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How to Make a Small Room Look More Spacious

When you move into a new home, it can be a challenge to maximize the potential in each room. Some spaces may just be smaller. Well, there’s still some handy tricks of the trade that can help. Here are several methods that will make your small room look more spacious. Read More

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How a Pop of Color or Texture Goes a Long Way

When you walk into a room with a fresh, neutral look and then you see a glorious pop of color or texture, don’t your eyes just drink it in?  It could be throw pillows, artwork, furniture, or even an accent wall. We decided to dive into some examples of how Home Reserve customers spiced up their living spaces with color and texture, and how you c... Read More

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What Is the Right Rug Size Anyway?!

The size and placement of an area rug are the key to bringing your whole living room together. The thing is, there are many variables, rug size, couch size, room size, so it can seem overwhelming to figure out just what you need.  Read More

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Fall Decor for Next to Nothing

As Summer days get shorter and cooler days sneak in the mad rush for pumpkin-themed-everything tugs at our wallets. The change in the seasons somehow convinces us we need a change in our homes. While change is natural and even exciting, often the seasonal change means buying new throw blankets or pillows, swapping out Summer candles for Fall one... Read More

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6 Tips for Choosing a Color When You're Stuck

When she got the swatches home, she put them all over her living room to get an idea of which looked best (this is our #1 tip!). She held them against her rug, art, walls, other pieces of furniture in the room, and to her surprise, Retriever Evergreen was the perfect fit! It looked best with what she already had going in the space so she would... Read More

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How to Use Different Fabrics and Furniture Pieces in One Room

One way to add interest to a room is to mix the furniture pieces and colors. It is the idea that not everything has to match as long as it "goes" together. Let's take a look at how Mariah Shealy did just that in her sunroom renovation.  Read More

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6 Books to Inspire Your Home & Life

I remember the first time my apartment felt too small. In reality, it was the perfect size for one person. I had a large bedroom/office, a walk-in closet with very deep shelves for extra storage, a lovely historic bathroom complete with a claw foot tub, and a kitchen with enough room for friends to come to dinner. Yet somehow, the space felt l... Read More

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5 Tips for Choosing a Color When You're Stuck

When I moved into my new apartment one of the first things I needed was a sectional. I have quite the collection of decor and art from travels and time living in Haiti and I had been gifted or thrifted the rest; tables, dressers, chairs, etc. So the sectional was the first, and only, piece of furniture I was actually making a decorative decisi... Read More

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