I bought the Monroe sofa, put it together myself in about three hours and cannot believe what a great looking sofa it is. I'll be buying the chair and ottoman next, whoever came up with this design is a genius.....thank you, thank you!