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You found us. Good searching!

Great pricing on modern elegant sofas and a broad range of custom fabrics is all part of the story. Discover how all the sofas and loveseats have:

  • Over 100 premium fabric selections
  • Hidden built-in storage compartments
  • Replaceable fabrics (With washable fabric options),
  • A >Five-year Warranty.
  • Speedy delivery by UPS . No long wait or delivery hassles.

Every item is made right here in the USA, at our factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Browse through our pages and see why leading magazines like Women's Day and Better Homes and Gardens agree that Home Reserve is a smart way to buy your furniture.

Choose a custom pattern for your sofa!

People tell us that the most important part of selecting new furniture is finding the right fabric! Choosing a pattern that will fit the design of a room is a challenge. We'll help you with the process in our shopping area where you can look at styles and see colors until you find the winning combination.

A special feature on all Home Reserve furniture is that you can keep the fabrics up to date. All the covers on your sofa are removable, so you can take them off and replace them with a new cover set. Change is now possible along with your design moods!

Storage Space

There is built-in storage areas inside all the sofas. Even the loveseats have plenty of room inside these hidden compartments to put lots of seasonal items. Our customer tells us this is one of their favorite features.

Kid Tested, Five Year Warranty.

Not only have we put the furniture through the informal "kid test", of jumping and crashing about, but we've also formally tested our products. The tests were developed by Purdue University to determine if furniture was strong enough to be used by the Government. The frames were put through twenty years' use in three days and we came out a winner! We've got details of that testing posted on this Web site. We also have a photo of 2000 pounds sitting on the sofa.

Can you nap on it?

People write into our guest book and tell us that they think the sofas and loveseats are very comfortable. There is good reason for that too, because we use 8" thick seat cushions. That's a lot of padding and a great place to take a nap. The cushions are going to start out firm and need a couple days to break-in since we're looking for good long-term softness.

Made in America

Home Reserve sofas are make in America. All the design, engineering, and manufacturing work is done in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You are always invited to come to our showroom and tour the factory. It would be great to meet you and we'd be proud to show you around.

We specialize in online shopping. That's why we have fast UPS delivery. Our ready to assemble shipping method means we can send the furniture in small, convenient packages. You'll only need a screwdriver and there is no gluing. Items are ready for immediate use.

The Magic

We invented ready to assemble sofas, couches, sectionals, loveseats, ottomans and chairs that package up so small and conveniently they can be shipped by UPS. Officially tested and proven tough, the sofas will hold over 2000 pounds. The US patent office has issued us four patents.