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April 6, 2022
DeAnn Crowley - Farwell, Michigan
-- Comment #2775

We bought a new home, and needed new furniture that could be versatile and would hold up to animals and small children. We ordered a sample piece in October 2021, loved it, and ordered several more in November 2021, to make up a sectional sofa with ottoman in the blackberry, which was absolutely gorgeous. We are smaller people, so the size of the pieces was perfect. We find the cushions comfortable, they stay in place well, and are holding up to 2 cats and a puppy beautifully. The stain resistant / pet resistant fabric is WELL worth the price. We had contact with customer service through our second order, and they knocked it out of the park, every time. We were told there could be a bit of a delay in receiving our pieces, because of high demand. The pieces arrived early, which was a really pleasant surprise, with holiday time coming up.

I have been considering ordering more pieces, to add to my flexibility and seating options because we really are happy with the solid furniture and fit. However, I have one concern, and it is becoming a bigger one. Our furniture sits by a big south facing window. The fabric is fading quickly, unevenly, and significantly. Now most of the pieces are now more of a fuschia, rather than a dark purple / blackberry. I can't turn cushions over for uniform wear, without having it look like a patchwork piece, and I do not want to order more pieces now, because they will NOT match, at all. I owned my last set of furniture for over 20 years, with no fading. This is a disappointment. Not sure if that is normal or not, maybe my warranty would cover this? I really wanted a purple couch. I did not really want a fuschia one. Thanks for what you do, if not for the color fade, I would say AWESOME all day long.

Hi DeAnn,
Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you have had this issue. Please reach out to customer service by email at with pictures of the sun fading and we will get this problem resolved to your satisfaction.

Posted on April 6, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 27, 2022
Wendy - Georgia
-- Comment #2774

We loved the idea of having options for how to set up a sectional and being able to wash everything with kids and pets. We ordered the trial piece and had it for about 2 weeks. It turned out that it wasn’t a good fit for us, it was too short and narrow. I contacted home reserve via email and they returned it no question. Just put it in the box and ups picked it up at the house. I’m sad it wasn’t the one for us but so happy with the company overall. Definitely recommend trying if your on the fence because it really is no risk.

Hi Wendy! We are sad that it didn't work out for you, too! But thank you so much for giving Home Reserve! We hope that you find the perfect furniture for your needs!

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 22, 2022
Sheila Sylvan - MARIETTA, GA
-- Comment #2773

I'm sorry, I can't make this work -- now I can't get it back in the box, so you'll probably receive the return in at least three separate boxes, but I can't get it put together. This is just too hard; I can't imagine trying to do an entire sectional.

Hi Sheila! Please don't stress about this. Reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to help! We can be reached at

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 27, 2022
Lauren Smith - Washington, DC
-- Comment #2772

This was the first couch I purchased and while it got me through my lease I would not purchase again.

Pros: Size, washable covers.
Cons: Uncomfortable, loud, covers are easily damged by the frame.

Hi Lauren! We are so sorry to hear that you were not completely happy with your furniture. We weren't sure what you meant by 'loud', but if you reach out to our customer service team, we'll be happy to help!

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 27, 2022
-- Comment #2771

I am looking at purchasing but a deal-breaker on many couches I have looked at and with the couch we already have is that the cushions slide off and I am constantly having to put them back. Nobody mentions this problem in the many reviews I have read, but I thought I'd ask outright. Do the cushions slip off when people sit and move on the couch?

Hi Angelica! We have very few customers complain about this problem. Because the seats do have a bit of a slant to them (higher at the front and slightly sloped toward the back), this tends to help prevent the cushions from sliding forward. Those customers who do report problems tend to have a slicker fabric, something like the Cantina bonded leathers. The solution that we've found for those customers is to put a piece of anti-slip rug backing beneath the seat cushion, which helps keep it from sliding.
We definitely recommend starting with a risk free trial. You can test the anti-slip rug backing with that single armless and see if it works to your satisfaction before purchasing the full sectional. That way, if it slides, you can return the risk free trial armless for a full refund.

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 29, 2022
Jillian Stanton - Kirtland, OH
-- Comment #2770

We have had our sectional for over a year now. We love it so much. It is holding up great. We have two energetic young boys and a dog. The fabric still looks like new. Some pieces have been washed and still look great. The couch is so comfy and we picked the perfect size for our space. I had a great experience with the free trial. All my interactions with customer service were phenomenal. I recommend this company and their products. You will not regret your purchase.

We are so happy to hear that your family is enjoying your furniture and that you've been pleased with how it has held up over the past year! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with other customers!

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
January 31, 2022
Mallory Tuttle - Columbia, MO
-- Comment #2769

We have only had our furniture for a very short time. We ordered a sectional and a chair and a half. When the order arrived, it was missing a couple of key parts. We discovered this on a Saturday night. We sent an email that evening, not expecting a response until Monday. However, we had a response in less than 12 hours, and pieces were in our home in just a few days. Everybody makes mistakes, and I could not ask for better customer service to fix it.

Home Reserve - Have you considered developing arm pieces that can fit between armless sections (possibly with cup holders)?

Hi Mallory! We're sorry that your order shipped missing parts but we're happy that you were pleased with how quickly we were able to get that taken care of.
While we don't make an arm that has cupholders, we do have customers who will put an arm in the middle of their layouts between two seats. The arm frames themselves do have holes drilled in both sides, so you can attach the arm on both sides to a seat to put it in the middle (you would just have to make a small hole in the fabric cover on the other side to run the bolt through to secure it to both seats).

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
March 13, 2022
Rebecca Bucata - Clinton Twp., MI
-- Comment #2768

I just finished assembling my Tux armless chair for the 30 day trial and I have to say I am impressed. All the parts were in the box and in perfect condition. The assembly instructions are clear and easy to understand and the “beauty” videos (on YouTube) were a definite help in getting the fabric covers on and looking lovely. The seat cushion is firm and the pillow back offers good support without being stiff. I will be ordering the remaining pieces of my sectional today. For those considering a Home Reserve product go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Some tips on managing the assembly that I feel are helpful:
1. Make a run to the hardware store and get an assortment pack of sandpaper and a set of good work gloves. The one glove in the kit is not enough hand protection and you will probably want more than the quarter sheet of sandpaper in the kit.

2. Put those gloves on and sand the edges of all the pieces BEFORE assembly. Yes the instructions say to wait until the frame is assembled, but save your skin and clothing some wear and tear and do it before you assemble. Then give the edges another going over with the sandpaper after assembly to be sure you got all the splinters.

3. After you sand all the edges, vacuum everything down and get all that sawdust up and out of the room. I didn’t and by the time I was finished I had sawdust all over the house! After you put the frame together give it another going over and do the floor too. That way maybe you won’t have to vacuum the covers 4 times to get the sawdust off!

4. Definitely watch the “beauty” videos on YouTube before putting the covers on. I’m glad I did as I was much more sure of what I was doing and the final product looks great now that I got all the sawdust off!

Hi Rebecca. Thank you for taking time to share your experience and to provide advice for other customers! We always love when customers share tips and tricks with each other to help make the assembly process go smoothly!

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
March 23, 2022
Patricia Carty - NJ
-- Comment #2767

Very happy with my Tux sectional in Maltese Avocado. Delivered in 4 different boxes, but I would argue that these boxes are quite heavy and assistance is needed. As far as assembly, directions are crystal clear, even the novice assembly person can do it. A little time consuming - but worth it. The cushions are firm, but not hard. I wasn't interested in couch cushions you sink into. The fabric might be the best part. Two days after putting it in my living room, I spilled a dollop of spaghetti sauce on the cushion, and to my absolute delight, the stain lifted right off - no way to even tell where it was! I don't have pets,, but I imagine the fabric would hold up just as well with pet stains. Best furniture purchase I have ever made - highly recommend!!!

We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your furniture, Patricia! We appreciate you taking the time to share about your experience with the assembly process and your furniture!

Posted on April 5, 2022 by Home Reserve
March 8, 2022
Genna - Wisconsin
-- Comment #2766

Our living room is oddly shaped and we were searching for a sectional that would fit and not seem huge in the space. All the sectionals in the furniture stores were overpriced, unavailable, and just too big and "fluffy." We started off with Home Reserve's trial armless sectional piece, the Tux in Archetype Gray. It was easy to assemble (although you'll need a vacuum nearby to clean up the wood dust) and super comfortable. Excellent back support and you don't sink into oblivion. So we went ahead and ordered the rest of the sectional pieces. Everything arrived in the time frame promised and we started building the rest of the sectional. I discovered that we were missing two little feet pieces and there were a couple pieces of the wood frame that the CNC didn't cut quite right, perhaps a dull bit or something. I contacted customer service and was blown away by the service. This happened in the middle of an ice storm at the warehouse in Indiana and Stephanie (a customer service manager) went out of the way to get the pieces re-cut and sent out to me from a different warehouse! Two days later I had the parts and our couch went together. We absolutely love the couch and company. It's hard to find great customer service these days and we are happy that we found Home Reserve.

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