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June 27, 2021
-- Comment #2701

We just moved into our RV full time to travel and wanted to make it our own and more like a home. Our home reserve sectional not only was customizable enough to be sure to fit but I love all the extra storage! The fabric is amazing and easy to wipe down and it’s so comfy. We have a toddler, newborn and a dog and have been extremely surprised with the stain resistance on the fabric , especially with how light the fabric is we chose. We absolutely love this sectional!

June 27, 2021
Cindy Bennett - MILTON, PA
-- Comment #2700

I got the R & L to make a loveseat and the standard ottoman. I put the ottoman together no problem, but the other pieces didn't have predrilled holes!! So I had to drill the holes. I couldn't get exact line up so I hope it stays together. I will not buy another piece. I like the couch, but I don't know how study it will be if I decide to move it. A lot of pieces to put together. More than I thought there would be.

Hi Cindy! We are so sorry that there were parts that were not fully cut/drilled as they should be. Rest assured that your wood frame is completely covered by warranty, so if you do have any problems, let our customer service team know and we can replace whatever frame parts you need!

Posted on November 24, 2021 by Home Reserve
September 14, 2021
Cheryl Hylton Rucker
-- Comment #2699

Not a story, a question: I am impressed by what I see on your site, your prices and the flexibility of your products. However my plans call for a white sectional and, while I see white in your pictures, I do not see it in the color chart options in any catagory, Is white an available color?

Hi Cheryl! The closest fabric that we have to pure white would be Retriever Bisque, which can be found in the Easy Living collection of fabrics.

Posted on November 24, 2021 by Home Reserve
September 3, 2021
Emma Bamba
-- Comment #2698

Overall, we are happy with our purchase. It shipped and arrived early, which was awesome and unexpected, but it was unfortunately missing a piece. However, home reserve did respond quickly and sent the piece overnight the next business day. So the customer service is good and I definitely feel that I’ll be able to resolve any future issues.

We got the Maltese flax and it’s a very pretty color, but it is NOT pet friendly as described on the website. It almost has a microfiber feel and hair and lint stick to it nonstop. I’ve had to vacuum this thing nearly every day. We will eventually have to change fabrics, which is unfortunate because that’s an added expense. Overall the quality is good and its very sturdy. We haven’t washed any of the covers yet so I can’t comment on that. Love the storage!

August 30, 2021
Elise - Sanford, Florida
-- Comment #2697

I waited a couple months to post because I wanted to live with the sectional for a bit first. I researched a ton before purchasing because I didn't want to end up with a sectional like the one that we were looking to replace. That sectional came from a big box furniture store and looked and felt horrible to sit on after a year. What sold me on Home Reserve is that the frame is warrantied, that everything could be replaced if need be, that the fabric is removable and washable. I very much liked that I could maximize seating in our oddly shaped living room. We have three dogs, two of which get on the couch. One of those dogs is a 130 lb Great Dane. So far everything that has gotten on the couch (slobber) has wiped right off. Hair comes right off as well. I have kids too but they aren't so messy anymore. I do love the fact that if they do spill something that the fabric will either wipe clean or cane be washed. If you are on the fence I suggest going for it. Customer service was wonderful. All my questions were answered within the hour when I emailed. We also went on trips twice and they delayed shipping for us. I would say the only con is putting it together but once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly. Putting on the fabric is the hardest part.

August 22, 2021
Deborah McNeal - St. Charles, Mo
-- Comment #2696

We purchased our Laney
chair and a half approx. 11 years ago. We lived in a log cabin on a mountain in Colorado. We since then, have brought it to Vegas, then to Florida on the ocean and now we maybe have settled in Old St. Charles Mo. We've purchased 2 covers over all these years and the chair has traveled very well! When I purchase my new cover it will suit our new sofa and color change, and look and feel like a brand new chair again!! These pieces hold up forever!! Our children have grown and have now purchased furniture from home reserve to hold up for years while growing they're family and to hold up thru pets! It's amazing and to be able to change fabrics and colors when you want to is more than your could ever ask for in a piece of furniture. Finding Home Reserve was the very first time I ever trusted buying internet furniture!!
Thank you so much for being a company that you can trust!

August 20, 2021
Bunny Cotleur - Cleveland, OH
-- Comment #2695

Finally got my new "chair & 1/2". I couldnt decide between a chair or another sofa- this size is the perfect compromise!
I had a minor issue with one board- and customer service expedited replacement. (shoutout to Stephanie!) I now have a new chair, ottoman and my 14year old sofa (that held up WELL!!!).
I replaced the seat and arm cushions on the sofa and it's good as new! This furniture is quite solid- and incredibly comfy. Having built-in storage is great for winter blankets. I wish ALL my furniture was this easy! Cheers!

August 16, 2021
Tricia Burke - Summerville, SC
-- Comment #2694

We recently put together and purchased a large order from the Laney collection, and right away after ordering I was contacted by Stephanie in customer relations to ask if I would like her to rush me out a single armless piece first, so I could make sure I truly liked the look/feel of the fabric and seat that we chose, before they fulfilled our full order.
I was SO impressed already. We said yes, and got our armless seat in days!
We are a military family, with 6 kids of differing levels of needs, and my husband is currently stationed out of state, so we currently live separately.
The kids and I had a blast putting it together!
We LOVED it and I quickly let Stephanie know and in less than a full week we had the rest of our couches!

The level of quality, not only of product, but of customer service has just been top notch.

We not only have a brand new living room couch set that fits our needs as a large family that needed more seating with storage, we had an amazing experience putting them together, and also gained new a friend via Home Reserve’s outstanding customer service. Stephanie, thank you for making us feel like family, you are amazing!

We love our couches!! They have been officially toddler, preschooler, kid, pre-teen, teenager and pet approved, and passed with flying colors! (Parent/adult approved as well! Super comfortable!!)
Much Love,
The Burke Family

August 7, 2021
Kelly - Kremmling, CO
-- Comment #2693

We bought our first Home Reserve Sectional in 2014. We have loved this sectional for 7 years. After 7 years of loving our current sectional we decided to buy another sectional for another living space in our home. The sectionals are super comfortable, have storage under every seat, and the best part is all of the cushion covers come off and are machine washable (which is awesome when you have dogs who love to cuddle on the couch with you). Also everything is made in the USA! Both times we have ordered from Home Reserve the shipping was super fast. This last time I had a question once our order arrived. I emailed them and they responded super fast and were very helpful. I highly recommend this company. Their furniture is comfortable, renewable, provides storage, is pet friendly, and made in the USA. Thank you Home Reserve for being a top notch company with a quality product and great customer service.

August 5, 2021
Bunny Cotleur - Cleveland, OH
-- Comment #2692

I bought a loveseat back in 2007 (I couldn't even remember how long ago- but they looked it up!). I am still in love with this thing! I'm replacing the cushions as the material is starting to get crumbly. But the frame and cover are in awesome shape! I'll post a photo (with the new chair I just ordered!) once the cushions arrive. So thrilled!

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