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- Blaine (Cofounder)

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November 24, 2021
Kelly - Kremmling, CO
-- Comment #2693

We bought our first Home Reserve Sectional in 2014. We have loved this sectional for 7 years. After 7 years of loving our current sectional we decided to buy another sectional for another living space in our home. The sectionals are super comfortable, have storage under every seat, and the best part is all of the cushion covers come off and are machine washable (which is awesome when you have dogs who love to cuddle on the couch with you). Also everything is made in the USA! Both times we have ordered from Home Reserve the shipping was super fast. This last time I had a question once our order arrived. I emailed them and they responded super fast and were very helpful. I highly recommend this company. Their furniture is comfortable, renewable, provides storage, is pet friendly, and made in the USA. Thank you Home Reserve for being a top notch company with a quality product and great customer service.

November 24, 2021
Bunny Cotleur - Cleveland, OH
-- Comment #2692

I bought a loveseat back in 2007 (I couldn't even remember how long ago- but they looked it up!). I am still in love with this thing! I'm replacing the cushions as the material is starting to get crumbly. But the frame and cover are in awesome shape! I'll post a photo (with the new chair I just ordered!) once the cushions arrive. So thrilled!

November 24, 2021
Kelly - Kremmling, CO
-- Comment #2691

We absolutely love Home Reserve! We bought our first sectional from them in 2014. We love that the furniture is renewable, the fabric comes off easily and can be washed (this is a huge selling point when you have dogs that love to cuddle on the couch with you), and there is storage under every seat! We decided after 7 years of loving our current sectional that it was time to get another sectional for another living area in our home. It was again a great decision. We love the new sectional just as much as we love our current sectional. The shipping was super fast and the customer service was incredibly efficient when I emailed them with a question. If you buy a Home Reserve product I promise you will not be disappointed with the USA made, comfortable, and functional furniture. Thank you Home Reserve for being an excellent company!

November 24, 2021
-- Comment #2690

I tried to like this couch because it is made in America, decently priced, and seemed like an amazing idea with the interchangeable fabric. I really do not like it. It's not comfortable, anyone who sits on it slides off, especially children. I can see the wood in the corner piece as there is no fabric that covers it. The cushions never stay in place and the seat cushions are a weird length for any coziness or snuggling. I thought maybe switching out the fabrics would be a good idea since I chose their pleather option but it pretty much costs as much as I remember paying for the couch. It does look nice minus seeing the wood but would just prefer something comfier.

Hi Heather! We actually do have a piece of fabric that we call a corner point, which will cover the bare wood that you see visible (which can happen if the two sides flex outward more than normal). If you reach out to our customer service team, we'll be happy to send you the corner point at no cost. Just email our customer service team at

Posted on November 24, 2021 by Home Reserve
November 24, 2021
Andrew S Costantino - Yardley, PA
-- Comment #2689

Purchased a set about 18 months ago.
Like the furniture. Pretty easy setup and its been comfortable and used daily since arrival.
Everything is great when new. But what happens when there is a problem?
Had a piece of the frame break. A three minute phone call and the parts I need where on the way.
Measure of a company is how they stand behind their products.
Home Reserve is top rate.

November 24, 2021
J. Bonzano - Chesterfield, VA
-- Comment #2688

I needed a chair to complement my new couch and love seat in a beach home. My dog had a favorite chair but I needed one that would fit him and give him some room. I found your site by accident after I already purchased my other furniture (or I would have bought more) but this Laney chair and a half fits perfectly. And he can slobber until his hearts content and it cleans up easily. Bodie approved! I admit to being a little skeptical of the concept but it all fit together easily and the directions were great. YouTube tips were helpful. The only sticky was getting some of the fabric tight enough to Velcro. Whoa tight broke a sweat!

November 24, 2021
Melissa Carpenter - Ann Arbor, MI
-- Comment #2687

I'm disappointed in the advertising, but love customer service and the sofa. First, half the boxes didn't have handles and I couldn't move them myself like the lady in the video does. Second, there is no way you can assemble this furniture without a drill and a mallet. You would have to be the Hulk to get the screws all the way in using just a screwdriver. If the screws are not all the way in, you ruin the fabric. Then, some of the wood pieces were so tight, you had to pound them together with a mallet or you wouldn't have furniture. Third, a piece broke when I took it out of the box and then another piece was missing. The customer service on those issues was excellent. I sent an email (after hours, on a weekend) and the parts were ordered and I had a response in less than an hour. As a product, it really is kind of brilliant. You really can replace anything. This sofa will never end up in a landfill because the fabric got worn or stained, or the arm broke when someone sat on it, or it doesn't fit in the new place.

November 24, 2021
Brent Copeland - huntsville, Alabama
-- Comment #2686

homereserve has been incredible. We had been waiting on couches that we ordered from a local company for over 6 months, and they kept pushing the delivery date out monthly, and then the final straw was when the pushed it out 3 more months. That's when we found homereserve.

While we were dealing with the current company to cancel our order and the issues with them wanting a restocking fee, we started our order with homereserve.

We got our couches within a few weeks, just like homereserve said we would. They came in individual boxes and were easy to get in the house. We had a fairly large sectional with 2 end pieces, 1 sectional corner, and 6 middle pieces. So, this took a little bit to get everything together. The directions were easy to understand and it was really cool to see how everything was put together.

We love our new couch and it had the bonus feature of keeping our cat from scratching up the material. He didn't seem to like it or maybe he thought they were so pretty he didn't want to mess them up.

Oh, and we finally received our refund from the first couch company. We already had our new furniture from homereserve by that time, so don't waste your time with another company. Go straight to homereserve.

Thanks homereserve!

November 24, 2021
Petra Taylor - Cheney, WA
-- Comment #2685

I saw one of my favorite youtubers post about her Home Reserve sectional and I knew this is what we were looking for. It met all the criteria: affordable, customizable, TONS of extra storage, washable, and could grow with us. We do wish the seat width was just a little bit wider, but other than that it’s perfect and gets comfier as time goes on. We bought it about a year ago and just recently decided the dark fabric we originally bought was not working with our dogs, so we upgraded. It was a little pricey but so worth it. We upgraded to archetype quartz and we are in love. But even better than the couch is the customer service. I’ve never had to wait more than a few hours to hear back from an HR rep via email. One of the cushion covers we recently purchased had a snag in the fabric, it was very very small but we wanted perfection for the cost. Within a few hours of emailing HR, a replacement was ordered and shipped free of cost. We’re so thankful we went with Home Reserve!

November 24, 2021
Edith - Denver, CO
-- Comment #2684

I'm in the process of moving from Denver to a small town in Missouri, and just purchased my THIRD Laney sectional. They have been so perfect in every living situation: small or large, light or dark, contemporary or traditional. The interchangeable (washable) covers and flexible sizes make all the difference in the worId! After kids and pets, they still look new. So far, we've had red wine spills, various juices, untold crumbs and food smears, crayons, magic markers (with our small space, the Laney sectional was the area where kids played and ate...they've survived them all! And storage is a BONUS when you're in a small space! The price is right, the service is outstanding, the products are durable, and the flexibility makes this a great choice for any home that's truly lived in. I doubt I'll ever own a different brand!

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