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How to Reduce the Use of Harmful Chemicals In Your Home

One day, I attended one of those direct sales parties, mainly to support my friend. At the time, I really wasn’t interested in the product line-up; however, the presenter did share a statistic that stayed with me for days. I later found it in this report from The Huffington Post. Research from the Toronto Indoor Air Conference reports that women... Read More

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7 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Families

What is it about spring that makes us want to dive in and purge our closets? It could be something in our hard-wiring, like an echo of that New Year’s resolution spirit. Or it could be the promise of that springtime sunshine on our face that gets us up and moving. Read More

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How to Effectively Treat the Most Common Couch Stains

You finally have the furniture of your dreams. Its hue matches perfectly with the accent decor you’ve chosen. Not to mention how well it brings out that natural wood floor underneath. Joanna Gaines would be proud. Just as you recline your head and sigh, you hear a sound. Your darling toddler has just snuck in from the kitchen and overturned her ... Read More

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DIY Home Hacks - Room By Room

Ever walk into a room and feel the urge to jazz it up a little? Often things like clutter or the lack of time or a tight budget get in the way of giving a space its full potential. That’s why we’ve assembled some DIY home hacks you can try in whichever room you choose. A little change here and there could give it that freshened up look you desire. Read More

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10 Ways to Downsize Your Clutter

Ditching clutter could cut 40 percent of your housework, according to a study published by the National Soap & Detergent Association. Can you imagine what that would be like? No matter the living space, clutter can be a very real problem. That’s why we’ve put together some great ways you can begin to downsize your clutter today. Read More

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9 Free Apps for Selling Used Household Goods

Back in the day, we decluttered our house with a garage sale, right? Sometimes we’d post items in the local paper or join a consignment sale. Those options are still available, but with the birth of the Internet came new ideas like Craigslist and eBay. Today, thanks to smartphones, apps are now the most versatile and diverse vehicles for selling... Read More

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5 Tips for Gardening In a Small Space

My childhood is filled with memories of pushing dirt over new seeds in my mother’s garden or trailing behind my grandmother with a basket of garden green beans in Michigan. When I finally got a place of my own, it was an upstairs apartment in the city. I wasn’t ambitious enough to grow more than a houseplant. Now that I have a yard of my own I h... Read More

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Tips for Living Comfortably in an RV or Tiny Home

Did you know over half of Americans reported they would enjoy living in less than 600 square feet of space? That’s approximately the size of a typical three-car garage. What families don’t get in square feet, they make up for in money saved, journeys taken, and memories made.  Read More

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