Beauty Tips

A little girl lying on a gray Couch

The Hardest Part (it’s not what you think)...

Each Home Reserve wooden piece is precision cut with computerized equipment. That means the frame will fit together perfectly for easy assembly. The only part you may have minor difficulty with is setting the foam inside the cover. To get your furniture looking its best, this process is more than a quick stuffing. It takes a little finesse to get that smooth, wrinkle-free look.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help. If at any point you hit a trouble spot, simply click on the video for your specific section. Our easy-to-follow tips will take your furniture from good to gorgeous.

  • mask play Home Reserve's Founder, Blaine Wieland.
  • mask play The front fabric cover on a chair.
    front fabric cover
  • mask play The back fabric cover on a sofa.
    back fabric cover
  • mask play Close-up of a sofa arm.
  • mask play A classic sofa with rounded arms.
    classic arm
  • mask play Close-up of sofa seat cushions.
    seat cushion
  • mask play close-up of sofa back cushions.
    back cushion
  • mask play close-up of a tight back style sofa.
    tight back cushion
  • mask play close-up of an ottoman in navy fabric.
    ottoman fabric cover
  • mask play close-up of brightly colored throw pillows.
    throw pillow
  • Rest Easy, it’s here...

    Our luxurious “comfort deck” was added to the seat design after the production of the video library above. Although you won’t see this great feature in the beauty tips, rest easy, it will be included in your order.

  • mask play Comfort Deck
    the comfort deck