10 Year Waranty

Our furniture has been officially tested. The tests were developed for the US Government by Purdue University to qualify furniture used on military bases. Home Reserve came out a winner!

If anything breaks on our frames, we'll send out replacement parts. You don't have to send anything back to the factory. No costs to you.

The sofa frame will hold more than 2000 pounds!

How Renewability Works

(It makes your sofa last longer, look better, and play nicer with the earth. )

Your furniture gets used hard. It looks great when new, but the minute anything goes wrong it's over. You just have to live with it.

That’s changed.

Now when the dog attacks the furniture, or you have a party on the sectional, every individual fabric section, foam or wood part can be replaced or taken off and cleaned. Add in our washable fabric options and you’ve got the ultimate recovery plan!

Being able to keep the furniture beautiful, comfortable and new, is also the best eco-friendly solution. The most important element in conservation is to make items last longer. Energy and raw material resources are safeguarded and the item is kept out of the landfill and waste cycle.

Watch Renewability

Accidents happen

Order affected parts

Make it new again

Comfort Deck Seating

The furniture has a lot of work to do in keeping you comfortable. It’s where you relax, read, watch TV, talk, take naps and gather with friends and family.

Comfort starts with our 8” thick seat cushions for a deep resiliency. And under the cushions you’ll find our comfort deck webbing. It adds an addition luxury factor by moving with the cushion but doesn’t make you feel like you are sinking in too far.

The webbing doesn’t’ ever sag, outlasts metal springs and is unaffected by liquids and mildew. It’s a great companion to our renewable features.

We call the combination of foam and webbing our “comfort deck”. . . call it whatever you like, they’ll be the “reserved seats” in your house.

See how it works

8" cushion over flex webbing

Webbing Close-up

The "Reserved" Seat

Made in the USA.

Home Reserve products are made at our factory in Indiana and you are always welcome to come visit and see things for yourself. [link to “come visit” page?] We'd love to meet you! Everything is available exclusively through our website at direct prices. ABC World News gave us a mention in their Made in America coverage.

Our customer service teams work in the same building where we design and manufacture our products. That is a huge advantage when it comes to getting you service items and helping you use the renewability features. It’s all right at hand, right here, right now.

Other text if we wanted or had room: The Home Reserve way is very different from the big companies that import from overseas, outsource customer service to yet another country, and make you wade through confusing conversations with people who don’t even know what you’re talking about. And since there is no commitment to a particular product line, they’ve probably discontinued your item and don’t support it anymore anyway.

See how it's made

Frames being cut on the router table.

Fabric is cut, and sent to sewing stations.

Foam is Vacuum packed in a patented process.

Pet-Safe & Washable Fabrics

Animal lovers know they have special conditions with their furniture, as most of it just doesn’t accommodate life with pets elegantly. But it’s a specialty here at Home Reserve with our renewability and washable fabrics.

And we’ve got lots of washable fabrics to choose from. We even have one pattern called “Altima Pet-Care” which has an extraordinary level of stain and liquid resistance built into the fibers, everything just runs off, and it’s really good with shedding problems too.

(11 Altima Pet-Safe Colors)

Built in Storage

Storage areas are located under the seat cushions on every item. These hidden storage compartments have a wood bottom so nothing sits on the floor. Everything stays put if you move or lift the furniture.

You can put a lot of stuff inside and everything stays neatly hidden away. This is one of our most popular features. It's a great place to store books, blankets, and even spare fabric covers.

Storage compartment measurements:
21" width x 15" length x 6" depth(under every seat cushion)

Changeable Fabric Covers

Change the fabrics on your Home Reserve furniture! You don't have to live with one particular color choice forever. You can take the fabrics off for cleaning or to replace with new cover sets. Many of our fabrics are even machine washable.

Not slipcovers, the fabric sets are made from the same sewing patterns as the original components. No one will know how you are performing these startling color updates. Cover sets are sold in our shopping area.

watch video

(Cover Set: Liberty Sand Dune)

Changeable Styles

You may have already read about our changeable fabrics, but your design flexibility extends beyond color. You can change arm styles, too! Switching to a new arm is a fun change with a significant decorating effect.

Because of the option to change and add arms, our sectional sofas can be reconfigured into freestanding sofas, loveseats, and chairs by adding the necessary arms to the seating units.

We send out the new arm kit and you make the simple conversion. Everything will be just as sturdy and solid as the original.

watch video

Easy UPS Delivery

Your Custom-made order Ships in 10 Days.

Our RTA furniture is delivered by UPS in easy-to-manage boxes. No need to make any special delivery arrangements or deal with oversized packages and big freight trucks.

Delivered to your door by UPS

(Even sectionals)

The Small Space Solution

The packages will accommodate stairs and hallways. And the furniture is scaled to look good in smaller areas. You can customize sectional layouts to make a perfect fit in any size room.