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3 Areas That Could Boost Your Health (Or Hinder It)

After becoming a mom, my view on healthy living shifted as dramatically as an actor’s workout schedule for an action movie. Why? Because I wanted what was best for my kids. For example: Healthy snacks [Link to “3 Delicious Snack Recipes That Use Super Foods”] made from scratch, less harmful chemicals in products, getting plenty of sleep, etc. It... Read More

Health & Wellness |

3 Delicious Snack Recipes That Use Superfoods

Confession: I had no idea what superfoods were until I became a mom. The day I realized my infant was staring at my plate like a hungry wolf cub, I realized it was time to research healthy baby food. That journey introduced me to so many power foods I could make from home to help my daughter’s development. Over time, I woke up and smelled the co... Read More

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7 Free At-Home Workouts

For the first three years of motherhood, I was either pregnant, recovering from a delivery, or convincing myself that chasing toddlers was my workout. Guess what’s a great way to gain weight and never have energy? Using toddler chasing as your sole method of fitness. Turns out, I needed some guidance and a little more intentionality. Since we’re... Read More

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6 Easy Gluten-Free Party Favorites

My book club has the coolest tradition. When we gather to discuss our latest fiction reading, we bring snacks that tie in with themes from the book. One of our members has celiac disease, so I’ve gotten to try several gluten-free party favorites and would like to share them with you. Read More

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Restorative Yoga for Your Living Room

Many of us, especially now, feel the pressure to be everything, to do everything, to not let the ball drop. So we push, force, rush, and drive to get it all done. Then at the end of the day there is nothing left to give.  Read More

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