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Altima Latte Pet Care Monroe Couch
Monroe Couch - Altima Latte Pet Care - $443

Modern, beautiful, functional design. The only renewable furniture in America!

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Altima Latte Pet Care

Pet lovers UNITE! This fabric is for you. When your pet makes a mess on the furniture, you won't have fits trying to clean it up. Stain and odor protection is built into the fiber so accidents wipe off easily and liquids just puddle up on the surface. Incredible! Don't let the soft and supple texture of this fabric fool you; the durable 100% nylon fiber is big-dog tough but feels as cozy as a puppy's ear. Altima Latte is a buff/coffee-with-cream color; Machine Washable: cold/gentle cycle, spin dry, put the fabrics back on while still damp; 100% nylon.

"You’ll be ready for anything! Each modern, beautifully designed piece comes with storage under the cushions and our 10-year warranty. Best of all, Home Reserve provides the only renewable furniture in America!"