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Smart sectional lead in

5 Ways It's The Smartest
Sectional You'll Ever Own!



A Sectional for Your Space

Start your sectional by selecting from 9 styles. Then, shop over 100 beautfiul fabrics including petsafe and leather options...

Make it personal by creating a custom layout, one that is perfect for your living space.

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  • 1 fabric
  • 1 layout
  • style

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  • layout

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Start with Layout 14...


Add/Subtract & Convert

Transform your layout later

All Sectional units are assembled individually and then fastened together with supplied connectors to form a secure layout. This provides great flexibility becuase you can reconfigure your sectional at anytime by adding or subtracting units. You can even easily convert to freestanding items, like a Sofa and Loveseat!

2 add subtract

Add or subtract any units...

2 convert freestanding

& Convert to freestanding items


Pick Your Perfect Fabric

And Change it Anytime...

As seen on our “Features” Page, you don’t have to live with one particular color choice forever. Take the fabrics off for cleaning or to replace with new cover sets. (Many of our fabrics are even machine washable.)

These aren’t just slipcovers. The fabric sets are made from the same sewing patterns as the original components. So, no one will know how you are performing these startling color updates. Find cover sets under our “shop” menu in the header.


Get Tidy

With Built-in Storage

Storage areas are located under the seat cushions on every item. These hidden storage compartments have a wood bottom so nothing sits on the floor. Everything stays put if you move or lift the furniture.

(& all the Features...)

"Each Sectional has all the Standard Home Reserve Features (like 10-year warranty & comfort deck). See them all on the Features Page"

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Blaine - founder


Keep it New.

The only "Renewable" Sectional in America

You may have already discovered the good news of renewability on our features page. This amazing features applies to any sectional you could create at Home Reserve!

When acccidents happen, any fabric section, foam, or wood part can be replaced or taken off and cleaned. (Washable fabric options add to this easy maintenance)

We’re proud that renewability is also an eco-friendly solution. The most important element in conservation is to make items last longer, because energy and raw materials are safeguarded, and the item is kept out of the landfill.

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    Accidents happen

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    Renew affected parts...

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