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5 Ways a Home Reserve Ottoman Is Every Family’s Best Friend

I’m a mom of two young children. The living room is the epicenter of our life, whether it’s pillow forts, book club, or “laundry-folding + Parks & Rec reruns” day. That’s why I want to introduce you to one of my buds who’s stuck with me through all of it: The Home Reserve ottoman. Read More

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Changing the Face of Modern Living

Home Reserve is the proud home of "Renewable Furniture". But what does that mean, exactly? We’re going to take a look in today’s article and unpack why Home Reserve’s renewable furniture can help you protect the environment, save money, and love your living space for years to come. Read More

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Assembling Your Home Reserve Furniture - 3 Proven Tips and Tricks

Have you considered ordering furniture online, but you’re leery about the unknowns? It’s hard to plunk down a chunk of money on a product you’ve never seen. Therefore, we’re going to help you understand as much about assembling your Home Reserve furniture as possible before you even click “Shop.” Read More

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Our Favorite Layouts Designed By Real People in Real Homes

Getting creative while ordering a sectional can be intimidating. There are so many decisions to make; fabric, size, arm style, back style, ottomans, etc. Since there are many unique layouts for your dream sectional we’ve gathered a few of our favorite layouts designed by customers and partners. We hope they bring you some inspiration during your... Read More

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Creative and Functional Home Reserve Sectional Configurations

What if you owned a piece of furniture that adapted to every stage of your life? I wish my vacuum cleaner did that. My husband and I spent a tiny investment in our first vacuum cleaner for our small apartment. Now, we live in a two-story house and our seven-year-old vacuum won’t let us forget it. Read More

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Our Favorite Layouts Designed By Our Customers

We’ve got you covered! Here are five of our favorite designs that our partners and customers have selected for their actual spaces, and what they have to say about their furniture. Read More

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Home Reserve Furniture in REAL Homes [Photo Gallery]

For nearly two decades, Home Reserve has pursued one primary aim: Helping customers find great, affordable furniture that will adapt with them through the years. What do we mean by that? Read More

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How to Create an Adaptable Sectional

One of the tricky things about moving into a new home, especially a different sized one, is figuring out how the furniture will translate into the new spaces. With sectionals specifically, what might have worked great in your last space, could feel too big and clunky in your new one or it could be entirely too small. With the stress of moving,... Read More

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