Small Living Room Sofas

Small Living Room Sofas

Small Living Room Sofa

Don't be frustrated when furnishing a small room, or when trying to get a sofa through a small space such as a narrow hallway of tight stairway. The perfect option is to find a ready-to-assemble item that can be carried through your home or apartment and be set-up in place.

Furniture, such as bookcases, media centers and tables that are shipped in flat-packed boxes have been available for a long time. They can be delivered by UPS and Fed-Ex and easily carried into position. What hasn't been available are Sofas, Loveseats, Couches and Sectionals that work in the same manner. Until now.

Home Reserve has created a line of Sofas, Sectional Sofas and Loveseats that are shipped in a flat-packed method and can be set-up in place. You can take the furniture through small spaces; narrow doorways in small rooms and finish the set-up once you have the boxes in position. The appearance of the furniture is modern and stylish, with the scale and dimension of the furniture being suited to a small room.

The best part of this new furniture, is that you still get your choice of style and fabric. Every item even has built-in storage to help with the lack of storage space normally presented by small rooms.

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