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June 4, 2001
-- Comment #9

I received my fabric swatches and the fabric appears to be very fine quality.

Just a tip for those of you considering the furniture on this site - DO ORDER fabric samples. They are only $1 each with free shipping. Since colors actually displayed on PC monitors vary so much, the color you see may be different that the actual color. I ordered swatches and my choice was much darker in person, but I still love it. I was also able to compare some floral patterns with the solid fabric of our choice so now I know exactly what to get. Have fun!:-)

May 5, 2001
-- Comment #8

I bought the Ebony Love Seat about 4 months ago and it's great and comfy. I love the fabric and that it's machine-washable; after I washed it the first time, it looked brand-new again! A lot of people got gloves with their order, which I didn't get, but still, my boyfriend only got 2 splinters. The assembly was easy (I was there the whole time) and he was able to finish it in about 30 minutes.

The only problem with the loveseat is that that foam that inserts between the gap on the top of the seat back keeps falling down so I constantly have to take off the back cover (meaning I have to remove the sides) to put it back on. Another thing is that I can now see the carpet in the middle of the love seat (the cushions don't cover the middle all the way in the back)-- maybe we use it too much!

All in all, I still think this was a really good deal and I'll be ordering a chair and ottoman soon! Hopefully, the foam for the gap won't fall down so much (maybe it needs to be a bit thicker/denser)!

May 5, 2001
Les P.
-- Comment #7

My husband had handbuilt some of our other furnitre and was looking for plans to build living room furniture with storage space when he found your site. After reading the customer comments and smiling:-) at the complaints and applauding the way your company handled them, we placed our order on 12/17/05. Then I had email problems and thought I missed an email from you guys.:-0 I called Customer service on 12/22/05 and talked to Sarah.(She was great);-). She told me that with the holidays my love seat would ship on 12/23/05 and that I should receive it on 12/29/05. Well on 12/28/05 I get an email that the love seat was going to ship on the next day. ( Boy was I hopping mad, I wanted my furnitiure):-/. I tracked the shipment and the delivery date was 1/3/06.(I still wasn't too happy) UPS brought it and my kids brought it in the house. I went to work night shift and when I came home the next morning my old sofa is on the front porch.
Now for the praise, it's beautiful!!!! We bought Classic in Winston Hunter, it's comfortable!!!! I have shown your website to alot of people, I keep suggesting they give you a try, and I plan to place more orders with you, just not around the holidays. I am thrilled with your company, the products and your service. Thanks again.8-08-08-08-08-08-08-0


May 4, 2001
-- Comment #6

:-) such a great Deal, i received a couch and love seat in fairwiew cocoa from my parents for xmas 8-0
so easy for them to give as a gift because they were able to have it shipped right to my door! also i ordered a couple other fabric samples (to take advantage of the fabric exchange OR to order the new PILLOWS!!) i was very happy to see that pillows are now available to match! and at such low prices. please hurry and get more durango boot because i think that the fabric we are leaning toward.;5 ;-)

April 5, 2001
Rebecca C.
-- Comment #5

We got our love seat today. My daughter who is 16 and I wanted to have it together before my husband got home. We loved taking the padding out of the box. My son who is 7 loved it.:-U
I was shocked to see how detailed the instructions were. We followed it step by step and had it done in an hour and a half.
We had it done 5 minutes before my husband walked in the door. He was so proud of us. I liked that fact that you added gloves. Save my hands from splinters.
This isn't going to be the last piece we get from you. We are moving from our small apartment soon and plan on getting the sofa, chair and a couple of foot stools.
You should think about making tables and chairs also. I'd for sure get them.
Thanks Again
This is a God sent.

March 4, 2001
Jennifer from Naples, FL
-- Comment #4

I purchased the chair and ottoman for my husband this Christmas in Microfiber Merlot. Assembly was very easy and he loves it. I'm wating to order a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman for myself. I want it in the Durango Boot and so does everyone else because it's out of stock. Thanks for making such a great product.

February 10, 2001
Mike Mik
-- Comment #3

We have bought a love seat, couch, chair, and ottoman over the last few years, and are super pleased with everything. We are appreciative of the great customer service as well and the 5 year warranty is terrific.
Thanks so much Sandy for your help, and everyone for our quick responses!!!!

February 10, 2001
-- Comment #2

I purchased a small sectional 3 years ago for a room in the basement.
I moved it upstairs into the living room a year ago and it was too small. Also the pattern I selected was ella cafe, ideal for the basement room but it was too busy for the living room. So I ordered 2 more center pieces in solid brown and changed the fabric on the end section to solid brown as well and voila, the result is stunning.I had alternated patterns with solid.
I do have to mention that 3 years ago the wood went together much better, no hammering needed what so ever. This time I pounded and pounded with a huge hammer to get the pieces to fit together. I don\'t have the sectional butted up against a wall and as a result the sections tend to move an inch or so, especially by the corner unit, exposing the pressed wood. I took care of that by painting the exposed wood dark brown. I know I can hook the sections together but I tend to rearrange on a weekly basis. As time goes on and with two dogs everything is holding up very well and I find everything very comfortable.The foam seats are supportive and it will take a long time to wear them down, while the cushions are cosy.I also purchased a sectional for my bedroom and I spend many lazy afternoons watching tv or napping on that furniture. I am working on designing seating for my library with HR furntiture as we speak.

February 7, 2001
-- Comment #1

I'm not one to do reviews much either. But this couch is super nice at any price let alone $300.

Not sure why, but it took my a little longer to put it together. But being space limited I unpacked as I needed the pieces. The most difficult was making sure I had the right fabrick piece for the proper assembly step.

I got lucky on the color even without getting samples 1st as it was perfect. This is in a smallish dedicated home theater. The previous couch/sofa was purchased at AFW (only used for three weeks), it is inferior in every way to the Home Reserve couch. No way the AFW cruddy sofa was staying in my ultra comfy theater I envisioned. :)

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